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Where were you?
Where were you,
When I needed you?
Where were you,
When I longed for you?
Your taunting exist,
A memory yet to be erased.

I needed a friend
A strength for my weak heart
A hand to stretch out,
Holding mine.
Your shoulder I longed,
To lean on.

You left me in the lurch
You armoured my hate for you
A dirge I sing always
Telling of your cunning exit
Rainbow hasn’t set here for long
It hides its face,
Shielding itself from my bitterness.

A midsummer betrayal,
Leaving a murdered heart,
Laying by Oxford bridge,
To lay no more.
Your treason against my heart,
A tale I have been telling,
Yet leaving no stone unturned.

My heart was a diarchie,
But you left,
Leaving me with destroyed pieces,
Of a diarchie you forced.
A reign I disapproved,
Yet you cunningly forced,
A diarchie of two hearts,
Beating in different directions.

I solemnly swear,
To sing this dirge always.
A Dirge of your betrayal
A midsummer betrayal,
Leaving Oxford in awedness,
Of your treason against my heart.

Written Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem tells the story of a person who is remembering the betrayal, disappointment, pain, and heart ache they experience from their loved one.
A lesson learnt hard,
Giving a bitter taste,
Breathing challenges,
Yet giving hope to many.

An array of human nature
A wild umbrella,
Covering many things,
Yet giving different experiences.

Past lodges
Present circumstances
Legacies being left behind,
Leaving stories for generations

Some to birth
Some to death
Some to old
Some to young

Some to beauty
Some to ugliness
Some to failure
Some to success

Some to hope
Some to disbelief
Some to tears
Some to laughter

Living as a martyr
Living as a coward
A thousand miles to riches
The poor yet a mile

The bundle of joy
The array of sadness
The call to celebrating child birth
The funeral marches to the grave

The road yet to be taken
The road taken
The road not taken
The travel of lives

Footprints of time
Life well spent
Life not spent
The echoes of many

Some go pleasingly
Some go unlively
Some to tragedies
Some to fortune

Some are participants
Some are spectators
Some to strength
Some to weakness

The architect of fate
The dictator of destiny
An array of fear
A mantle of courage

A journey to the unknown
A welcome to many
A farewell to others

A survival for many.
Heaven for others.

A pursuit of happiness,
Keeping up appearances,
Yet covering all sadness.

A walk to freedom
A walk to imprisonment
A walk for mortals

Though tough
Though easy
Life is Life

Some to ease
Some to difficulty
Life is Life

The ascending of life
A life to come
The descending of life
An end to life

The wonders of dreams
The joy of mortal breath
The illusions of reality

The true reality of finality
A living life of life
A living life of death
The illusions of reality

Mortal race to life worth living
Mortal race to dust
Mortal race to finality
A race to the reality of finality

When the curtains is opened,
The play begins.
When the curtains is drawn,
The play is done.

Oh life
Life is just like life with no comparison

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
An ode to life showing what life is all about.
The funeral marches to graves
The descending of curtains
An end to come
The march to finality
A marching to dust
Tarrying to the night
The quiet hollow
The aura of sadness
The exist of a mortal
A coming at will.
The king of one’s soul.
The Lord of the night.
A silence to life.
The lion of the forest.
The ruler of the mountains.
A piercing of hearts.
It’s tattoo forever a mark.
A ticking of the clocks.
A bringer of eternal peace.
The sweet relieve it bringeth
The residing of mortals
A bringer of grief.
A planting of sadness.
An anthem of black flames.
A war veteran’s dirge.
A thief of the night.
A certainty for all.
The burn out match stick in one’s ashtray.
The whither of bones.
A tragedy to life.
An endless sleep to one’s soul.
Death cometh
A sweet relief
One’s death
The glowing of darkness
A mortal’s final rest.
The ugliness to a beauty.
The letting out of a final sigh.
The calling from one’s ancestors.
A passing through the night.
The end to one’s pleasurable life.
I float this Carol,
To you I sing.

