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gypssywind Feb 2021
I found myself waiting
for love i already own.
Found myself in every reflection.
No recollection of home.
My heart called my name and this time I recognized.
heavy rains of mother earth
washed away my masks
so i bear no disguise.
ancestors became clearer when i looked inside the mirror
i remember my true beauty
reflecting so pure
i see nothing clearer .
i love myself...
i am love
i am light
i am energy so free and abundant
i am cosmic
i am source
divine creation of masculine and feminine combined
infinite intelligence
wonder and wisdom.
everlasting love, companion to life itself.
"break free, my child"
intuition whispers to me
voice as soft and sweet as sugar cane
no longer a victim of ILLusion and strife
i root myself deep and call back in all my power
so my friend, as you read this, consider it your final hour
what will your bring with you into this new earth?
wake up.
wake up.
wake up.
Queen of the kingdom
The heart of Sàngó,
Giving Sàngó courage.
Sàngó's betrothed
Goddess of wind, tornado,
Yet the owner of the marketplace.
Queen of all seas
Creator of lakes and rivers
The waters knows your name
Goddess of storms
Orisa of death and rebirth
The mother of nine
The undergoddess of Odo-Oya
The unbeatable warrior
The summoner of rain
Sàngó's princess consort
Thou who walketh through fire with no burns
Queen of courage
Goddess of speed and energy
Symbol of faithfulness
Goddess of devotion and perfection
Goddess of war
Oya, our fiercely warrior of old

Written Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem eulogies Oya, who is the goddess of courage, war, rain, wind, tornado, speed, energy, death faithfulness, devotion, perfection, rebirth and the wife of Sàngó.
To all the weak female strands who want to be emancipated from a world that laughs

You need to let me caress your memory glands with my bare hands.

These thoughts were expressed in advance

                   how this hype night is settling in,

everyone asking me if I can tell them again.  

Simple tactics.

                Put this data in.

                       Stop talking **** and provide the action.

                                 The crowd stood clapping

                                         So listen ***

T  h e   W o r l d   MUST  S e e  Y o u r  F u l l

M e n t a l   C a p a c i t y  M a x i m u m !

— The End —