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Anais Vionet Jan 9
Hello again
nagging dissatisfaction
diminish me again
corrupt everything
with your whispers of truth.
Would you like some malaise on that sandwich?
Traveler Nov 2020
The deeper the dreamer
The more dramatic
The dream
Go back to sleep
Chaotic scene

Royal gardeners
Fertilizing passions
Snakes of a fruit
Angelic reactions

Intoxicating pleasures
Resolving dissatisfactions
A collective conscience
In poetic fashion

It was good
And dreamt
Dream reality
For us
Slumber on!
Traveler Tim
Kirsten Hunt Aug 2020
Loneliness was never an emotion for me. It was more of... a state of being. Family was always a disappointment, friends were none existent, and what’s a stranger gonna do? I never lived in a life where I felt anything besides lonely that is... until I met you. You were a rose that couldn’t see the beauty of it’s petals, I guess we were alike in that since, because in your eyes I was the perfect women, where in my eyes I was a waste of space.  We spent days, weeks, even months together. I grew to love you and you? You learned that two people could be lonely together. But as my life shows, everything is temporary. And the words “I love you” where just a distant memory.
Where I am
                Where I stand
                My daily song.
                My present emotion.
                I am no longer burning with passion
                I long for more beauty
                The vanity I seek,
                What a fair one I know.
                My latest predicament,
                A longing for better times.
                I crave for something better
                I want a new flame
                In this spring of discontent
               A float of an invisible,
               Yet having springs of a vague tomorrow.
This is an ode showing the state someone is in. It shows how discontent and dissatisfied the person is with his or her life.
Astral Mar 2020
Here I am.
I’ve always wanted to be
But not for long.

Talent is relative,
And mine is falling.

So I’ll be sent back,
Into confused arms.
They will welcome the love,
Though they will not understand it.
Why am I there?
Why am I not here?

I will try to fit in.
Return to my group of youth,
Look to find it and see it gone,
Remnants scattered everywhere I can see.

I will look for open arms,
That closed for me a long time ago.
And once I am alone again,
Which way will my mind go?

Wandering through mixed messages,
Solace will be found,
In greying memories of me there,
Until they become memories of me here.

And then I will repeat my cycle,
My human cycle of dissatisfaction.

For what you miss there,
You will miss here.
ame Jan 2020
why do you fight so hard with
tooth and nail and brittle bones
when the world does not even
give a **** about how much you have
screamed have cried have proven yourself
to be everything everyone demanded
from you why do you desire
so deeply to show yourself as strong
as fierce as you do when you lose enough sleep
at night your dreams full and festering with
your demons all which are alive and are
dead and teeming with foul whispers and
baleful eyes that you never fail to
see as you pass by any reflective surface and
catch glimpses of sullen eyes people have
said to be so so dead countless times
a manifestation of your flawless ability to
be special smart skilled an ace
a prodigy a golden child with
golden hands and a golden heart full of
rot that was once something pure
something kind
you are sick you are twisted you are
a shadow of what people see what people
think what people want what you
could be had you not been so selfish with the
inability to accept that you cannot be a
hero without being the hero why
are you so angry where does this
rage come from that you treat it like
a weapon a shield a lifeline
a punishment you cannot hold keep
to yourself just as you should
you dive headfirst blindeyed into fire and
wallow madly at the pain and cry
tears hot as blood searing as the pain
you have entangled yourself in for you
have such an appetite for light so much
greed that you choose to ignore how much you
have let the shadows eat away at your soul
you are brilliant you are selfish you are
terrible and dangerous like
coals feeding the light until it
is all but gone you are a
fire prone to consuming itself until
only charred walls remain
a reminder of the child who burned
itself out for all the things
denied from it by the world and
by itself
greed's appetite has all but an end to it

even with a jumble of words i am left discontent with myself
Allesha Eman Aug 2019
I often find myself
Stranded in the forgotten past,
searching for another way.
Send my apologies,
to those that wait for me.
Tell them my heart and soul
have separated.
Now I'm trekking on foot
through the burning sand.
I am searching for tomorrow
through the lens of my past,
time has now disappeared
it must be waiting on the other side.
Watching me lose myself
As I drown in my dissatisfaction.
All I know for now is that,
I'll escape my regrets some way
but not this time, not today.
Letter 5/26 letters to time.
Zombie Jan 2019
Being with u still not having you.
When u feel crushed of being not with that person though that person is with you
Asante' Nov 2018
It was a beautiful moment
Of dissatisfaction.
One where she realized
Does not equate
With serenity.
That stagnancy
Does not yield joy.
So she moved,
Not only her feet.
She moved mountains.
The earth quaked beneath her,
And flowers bloomed
In every crack.
And this,
She thought,
THIS is how it feels
To be alive
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