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a eulogy to death as it shows how mighty death can be with it's different sides.
He raised up his head,
Trying to speak,
Yet speaking nothing.

She opened her mouth,
Trying to mutter words,
Yet nothing coming out.

I can't breathe
Words never to be forgotten

I can't breathe
Words we carry on placards

I can't breathe
Words kicking down whiteness

I can't breathe
Words doing-away with racism

I can't breathe
Words demanding equality

I can't breathe
Words bridging the white and black gap

I can't breathe
Words changing the times

I can't breathe
Words destroying white supremacy

I can't breathe
Words uniting colors

I can't breathe
Words uniting races

I can't breathe
Words signifying unity

I can't breathe
Words causing race inequality uproar

I can't breathe
Words knocking down white brutality

I can't breathe
Words ending police brutality

I can't breathe
Great words
Creating equality for all race
Ending police brutality
Doing-away white supremacy
Uniting all race
Uniting all colors
A must for all nations

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem is in honor of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Rayshard Brooks. It also tackles racism and race inequality as well as the right for black to be at the table of colours.
A brown man
Speaking radicalising words.
Marching as to war
Showing placards of his grief,
Depicting foreheads of vagabonds,
Reminding others of past slavery.
Their de-subjectification of freedom
Their voices,
A singular connotation of enough-is-enough
An appetite for recognition
A planting for equality
A right to color
A plea bargain for respect,
Yet writing a throwaway of discrimination.
A caged bird,
Wanting to soar far beyond whiteness.
Demanding equal previlege
A demand costly but needed
Their melancholy of racial assimilation
Our sanguine of identity

Their windspread of hatred
Our moment to canvas light
A shadow of itself
A belonging for many
A colour they deem despicable,
Yet a horizon we cherish.
Looking to the future
A beautiful future
I too
She too
He too
Us too
They too
Black too
Will sit at the table of colors
A dream I hope so dear

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem I wrote for racism and #blacklivesmatter .
Where I am
                Where I stand
                My daily song.
                My present emotion.
                I am no longer burning with passion
                I long for more beauty
                The vanity I seek,
                What a fair one I know.
                My latest predicament,
                A longing for better times.
                I crave for something better
                I want a new flame
                In this spring of discontent
               A float of an invisible,
               Yet having springs of a vague tomorrow.
This is an ode showing the state someone is in. It shows how discontent and dissatisfied the person is with his or her life.
They tell us,
About a great future.
They tell us it is coming,
Not today but tomorrow.

Our dear Nigeria,
A safari for its rulers,
Stealing our freedom,
Yet showing a victorious future.

Our leaders,
They keep on telling us,
Of the people,
By the people,
For the people.

They come as bearers,
Bearing freedom,
Removing slavery's chains and rods,
Yet trampling on our humanity.

Our leader's democracy,
A temple built with words,
Yet plastering it with,
Power and constant deceit.

They bribe our conscience
They fail to discharge their duties,
Yet singing victorious praises of their democracy,
Telling the world of vague achievements.

They play their drama,
Displaying it in public,
Showing a ****-a-doodle-doo of theatre,
Narrating nothing significant.

They claim to hear our cries,
Yet they are blind spectators of beauty,
Having no eat for our mass cries.

Their ideology of power.
Their way of life
A culture so dear to them

A backwash from future's deep
A begraggle of corrupt leaders
A pointer to Me, My Belly and I

They claim we have rights,
Yet they keep us in chains.
Their democracy,
An emblem of an immoral compass.

I look out my balcony window,
Waiting for change.
I stand at my front door,
Hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

My father waited
My mother hoped
I in turn prayed
Our children echoed

I dream of a great democracy
I dream of liberation
I put down my pen,
It is tired of being,
Mightier than the sword.

Oh democracy
I raise my hand up in your honour
Nigeria's democracy,
Our leaders' famous slogan.
Democracy: Our Leaders' Famous Slogan discusses and highlights the way leaders and the government in Nigeria, Africa practices democracy.
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