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Eli Feb 14
A phoenix, A second chance
An angel, A devil,
A rescue, A ******,
Everything comes with a price,
And this ***** is an expensive *******
something old
Isaac afunad Feb 11
Along these edges
heading for the alter
and make the grade
despite the write off
around the bends of my mind
lies some memories
of uninhibited realism
of high fidelity
to myself
in letting myself go
somewhat joyous
somewhat chaotic
somewhat musical
but just there
to feel and see things
for more than what they mean
through my own eyes
seems rather unusual
but I go back in time
take a deep-dive
to recapture these ephemeral bubbles
of blissful euphoria
as if singing
to my alter ego
'We can be heroes,
just for one day
We can be us,
just for one day!'
Heroes by David Bowie seems to be the perfect song to relive those high-on-life moments.
Marie Nov 2020
Deine Worte erzählen von
heimatlosen Eisenbahnschienen
und vom wohlhabenden Fleisch,
das goldbehangen über seinen Rand hinauswächst

Von flügellahmen Fenstern,
von blattlosen Türen
und dem blumigen Duft eines Lebens,
dessen Atome längst im Staub der Zeit verloren gingen
Marie Nov 2020
Mit ihren knochigen, altersbefleckten Fingern
wühlt sie umständlich
in ihrer zerschlissenen Handtasche

und sucht
nach dem gestrigen Tag
Your toes curl under quivering breath

     in abandon to the power of sweet caress

Yes! to the dripping ecstasy of our union

     to the penetrated walls of the Self

we dance wildly through puddles & stains  

     free of the pains of fetters and chains


we cast into the fire the boundaries of flesh

     & weave our bodies into euphoric mesh

prostrate at the flowing alter of Love.
Diksha Prashar Jul 2020
I got glimpse of our future
You and I
At the end of alter.
OJ Apr 2020
Deep under the ocean
Of Sinful ambitions
Lie the fears I hide away
The storms inside are always there
My nightmares take flight
Let me not suffer alone

If I should be sent away
May the sun and moon
guide me back

I had fortune and power
Admiration wasn't my plan
Feared I was before
How the tides have turned
My spirit rots, my veins burn

I never loved them, but they were mine
Though we shared a space
Dare I show myself once more
And return to fighting for worthless trust

Curse my past actions
I have changed
I'd say

Yet here I am trying to take back what was mine
Behind closed doors
I have plotted my revenge on you

I will step forth
Who needs cooperation when you have plans for cessation
I don't need riches, fame pleasure
My soul has wandered
And yet I've grown stronger

They will follow me through the thunder inside
I will tear them asunder

Deep beneath the ocean
Of sinful ambitions
Will soon lie their fears of me
Mark Wanless Sep 2019
i bow at the alter in
the church of imperfection
and pray softly here again
in storm of life confusion
the first line was the inspiration
pa3que Aug 2019
Marie, took some fresh baked goods,
set her sail through blood-curdling  woods,
in search of a one who hearts can alter.
her heart broke a man,
and so with sedan,
she seeked the one who’d scrap her falter.

to prevail over cold,
she took some gold,
to pay the one who hearts can alter.
she traveled sad,
but reached a nomad,
who claimed “i’m the one who hearts can alter.”

he was a fraud,
very sharp-clawed,
he stole her gold and then he paltered.
took his leave,
with a thieve,
after saying “Marie, your heart is altered.”

“Oh, Marie naive,
do you still grieve?”
the nomad was actually a salter,
see in this ground,
there’s not around,
a single soul that hearts can alter.
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