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On this Earth, there are
millions of people that
walk these moonlit streets.
And nothing compares to the
favor the moon has for you.
You're so magical, and the moon is envious.
I have a favor to ask of you,
Here's what I’d like you to do:
First take away my last breath;
Then peel away my ****** flesh.
Next please ***** my rib cage open,
And discard the heart that's broken.
Release the creature inside my chest,
Let it roam, let me rest.
Let that monster crawl about,
And writhe in agony now that it's out.
A cold hand that will caress;
Let it die a painful death.
Let it hurt like it hurt me,
So that I truly can be free.
When it's gone then I can heal;
Tell me, do we have a deal?
I wouldn't call it revenge; returning the favor sounds much nicer.
Kimberly Feb 12
Do me a favor
Can you come find me
The way the sea finds the shore
In ways I found
The hues of blues in the sky
Have no reflections on the ground
Or in certain times
I find peace in slivers of light
Filtering through windows at midnight
Will you seek me out
Even as I hide in layers
Under my own smiles
Do me a favor
Will you come running
Even as I run away
I’ll be extending my arms
I’ll be running backwards
Looking at you
I’ll tell you to stop chasing
But do me a favor
Don’t listen
The greatest love story
Is when I started asking favors
When I started writing letters
Addressed to me
Karisa Brown Dec 2018
You are the tailor
The maker
The storm and the desire
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Till that time
You were stranger
So do I
Just as a myth
Forever was far away

A second or less
It belongs to us
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Time in our favour
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
Is the moon not hung right tonight?
Can you not just help make me the world bright.
Oh no it is not bright.
Too much not to take a life.

The victim is not right.
After all heat of day.
All the others went away.
You were the one who stayed.

Help me in this fight.
Because the odds are not in my favor.
Is this alright.
The kind that cures wild behavior.

I need to have a little time to get adjusted.
Because the doors open.
Then the bolts are busted.
At risk, for a heart I am hoping.

Just give me time.
Time to not waste and throw away.
In myself just what I find.
Now on the ground I lay.

The victim of another day.
Can not throw it all away.
Soon maybe I will see.
Forever a victim I cannot be.
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
In her favor
She made him
To promise 1000 causes

With it
He too learned, how to break it
Genre: Rational
Theme: The Art Of Breaking Promise
Men are so funny. Well not just men but people. We as people can be filled with greed. We want everything that shines even things that don’t. If it is accessible all takers on deck. It becomes as a game it seems. That looks good let me try it out. I might not be able to afford it yet I want it anyway. Are you bills paid while you are making all of those outstanding purchases? Do you really need or just want that new pair of shoes? Do you have to have take-out every single day? Do you know how to use the stove to prepare food for yourself?
All of these things are of greed and laziness. Showing a lack of appreciation for what you already have. While not taking care of what is already owned. Worst of all forgetting that times get hard and you should preserve what you have. The entire time that you had her, no she wasn’t always happy but she loved you and had your back.
She self-medicated to stay afloat. To deal with the **** that you put out. While you flirted and danced with others when she was out of town. You called and texted and thought that she would not find out.
You forgot her worth, yes there were times that she messed up. When you forgive it should have been forgotten.
My brother you threw it in her face every chance you got.
That was because she called you on your mess. You felt that she was close to blowing up your spot. She should have been the only spot that you blew up.
Now she is leaving you and you are remembering what you had. She probably has a new man that treats her better. Bro you can’t get mad. You should have loved her when you had the chance. Now she is gone and you are all alone. Now you are sad wishing that you would have loved her when you had her.
I hope that things get better got you all. Treat people how you want to be treated. never fails!
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
It seems, not mutual
It was, just me

Save me, from myself
Theme: When, everything matter.
Temporal Fugue Feb 2018
I guess I didn't notice
when you went away

Comments and critique from you
absent, from my day

How many accounts, I'll never know
how trite and so clique

An ego over inflated
and my oh my, ever so passe

Blocking me, I couldn't see
with nothing more
too say
I have no idea how many people have blocked me, and I don't care.
It's like they did me a favor ;D~
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