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May 19
Say what you mean
I never **** a dream
Don't ever tie our
name to any of that!
You thought my vision
was obstructed by meaningless racks.
i am just trying to maintain, cause everyone greed for green,
see what I mean, desperate as ****, you fiends
I am just watching our boys tracks.
I don't give a ****, nobody out there
can validate me as a father, not even Descovia or Matt.
If you have problem, I suggest we walk it out
or talk it out. If you come at me, ready to burn
only one of us is coming back!

Everyone be getting caught up in Death Notes
this is why I remain on the attack like a titan!
Wanna play with elements
Let's pop it off! Get things exciting! My fire brings
earthquakes and lighting! What do you mean?
You wanna play a game jigsaw? Last time,
I checked, I am not easy to frighten!
Butterflies in his tummies. Causing butterfly effect
Change the remorse in his life, that malice created from rage and regret.
Thought we were on the same page.
I would lost my ******* life, if I'd place that bet.
Ya'll be so quick to take my words, fly off with em like a jet!
No disrespect to Queens, but this why I why hug my frustrations out in my pillow pet
2022, I been through a lot and no part of me except the worse is dead! Keep tryin, I ain't going out yet!
No Doordash. Watch a sucker dash. That's suckertash. Dust to ash. I'll leave nothing left.
Running around the square, hurt,  over here searching hard for a ref
Everyone be on the games, until the final round is SUDDEN DEATH.
My death might make more sense than my life, my son will go through the depths.
This why I take my time,  I value every bit of my energy to my last breath...
Written by
Descovia  30/M/78045
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