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I think I feeling someone
When you bond heart to heart
You feel there’s heart
As well too.
The power of the heart
Is much powerful.
Every woman, you get with
You think they playing a game on
When they are not
When they do everything out of
There heart
It’s still a game for you
A woman might take it seriously with you
You will take it what if it’s a game
Life’s for you
Won’t get anywhere
If you think it’s only a game
Nevertheless, play with someone
What comes around
Might come back harder on you
I want a man
Who could do for himself
Not depend on a woman
I want a man
Who’s going to love me in conditional
Not because I said I love you
I gotta give something back
I want a man
Who’s not going to take away my desire
I want a man
Could make his own decisions
Not listening to others
I want a man
Will fight for me
Not I only fight for him
Don’t get with someone
Because all wants is finance
Relationship will not work at all
Relationship will fall
It will not last
Stability most people look
For out of a woman
Even that will not work out
Life is it self has a funny ways
Whatever goes up
Must come down
Because if you not true within
God will take it way
In blink of eyes.
Always tracks yourself
Where you might not realize
You think you did something good
But in lords eyes you
How I deal with mind
If the stress to much
I’ll run away from it
That depends on
What situation is it.
If you are with someone
Is okay to hangout
With two woman
In there house.
I thought
When you in a relationship
You don’t do that
Because if you say
You love that person
Just not right
At all.
You will end up hurting
That person you
Say you love
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