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Being with u still not having you.
When u feel crushed of being not with that person though that person is with you
Asante' Nov 2018
It was a beautiful moment
Of dissatisfaction.
One where she realized
Does not equate
With serenity.
That stagnancy
Does not yield joy.
So she moved,
Not only her feet.
She moved mountains.
The earth quaked beneath her,
And flowers bloomed
In every crack.
And this,
She thought,
THIS is how it feels
To be alive
Alexander Sep 2018
I don’t lift my head up
I don’t laugh
I don’t smile
Or jump for joy
I’m a soulless person,
Waiting for death
He’s a walking talking billboard for everything that shines
I swear he has the sun wrapped up His back pocket
I swear to God that’s what makes him shine.
I’m older now,
Not so somber
I finally found the sun in his back pocket.
He’s older as well
What’s gone wrong,
His smile
It’s long gone
No more laughter
No more yellow
No such thing exists,
Since I found my smile.
She took his joy away
Myrrdin Sep 2018
I looked in the mirror
And there stood my mother
With the honeyed bourbon eyes
Casting shades of disappointment
Back at me, as always
Her piano fingers pinching away
At an hourglass figure
We could never find a way to love
Pursing cubids bows
And tapping too-tall toes
There stood my mother in my mirror
Like her mother stood in hers
cher Jul 2018

not love

not of that sort

the dissatisfaction that overwhelms
overwhelms your soul,
your mind,
your being,
when your body be a traitor;
when it retracts a sneeze from your grasp.

it's a crescendo of buildup! anticipation!
that cadence you so physically crave
your body aches
begs the deities that be
to let you have that ******* release.

but alas,
you were betrayed.
i needed to sneeze
Talia Jun 2018
Life's simple illusion
it's too real
the simple love is just my delusion
but your charisma, it's a steal
I don't expect much from a long overdue love letter
I wanted to be yours
It felt I belonged to you the way I wore your sweater
sacrificed it all and got on all fours
you don't need me anymore
but you still have your attraction
I don't understand, what for?

You were the man I wanted to marry
There's my downfall, my simple delusion
due to disorder, you grew wary
So, here's our conclusion

in your arms, safe from the rest of the world
your eyes were the deepest abyss into your soul
so perfect, now it's just apart of my dreamworld
so full of self-control
But it's far too late for a love letter.
its bitter Feb 2018
Check in impatiently
hauling light luggage -
downturned eyes,
bundled fifties,
skull packed with sickly
sugarplum notions

Stiff key-card door and
three hanger closet -
leave your mittens, jacket,
and conscience dangling

cotton-knit sandpaper
no softer than well-trafficked
threadbare tawny-port carpet and
your hands and feet pretend
not to feel it

a bit numbly,
you notice her standing
with glacial stillness
moments away from
the foot of the bed

Two crooked lampshades and
dim headboard lights
close their eyes when
the mattress springs
first compress,
the air tingling
with dustbunny snowflakes

This room is too dark now,
something like snowblind,
but you don't really want to see
do you?

Frostbite when she touches you
and somehow this bed
is more welcoming
than your own

you'll remember her
february fingertips
and hailstone hair,
a sensation of northerly winds
strange how heavy the comforter feels
sprawled across your skin

you envision an ice slab,
see it suffocate
a slow-flowing river,
and your breath quickens
if only because your lungs
have been crushed

then, just before hypothermia,
she leaves,
lights off,
wallet lighter,
you stay whiteknuckled, lightheaded,
half-consumed by a snowdrift,
beneath the duvet -

your tongue sits confused,
having asked for peppermints
and been given ice cubes instead

and when you finally rise,
and thaw your limbs
and try not the slip
on the black ice
she always leaves
by the door,

Try to forget
you paid
hourly rates
and shed your clothes
that you might find warmpth
in a blizzard
E A Spain Feb 2018
Dissatisfaction sits begrudgingly in the pit of my stomach
and continues to remind me of
all the things
all the things I have strive for and missed every ball I dropped
every **** boy I kissed

Dissatisfaction makes a hideaway in my being
burrows in deep and starts to clinging
and I try to cover it up for people
because it's not worth seeing
but you can believe it

I'm a human being in this life
but where is the meaning
I've got all this pinned up strife
& the insides of my mind could use a deep cleaning
The whereabouts of my breakthrough is unknown
if it even exists
maybe if I just speak it enough into existence it'll be fixed
I suppose only God knows
but I'm not so sure if he hears my woes

Dissatisfaction is taking over
it's laying claim to my brain
it's settling into my pores
and I just want to stay sane
G Jan 2018
A mask is something we wear to hide our real selves. Some of us wear our masks all the time while others don’t even realize they have masks at all.

Her mask is the epitomy of wealth and prosperity... so why are you on food stamps?

Her mask drives a that why you can’t make your car payments?

Her mask buys fivoluous **** that she’ll never that why you overdraw your bank accounts?

Her mask is a lie she’s lived her entire that why you wasted all your money?

Her face tells the real story...your irresponsible, self-serving, with an insatiable appetite for anything that you can’t have.

A mask helps you pretend to be someone your not.

But the thing about masks is...

They all have to come off eventually.
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