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migayle ocuaman May 2021
soothed beneath your hands
like heavenly stars on earth
a whisked kiss by the breeze
sends me ever closer to you
migayle ocuaman May 2021
you are young
you have so much
so much in time given
you have one life
as well as one death
it would be best
to have a purpose
to put meaning in it
as you wander along
alone or with company
do not waste it in the rain
migayle ocuaman May 2021
what I see are amber hue
waltzing in a violet haze
swirling and falling brightly
with petals of golden glaze
yet you don't see what I view
migayle ocuaman May 2021
If I can forget and lose myself
even for just a moment
and scream and not say
the words I've felt within
would it made any difference
in the madness of my own sanity
migayle ocuaman May 2021
there is nothing for you here
even as the seasons change
and leaves turn to amber
even as the dawn kissed the dusk
this world would never know you
migayle ocuaman May 2021
empty canvas that's all there is
none to write to paint or give
to a world that often looks
too far to see what beauty is
and what lies within
migayle ocuaman May 2021
Weathered faces left on walls,
portraits hung in empty halls,
nameless strangers that saw
with eyes that watched the world.
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