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Poetic T Feb 9
I graze on your fields,
eating the grass..

But I,m never thirsty
Temporal Fugue Dec 2017
Down in the gutter, with my mind and friends
wallowing in the dirt and grime, no need to pretend

The ****** and debacle, all the impurity and trash
sliding easily along, the hard cold cemented paths

Sludge and slime, just other words to describe
where my imagination goes, too consume and too imbibe

Come with me, and then you'll see, everything explained
all the places, thoughts, and things, roaming around my brain

Glean no cleaner meaning, and know too there I go
a ***** rotten little mind, basking in, a foul filthy, afterglow
Regurgitated, expurgated, re-invented, and re-done
cleaning corners of my mind, on an ancient, poetic, run ;D

Yup, it's been said men think of *** every 6 seconds. Nah, it's more often than that ;D~
Venny Jul 2017
I crave your taste upon my tongue. Stinging my senses with the sweetest poisonous honey.

I want my demise at your hands, softly stroking my skin as my sighs fill your ears. As the tingles on your neck send thoughts to me that any father would demand we repent for.

The taste of your fingertips on my tongue, blinding me to judgement and the stories of Greek mythology that end in a demise created from carnal desire. I want you to destroy me in sweetest way.

Falling down a rabbit hole of sin, and reckless abandonment. The taste of you overwhelmingly clogging my senses, and my teeth softly attached to the skin on your neck. Taking over you with abandonment.

I want your marks upon my flesh, branding me and reminding me how long this may last. I am at your alter begging for release. Begging for you, begging to find me. Begging for your peace.

All I want is you on top of me is you free, and your heavy breathing when we send each other to the places we need to be.

Pretty thoughts tangled in **** sheets.

Take what you need, and I'll keep the memories.
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2016
It's hard sometimes you know,
Savoring something sweet.
You just don't want it to disappear as it's a shortage on delectable things.
So many things lose their flavor after a while and its like **** not again.
I mean the memory is always there but every now and then you just want that good mouth feel, like **** that was good.
Okay maybe that was just lazy.
But seriously having to go through the hassle of taking apart a wrapper
Time and time again.
Having to remove this or that.
Come on let's get to the good part already.
The ****** of flavor exploding into your mouth.
That private moment you can just be yourself anytime or any place.
The Ecstasy of it all.
The peace found after destroying something so beautiful.
At some point we're all savage. Face it.
The moment of build up, the anticipation of waiting for the very moment you finally get your hands on what you crave.
That one voice in the back of your head that pretends to act calmly.
That one voice arguing in the background saying do that ****. What's calm about what your doing.
**** it's all one in the same.
But only the saint's whom attend Church every so often are the only ones
whom deny such a carnal desire when everyone is around.
Hahaha The Devil is something else ain't he
Ryan Carney Mar 2016
When love is made, a bond is created
That no matter what happens the morning after
The bond will never be forgotten

"Silence!" I cried to her
As she let me ******* her slow and deep
For once this is soon over, all we will do is sleep

We passionately kissed by the fireplace
As she then soon sat on my lap
And begged me for more as, "Once is just not enough!"

So we climbed up the towering staircase
Back to the bedroom door
As soon as we jumped into bed, our clothes hit the floor

Riding as though she was on top of the world
"Please don't ever stop!" she screamed to me
But eventually, we did have to stop, as the fun was finished

The night after the previous before, we climbed back into bed
For neither one of us could resist
As having *** is the best medicine for anything.
written 3-7-16
teenageoverdose Mar 2015
I wanted to trace her spine with my tongue.
She only wanted me for the high of her ******.
I only wanted her for the rise in pitch when her screaming turned into completely ****** healing
I loved the way her legs wrapped around my head.
As if she wanted me to stay.
As my tongue flicked & licked.
My mouths indulging her juices.
The air filled with ****.
Gripping & ripping. .
I felt her body rise
Legs tighten
A moan of satisfaction quenched my thirst.
Everything flowing.
I crawled up her temple
She helped lick off the fluid from my face.
With no hesitation her hands were placed below my waist.
She ran her fingers through me.
Arch my back with the movements.
We move rhythmically.
I feel her. She feels me.
I can't hold back the emotions.
I release a few satisfactory screams
In this moment I say "baby you make me weak. "..

— The End —