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Feb 5 · 38
This moment
David J Feb 5
Hello death...
Ive always thought about you
About this moment
A choice
To Continue or To End
Im sorry death, im so indeceisive
Because my whole past...
It tells me To End
But now in this moment
I have decided that I have wants
I want to take a trip
To take the Camino de Santiago
I want to live in a city
I want to take a midnight walk
to play a game of chess with a stranger
I want to learn many languages
I want to have a daughter
I want to cook and clean for my wife
I want to be known by her
I want to live...
I want to live a life
So I'm sorry Death,
But I choose To Continue
Wow... i said it. We did it. We finnaly did it. Thank you, for staying strong. Let's work towards are goals. Let us live this life
My name is Harmon, and I took a pledge to live even though at the time I didnt want too. I hearby am glad that I did it.
Thank you
For putting up with the hardships, so that now I can be happy
Jan 29 · 216
On the 8th Story
David J Jan 29
In that kind of mood
When ledges look beautiful
One jump, So far down
Looking down, its exhilarating. Heart beating so fast, as if its crying out begging me to hear that im still alive. That I can go on.
Tell me when you jumped, was it everything you imagined. That amazing feeling, of fear, happiness, freedom, release.
Sigh, i just wish I could go back in time
I just want to talk with you.
I miss you
Jan 22 · 160
Loyaly Yours,
David J Jan 22
Perhaps if I find a Queen
Through her I can become a King
Still looking for you, I cant wait to meet you :)
If I cant become everything formyself, I can do it for her.
Jan 22 · 92
David J Jan 22
What am I to write
when theres nothing on my mind
Guess I'll just improv
For having nothing in mind, look at that haha, not to shabbby. Im having to good a time with this hahaha.
Jan 21 · 58
Hate and Heart
David J Jan 21
Anger calls to me
My own blood becoming a toxin
Pushing rage through my entire body
Im a berserker underneath
Always on the edge ready to explode
I want to ****
I want to purge this world
We are disgusting....
Why do I fight this feeling so much
I WANT to let it consume me
... hmm
Its because I know it would be easier
Easier than what . . . hmm
Fighting with love
Saving humanity from themselves.
Its easier to curse us then to love us.
Until I can do that I am weak
I see, no matter what you believe thats why Jesus made such an impact on the world. He was so strong he could fight withought war. Jesus, I will try my best to follow you. Im sure you of all people know how hard what you have done is. Blessed be your name, thank you... thank you for choosing love. We do not deserve it . . .
Jan 17 · 71
Let's Fly Away
David J Jan 17
You had the soul of an adventurer
Always wanting to steal me away
As we explore the far reaches of earth
You wanted to drive off into the sunset with no GPS, no plans in mind.
You wanted to show me it all
Because then id realize how beautiful it was.
But I ended up getting stuck on how beautiful you were
I still wish you could steal me off on some adventure... One day I hope I can do it. Just go somewhere and see the world like you could. Ive heard of a path, a walk that people make. Staying nights with strangers, each pilgram on the same path yet so many with diffrent journeys. I bet you woulda loved to go.
Jan 13 · 75
David J Jan 13
Thank you,
And im sry if my poems arnt always good.
But this place
This is my place to be selfish.
To veeeeent all i want too
HP is my freedom.
Im honord that your here
Its 4.30 sry if these are a mess. But i want to post tonight, sorry.
Jan 13 · 28
Always there
David J Jan 13
Im so sorry my friend.
Oh how do you do it.
Life is too much for me too handle.
Why do you share your story with me.
Its too much to bare.
its a shame that I know it helped you.
Thus I will be there tommorow.
This is my curse
If i choose to be selfish then im worthless
That is my own bottom line
I cant... lose... someone....... again........
Why, why must people be able to know me like this. To know that i will be there for them. It tears me apart. I want to wish that they would keep it to themselves, but how dare I. Why do they trust me with their secrets.
Jan 6 · 71
Enticing thoughts
David J Jan 6
my bad habits become an
like a seductress alluring me
to give in
  thoughts so irrestiable

mmhm how I love temptation
This ones a little spicy, hehe I love it.
Dec 2019 · 344
Life and Poetry
David J Dec 2019
Poems can have rules
Theres a system to writing
But life is messy
                                             It will happen
.be opposite of the expected linE

