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David J Nov 2022
Life is of Motion
Even water itself is healthiest with movement
But Stillness
will always be necessary for reflection
Reflection can’t be done with a busy stream. Happy Thanksgiving, take some moments to slow down.
David J Nov 2022
A bow or a smile
Which ever I pursue
Id go on for a while
To try and thank you
Legit, after for ever of not being so down, i randomly got so down last night. Prayed about it the BOOM God just opened doors for me, got me where I needed to be. God is GOOD
David J Nov 2022
Marble eyes look out
Peering at the world around
Dismayed at the sorrow
Frustrated for the weary, angry at ourselves.
David J Jan 2022
I am a river
My family built and maintains me
My parents the water fall
Pouring their love,
giving it to me in abundance
My brother the gravity
Pulling me forward,
Keeping the water moving
My older sister the path
Watching over me, giving guidance
My younger sister the fish
Keeping me company
Perhaps I can lead her to clearer waters
David J Nov 2021
Some people dream big dreams,
but that's just never been me.

Maybe just living by the sea
delivering mail as the sun rises to greet me
giving  a big smile to those that I see
my hair dancing in the wind like leaves on a tree
cause there I could be free, my best version I can be
and that's all I need, that orange hue fantasy
I don't feel that greed, just my honest plea
to live somewhere I can truly be Happy
Maybe someday I will find that my Orange hue fantasy isn't a somewhere but a someone. That would be nice wouldn't it :)
David J Oct 2021
I used to fear what I could be some day
How I was always locking emotions away
My world view turning darker than gray

Yet, while my heart was encaged
My soul was enraged

Revolted by the world I seen
My spirit raged, fierce and mean
Deserving of judgement, we the unclean

I took everything I had not to Intervene
A dangerous combo. Im glad I was more cold than bold. But honestly I try not to let myself think about us humans I get very upset. I hate the way it feels. That mournful anger
David J Sep 2021
Hello poetry, such a fitting name
Because despite how long, its always the sane
When I hit that bottom or just feelin low
Its the place I return too, the place that I go
And its always waiting, Just waiting to say:
Thanks for the warm welcome as usual. Always good to be back :)
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