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David J Feb 5
Hello death...
Ive always thought about you
About this moment
A choice
To Continue or To End
Im sorry death, im so indeceisive
Because my whole past...
It tells me To End
But now in this moment
I have decided that I have wants
I want to take a trip
To take the Camino de Santiago
I want to live in a city
I want to take a midnight walk
to play a game of chess with a stranger
I want to learn many languages
I want to have a daughter
I want to cook and clean for my wife
I want to be known by her
I want to live...
I want to live a life
So I'm sorry Death,
But I choose To Continue
Wow... i said it. We did it. We finnaly did it. Thank you, for staying strong. Let's work towards are goals. Let us live this life
My name is Harmon, and I took a pledge to live even though at the time I didnt want too. I hearby am glad that I did it.
Thank you
For putting up with the hardships, so that now I can be happy
David J Jan 29
In that kind of mood
When ledges look beautiful
One jump, So far down
Looking down, its exhilarating. Heart beating so fast, as if its crying out begging me to hear that im still alive. That I can go on.
Tell me when you jumped, was it everything you imagined. That amazing feeling, of fear, happiness, freedom, release.
Sigh, i just wish I could go back in time
I just want to talk with you.
I miss you
David J Jan 6
my bad habits become an
like a seductress alluring me
to give in
  thoughts so irrestiable

mmhm how I love temptation
This ones a little spicy, hehe I love it.
David J Dec 2019
Poems can have rules
Theres a system to writing
But life is messy
                                             It will happen
.be opposite of the expected linE

But you know what...
Its growing on me
I enjoyed this one alot. Life is so hard, but its how an action can have 7 diffrent meanings to 7 diffrent people the depth of just the most basic things. How It can be so hard to say whats wrong whats right, how you can feel so conflicted. Hate someone but understand where there coming from. Its life. And i see that all this chaos, its why its soooo spectacularly beautiful when you see and feel love. Enjoy the company of a friend, the love of couples, of family. When people forgive. Idk you probably get it. This worlds insane,dark,horrible,cruel. but i can see now that, even while these may be true... its still beautiful.
David J Dec 2019
I can never tell if I'm enjoying
What I'm reading
Or if
Im simply enjoying reading.
I simply love reading, dose'nt have to be anything too intresting haha.
  Nov 2019 David J
that boy with blue eyes
ice-cold rays of rising flames
how gentle they seemed
David J Nov 2019
I want to be so overflowing with kindness
that I could hold a bird
because it couldnt recognise a drop of hostility
I want to grow even kinder, so that every essence of my soul is of love
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