But you know what...
Its growing on me
I enjoyed this one alot. Life is so hard, but its how an action can have 7 diffrent meanings to 7 diffrent people the depth of just the most basic things. How It can be so hard to say whats wrong whats right, how you can feel so conflicted. Hate someone but understand where there coming from. Its life. And i see that all this chaos, its why its soooo spectacularly beautiful when you see and feel love. Enjoy the company of a friend, the love of couples, of family. When people forgive. Idk you probably get it. This worlds insane,dark,horrible,cruel. but i can see now that, even while these may be true... its still beautiful.
Dec 2019 · 166
David J Dec 2019
I can never tell if I'm enjoying
What I'm reading
Or if
Im simply enjoying reading.
I simply love reading, dose'nt have to be anything too intresting haha.
Nov 2019 · 91
To truly love
David J Nov 2019
I want to be so overflowing with kindness
that I could hold a bird
because it couldnt recognise a drop of hostility
I want to grow even kinder, so that every essence of my soul is of love
Nov 2019 · 200
Nine to Five
David J Nov 2019
I work to much
Not to say im over working my job
But that I work excessively in my head
I really am a busy person
I guess im over due for a vacation.
Nov 2019 · 3.8k
To the stranger beside me
David J Nov 2019
Your eyes sang the song of loss
And I recognized the chorus
I was reading a book in a place no normal person would be. When I was accomponied by a lovely gal who had the same plans as me. We never spoke a word to eachother but I've never felt so understood.
David J Oct 2019
But for now she may only exist as a memory in the hearts of those who loved her
Forever reverberating in hearts
Sorrow in resonance
❤ I miss you, you will never be forgotten...
Aug 2019 · 317
Writing with power
David J Aug 2019
I was thinking to myself
What does powerful writing look like

At first i saw a writer focusing all energy into the pen

But I coreected myself, it would look like connecting the energies of the pen with yourself.
Writing as an extention of your own will...
an extension of your soul
I want to learn, devolpe, and grow.
Aug 2019 · 103
A game of go
David J Aug 2019
Wonderfull play, where did you learn it I asked the man
  From the losses of my past he said.

Say my friend, Isn't it simply amazing, this cycle of learning. Since the game was made so very long ago all unto this moment.
   Yes my friend, it is an honor to have had this match.
What an honor indeed to play this game called life. Do not regret mistakes made, be thankful for the knowledge gained
Aug 2019 · 1.3k
Can't wait to meet you
David J Aug 2019
I wonder to whom I journal
Because when I write
It is always a
Be thankful for your notebooks service!
Aug 2019 · 19
To live
David J Aug 2019
I was given a reason not to die, but im still seaking a reason to live.
Thank you... for making me promise, I'm sure you knew that its the only thing that would keep me alive.
Jul 2019 · 390
Times like these
David J Jul 2019
Its times like these i wish i could just fade away. All the worries of the world just gone. I just blow away like crumbled leaves
I yearn to just fade away, carried nowhere but anywhere.
Jun 2019 · 216
Kicked while im down
David J Jun 2019
Its already a hard night.... with the news of my friend. But on top of that im sitting up on the couch helping my brother make it through the night as he deals with such awful things....
Hearing a man throw up and be in such pain hurts the soul... but i dont feel sick, i feel angry, because im tired of having to watch this all the time, please give the poor guy a break. STOP IT,  cant you see youre beating him to death, why dont you help my family.... pleaaase ik youre there so pleasee why dont you ever stop torturing them
Jun 2019 · 208
Another loss
David J Jun 2019
Why do I have to keep watching people I love quit this game....
The world lost another beautiful soul...
Rest in peace my friend, thank you for the many laughs and exciting times we shared
I wanna throw up... how on earth will this ever be worth it, ughh it hurts so bad. But ill keep going, idek why anymore so sore but ill keep moving along... Please make my life short.
Jun 2019 · 144
Lost, but still playing...
David J Jun 2019
I am weak
I do not have the strength to beat this cruel world
I am... utterly... and inevitably...
     ...  defeated
The world is depressed
The happy are ignorant
And sin is inevitable
I feel like i failed, but winning wasnt possible, how does one enjoy life. I faked joy and i even thought it was possible. But as soon as i let myself think again I recognize how awful this world is... please pray that Ill one day be happy. I wont give up, even if I curse life the whole way
Jun 2019 · 188
.... I hope I'm wrong
David J Jun 2019
i just dont get it
I question how much was real
ive been played a fool

i thought it was love
did you really just play me
... i want to say no

but what have you said
how could say things like that
I know i couldnt

does it just help you
I guess then i wouldnt mind
but dang... that just hurt

now that i look back
were you always just playing
youve got skill alright

ha... i never thought
that i could be played like this
congrats you got me

i gave you my heart
but you just saw a trophy
i hope you had fun

.... because ive never felt this close to being done
... im, so... lost.  I was in so deep... wow did she pull me in. I dont even know anyomore wth happened. Ive lost everything...
Ive been, completly and utterly.... defeated
May 2019 · 269
A love... doomed
David J May 2019
This world is so cruel
You expect me to still play?
You took everything
I always end up this way

