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You didn’t have much
Did I care
You bravely making it
You didn’t have much
To Offer me
Did I care.

So what makes it
A different now than before.
I don’t care if you live
In a box.
Because I’ll still love you.
I don’t care if you have millions
I don’t care if you getting a car
I don’t care if you have nice clothes.

All of that
You cannot take it
With you when
You die.

Money don’t buy
Happiness nor love.
May you could buy a *** with
That and Aids
Honestly if your so happy
Why do you look
Like ****.
Happy ppl
Who Braggs
About themselves
Being happy.
You see it in there
Don’t brag something
Your not.
Maybe because ppl have
Nothing better to do
With themselves.
Maybe that’s what
They are use too.
Maybe something
Happened in there life.
Everyone they talk to
They just don’t believe them
All I want is a family
To a person I truly adore
And last man
I ever love
No, matter what life
Bring on up us
I fight back and believe there’s
Is hope and faith
And never to give up
To what you want in
I never give up.
After all the stuff you done
To me
Not only I gave you another
Change and trust your
What you gave me back
Another lies
And betrayed are love.
Than gave me heart attack
Alone of that
Had miscarriage
Lost two innocent child
Had no chance to be
In this world.
Didn’t had a change to
Meet us.
Because someone you
Messy around had to
Put everything on me.
And you had to believe her.
After all that
You both was living together
Knowing she’s the reason
Why are twin
Is dead now
Can you replace what you
And her **** from me.
This is time
Don’t lie
I see right through you
I’m not dumb
When you speak
There’s some hidden
Your not saying
I do read between the line.
When I sense your lying
To me
I’m not longer listening
To what you saying.
I shake my head
Pretending I’m listening
To you.
I’m not.
Careful how you speak to
Yesterday I didn’t buy
What you said,
You work over night
Until the next day.
Who you fooling
Cuz it not me.
That’s why I hate liar
Your words
Don’t match with in your
Eyes. Your
Eyes tell the truth
That’s why, I told you
What you want to hear
Not how I truly feels.
You already accuse me again
From same person
Who started all this
She’s reason, why
Are baby is dead.
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