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Jade Apr 2018
Every Saturday it is the same
Every Saturday I sit
I stare at the ticking hands and wait
No need to tell me I've been tamed

As the seconds pass
I watch my reflection in the glass
It is a wonder, I think
That I still look the same as the second before that passed

Yet inside I know a little more has died
Each tick brings me one step closer
To where you have gone
To a place of peace and sound.

And one day, many years from now
Someone will sit and wait,
Looking at the face that that is at once theirs and not
And remember the hour of my passing,
Just as I sit and wait and remember yours.
Jade Jan 2018
Before I turn old and grey,
And begin to fade away,
Hold on to me tight
So I won’t slip away into the night.
Jade Jan 2018
So I didn’t turn out in your image
I can’t singI can’t dance
I can barely put a tune together
On the ***** stashed away in our house
I have tried and failed
Again and again
Like a broken tape recorder
Echoing in a desolate house
I have become
A tattoo you can’t scratch out
Jade Jan 2018
I can’t read the stars
I can’t see the future
What I can read is what is in front of me
What I can see is this moment
All I can be is me
Jade Jan 2018
It’s a riddle to some
It is to me I admit
It sneaks up to me as I lay down
My head on my pillow
My brows furrow
Thoughts burrowing deep.

This is the fear,
The unseen,
The uncertainty, for all I know, may win,
Clawing it’s way up my spine.
I shut my eyes then snap them open
To remind myself I’m still alive.

I can’t wait
But I also can’t stop
The feeling of dread
That bundles and grows
As the minutes drop
One by one like lead.

When does it begin?
Or better yet, end?
When will it come?
When will it go?
It’s one of life’s riddles -
I just don’t know.

So I lie in bed and wait...
The ticking of the clock my only mate.
Jade Oct 2017
It's part and parcel of growing up,
The things you gain and
The things you lose.
The pain you feel
When the shelter you've had couldn't protect you
Your mind reels
Your stumble, your fall,
The feeling of losing it all;
You're not in control,
But a pawn in Life's thrall.
You're never sure,
You're surely lost,
It's better to admit it now,
Then let your pride rule and before
The higher you climb,
The faster you fall.
It is a fact, you can never have it all.
Jade Aug 2017
The moon looms
Big and bright
It has been some time
Since I’ve sat
Basking in the silence of the night
I can't believe
Being alone could be noisy
As I sink into its depths
A million thoughts whirl
Stealing my breath.

How many times?
Have I followed this line?
I can't be sure
Feelings leftover
Like wraiths they linger
Silence ringing in my ears
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