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1234 mistakes in
The world we calls
That we got to put are self
In greater danger.
There’s more
In life
To do.
I don’t understand
Some people
Why rise your
Life’s for
To does people who
Disappointed you all your life
When behind your back
Talk all kind of ****.
Not once’s
You look into
Another people
Who has actually did
More for you
And your love one.
Who never give up
Some people’s
Out your life
Especially does one
You think are your
Especially does who
Use your kindness for weakness.
You know exactly
Who they are.
Your life will be better
Only keeps
Does who cares and love
Bad karma
Only come around
When you have done something wrong
Yourself won’t admit you did.
Good karma
Stays with you
Because good karma
Know that your a good person
So good thing’s
Will keeps happening to you.
Life could be beautiful
But you have to make it
Beautiful for your own
Imagine how would
You like to live your life
Picture them in your head
Would you like to live
Your life in peace
Without all negative energy
Especially the people you
Invited into your life
Or the people always around you
Is the one
Creating all that
Negative energy into your life
For a reason
They just don’t happen
Because it happened.
You always got to
Look, what did you
Do for stuff to happen
In your life.
There’s two things
In life
Sometimes you get
Bad karma
And bite you in your ***
Never speak with a sentence
It’s not finished.
Deeply look
In your life
And ask why
Stuff keeps repeating in my life.
My grandma always says
Don’t do bad stuff to
Others are good to
You. Because karma
Is just waiting around the corner
For you.
After the man I truly love
That he had to hide me
I been thinking myself
I been fighting for him
Not even once of
Life time
Ever stop loving him.
Now I come to a question
For myself.
Isn’t worth
For me fighting for him.
Part of me
Don’t want to give up
Because I believe there’s something
Good to come .
Another side of me
Is very tired.
So isn’t worth me fighting for him.
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