Please just let me go
Why did you do this to me,
Make me fall in love
Only to say it can't be

I don't love like most
See I will love forever
So saying goodbye
Is the hardest thing ever

We could make it work
But a decesion I must make
Her or family
Neither path happy to take

Shes my everything
But my family is too
It hurts me so much
Saying bye to you...
We both love each other so much. Its like I found a soulmate, we were perfect. But just one thing. Were both from strong relegious familys of diffrent faith.... sigh. My close friend agrees, shes friends with us both that our love wasnt your typical highschool romance. We both were sincire and we both loved unconditionally. It woulda lasted forever. I think the fact we both know it woulda worked is what makes it so hard... she was perfect. I woulda been so incredibly lucky. I love you, thank you for your kindness and the good memories... goodbye
May 2019 · 125
Welcome Home...
David J May 2019
Its just suprising
How quickly the world can change
From colorfull... to gray
"Back so soon?" my heart says to istself, "yeah, i guess i'm back." I reply "but, it was kinda nice..."
I will return to that emotionless state, but this year... it wasnt so bad, i got hurt but perhaps the high was worth the pain...
Apr 2019 · 224
David J Apr 2019
Just as people stop to smell the roses,
I will stop to get to know you
Because just as beautiful roses,
You deserve to be stopped for and appreciated

Just as people watch and admire the stars, I will watch and admire you
Because just as the stars, your beauty deserves to be admired

Just as my favorite song,
I will listen to you whenever I can
Because just as my favorite song, I love everything about you

And just as poets write about nature,
I will write about you
Because just as nature, you are perfect in my eyes and the source of my inspiration
But just as romeo and juliet,
I can never have you
Because our love is doomed...
Mar 2019 · 251
You know what they say,
David J Mar 2019
they say you die twice
your name spoken the last time
... I'll do my best
... i wont forget you, even if rembering you makes me cry... i'll learn to smile
Mar 2019 · 164
Let me go
David J Mar 2019
I just want to go
Lock me behind pearly gates
Lord, please just take me...
I wont do it, so just make it quit
Mar 2019 · 198
The loss of a friend
David J Mar 2019
death leaves its imprint
you will never be the same
share your pain... it helps
Eventually we all witness death and it will change us... hopefully for the better.
Either way, it hurts
David J Mar 2019
It's not that your weak
I'll carry that weight for you
You've been strong too long
Little tribute to an old friend of mine, also cowboy bebop
Feb 2019 · 285
Oh the places you'll go
David J Feb 2019
Your as endless as they say
Yet, I feel confined
Whoever reads this, have a nice day. Things have been going better lately, so I'm sure you'll be alright.
May 2018 · 187
I was once a robot
David J May 2018
Once upon a time...
He was the happiest person you would have known

Once upon a time...
He realized how sorrow full the world was

Once upon a time...
He noticed how sorrow filled he was

Once upon a time...
He took out his heart, so that he wouldn't feel

Once upon a time...
He forgot about his heart, and was no longer human

Once upon a time...
He became a robot, that wouldn't stop no matter what

Once upon a time...
He fell apart, but he would put himself backtogether even though it would happen soon again

Once upon a time...
He stayed like this, and he dosen't remember how long

Once upon a time...
He fell apart although this time the pieces wouldn't go back together

Once upon a time...
He forgot how to put himself back together

Once upon a time...
He was confused, something was diffrent

Once upon a time...
He felt something in his chest, like a bass drum that played itself

Once upon a time...
He remembered something very dear to him

He rembered he was human
I feel my heart again, but I don't remember emotions, its so new and strange... all the while painful, it seems I still carry what I carried before. But something is diffrent...
Mar 2018 · 193
My Silent Storm
David J Mar 2018
Now he weeps at once.
The silent storm of his grief.
Eyes now grey and dead
Feb 2018 · 143
How are you?
David J Feb 2018
One word to describe,
The way you feel on the inside.
What is your one word?
So I'm moving to Arizona this Summer. So, I thought I would use my address (5815) as syllables for a poem.
Feb 2018 · 202
David J Feb 2018
I am not a fan of breakfast
I'm just never in the mood
Because every thing we have
It just looks like tasteless food
Although I get out some milk
And get out some bland cereal
Yeah trust me I am aware
That its not nutritional
Yet I get out civil-ware
And continue to prepare
Although something just feels off
Oh No, it's my greatest fear
6 a.m. on a weekend
Wait why am I here!
I went through this last Saturday, I wanted to write a poem, so I choose to write about that unfortunate event. Haha!

— The End —