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Shackles on my feet
The ******* of the past
Thou held me out
Piercing my heart with bitterness

I tried to come undone
Portraying the beauty of the future
Wearing you like a cunning smile
Setting ablaze a binding heart

I let go
Letting deep like a broken vase
Pouring out it's flowery gaze
Turning love astray

Oh some foretelling
Relieving bad memories
Revealing the aches of oneself
Attaching a Biography to pain

Beautiful but broken
A Potter's broken piece
Stunning but broken
Leading to the ways of no return

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem of pain.
Fixating my eyes
Stripping your beauty piece by piece
That I may show thy beauty

Beautiful maiden
Among pleasantry ladies of May
Dancing like an Arabian night

Laying down by thy side
Listening to the sounds of the night
Wondering how my heart captured thy flower

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This peom talks about a lover who's talking about how he fell in love with his lover.
Sing me a sweet carol
Twinkling sounds of happiness
Upon merriments of joyous celebrations

A time for joy
A holiday season
Old traditions new memories

Glows on the trees
Love all around
Kisses under the mistletoe

Thou gave us thy son
On a manger he was born
Our wishes came through

A king came
Special gifts he brought
Oh what a delight

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem for Christmas and the festive season.
The sweeten of nature
Giving life an edge
Tasting paradise at its fullest
Oh what a glorious sight
An awakening to the beauty
Of nature's pavilion

Behold the blue skies
Granting my eyes it's utmost splendour
A view like never before
Gracing my imagination
Drawing the cloud's curtains
Welcoming the god-crust of nature

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem about nature.
Exiting the blackness of the night
Thou tiny mediocre awakes
Arising with casual elegance
Biding the night farewell
Singing it's welcoming lullaby
Pouring out it's gorgeous golden-blinding

I feel it's presence
Sending overpowering bright lights
Bedazzling our minds
Oh radiant one
Thy golden fingers of sunlight
I receive your relentless dappling

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem that's talking about the sun especially in Africa. Pitiless African is an adjective we use for the sun in Africa because of its harshness.
Have thou reached casa isolata?
Shimmer of paradise it bestowed
Beautiful lands it rested upon

Sorroundings of fruitful clementine
An empire of pride

Casa isolata
I hear the callings of thy chimes

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem of someone who missing his homestead.
Our husband
Thou look in my eyes no more
I reek of old wine
Thy mouth spaketh
But thou saith nothing

I hear drums
Ceremonial beatings
Your smile I longed to behold
The peepings of the crowds
Your attire I longed to touch

Favourite of thy bossom
I know your heart
Belongings of another
Stories at the market square
Thou findeth thy favourite

Old clothes
Thou look away
Old heart
Thou embrace no more
Longing afresh a new favourite

Our husband knows your heartbeat
Preparations of thy entrance
Our husband's favourite bossom
Welcome, our new wine

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
Quagmire-Oasis talks about a woman who knows she's no more her husband's favourite due to the fact that he's bringing home a new wife which is now his favourite and she has accepted her fate.
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