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David J Jan 23
Happy birthday dear Brother,
Is it that time again?
But were broke cause of college,
So I’ll take up my pen

I’ll write of your wits and your charms
How you sit alone
As the peak of humanity,
Go on take your throne

But despite it all,
Theres things you don't see,
The way you make us smile
and how you mean so much to me

Even when you tease and cause me strife
Theres these moments your making
These moments called life

I love you more than you could ever know
And I’m thankful for everything
Everything about you bro

So I hope you have a wonderful day
Annnnd that things go by quick,
So that we can go play

Happy Birthday Brother
He’s the best guy in the world
David J Dec 2023
When my phone shuts off
Caravans of sounds explode
The thoughts kept away
I need to journal again…
Get back in touch with myself
David J Dec 2023
Dramatic I strike my deep bow
Stage lights warming the back of my neck

      Another show finished
              And time for the next

I change costumes and greet the regular cast
Shaking hands and reading scripts

      Finally… my cue, I exit stage left
              Passing the curtains, Sighing in relief
David J Nov 2023
My mind is a forge
Heats and bends words to my will
Striking thoughts to shape
The game of finding the right words is my favorite part. I fish at my minds pond till I catch an idea. Then I let my mind go to work. Theres nothing quite as engaging
David J Nov 2023
Like a line in a book, Foreshadowing, glimpsing beyond this chapter

The books pages are so thin,
And so exposed to the elements

I heard the chimes of my grandfather’s clock
And for a moment, took in my surroundings
Time it seems…
is starting to scare me
David J Sep 2023
That blue flower gleams in mind
Its luster stark against the golden sands
Standing boldly amongst the famished land.

The flower’s allure snatches me again
With a rush of unyielding visions
My minds eye replete with bewilderment

Recalling the truth of my selfness,
That blue runs in my veins.
A blue flower (German: Blaue Blume) was a central symbol of inspiration for the Romanticism movement. My favorite period. The freedom of fantasy, and the Self in Nature.
David J Jul 2023
A leaf must endure the storm
Lest it be carried astray
Times like these I feel if I loose focus
I’ll just slip away

The wind is picking up and honestly,
That blue sky is turning grey

… but don't worry
                 It’s not today
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