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Descovia Jul 25
Good people have bad days
Bad days pick on all people. No discrimination.
Being mean will not reward you
with nice things.
It's one hell of a drug.

You don't always have to use the rock
as a weapon just because it's in reach.
Out of sight, out of mind.

Think about it. Don't let them trigger you.
Cool it. Before you pull it. Don't lose it.
You're the one in control.
Remember the way you felt
When you were in tune?  
Flow of music. Unstoppable mode.

I heard it all before,
going to the groove tangled in the grapevines
You have so much more to lose
If you go Columbine Colorblind!

forestfaith Jul 2018
Even I hear the sounds of silence in your bedroom.
I hear the ever noisy silence ringing outside the cracks of the window.
I am tearing up inside, losing control.
I clenched my fists and buried myself in my moutain of comfort on the fabrics of your bed.
I am trying to stay happy, to talk to you.
But I was afraid to shout, afraid to let the monster in the cage out.
Do you hear me?
As I stand in silence like the wind?
Do you hear me through the Spears and knives of your hurt words?
Do you....?
Please hear me out...
eve Jul 2018
Back when I had obtained my innocence,
I remember the happiness and freedom with life,
Everything went great,
Everyday was cherished as a blessing,
As it should always be.
Then one day came along,
Suddenly, I grew up way too quick.
I knew that something wasn’t right,
Nothing felt right anymore.
But, I still counted on the efforts of others,
To show me,
To guide me,
To protect and be there for me.
I was let down, disappointed at her,
My love was open arms,
My heart unlocked, but broken at one fall.
One less lonely girl,
Treat her like she’s worth,
If you value her, prove it.
Allowing pride to take over pain will only hurt,
So, don’t lose her or yourself in the process,
Trust the feeling of fighting,
Being brave and courageous enough to express,
She needed that, she wants that still.
Take her hand,
Twirl her around a few times,
And show her different.
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Do You?... by Jessie 4/05

Do you find distaste as you choke down humanities vile existence?

Do you weep at the worlds discourse with it’s self?

Do you agonize over the future of your existence?

Do you smell the rotting flesh of lie’s gone aerie?

Do you wish upon doomed and darkened stars?

Do you drown your feet in the rivers of tears?

Do you drink from the cup of uncertainty?

Do you sleep on the teetering bed of deception and then dream hellish night mares of things to come?

Do you taunt the reaper with games of hide and seek?

Do you par lea every escape into another until you feel invincible?

Do you like what you’ve become?
Brandon May 2016
Might make them angry
It will make you free
If no one has ever told you
Your freedom
Is more important than their anger
You should never feel pressured to say 'yes' to someone or for anything. Sometimes saying 'no' is the best answer, and everybody should know their limits.
siphelele Jun 2015
society scrambles me up,throws me in the gutter,tear up my lines of imperfection,making bruise and bleed easily.
I feel the pain you instill in me when you move your words of sorrow and pain across me,I feel the pain that comes with the mean words,I feel your anger running across me,but why hurt me?
can't I be treated like a living being?
can't I live in this morden society?,just because im made out of paper??
it's sad how we live in this morden society, pleasing other specimen, for what?? why?? all in the name of fittung in...?
Chansee Williams Apr 2015
go continue doing wat u was doin
obviously we werent texting
u werent ready to text me.
so dont force urself to txt me
until i pop into ur mind nd u want to have a conversation.

— The End —