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Scot Powers Jun 2023
Staring out the window
As the landscape rushes by
Storm clouds on the horizon
Paint a blood red sky
Feeling melancholy  
As the day now turns to night
The distance that's between us
Fades just like the light
Scot Powers Jan 2023
The Man in black
He said to me
Your invited to
A Bikini party

Couldn't believe  my luck
Said yes I'd  go
When do we leave
On with the show....

Bikini party Bikini  party
There's no place I'd  rather be
Bikini party Bikini party
Sun and sand and surf for me.

I got in the van
We prepared to leave
The man in black
Stuck a needle in me

Next thing I knew
I'm on the beach
There's surf and sand
Just like I dreamed

Bikini  party Bikini  party
Not quite what I thought it'd  be
Bikini party Bikini party
There's a lot of ships out in the sea

A beautiful  day
A nice warm breeze
Where's the girls
I thought there'd be

A plane flys above
It drops a treat
Next thing I knew
I ceased to be

BIkini party Bikini party
Come on back but you can't leave
Bikini party  Bikini  party
The worst party theres ever been.
Scot Powers Jan 2023
The deck is awash
Wind rips the sails
The crying and screaming
The birds and the waves
My senses are reeling
Can this be real
"All hands on deck!"
Old Skippy screams

Wet  rigging is whipping
Can barley grab hold
Cold rain beats down
Chilling my soul
The cries of my mates
Can barely be heard
All know their place
Their tasks are secured

Float as we may
A mere cork on the sea
Holding out hope
Riding the waves
May God have mercy
Upon all our souls
Cried the ships Chaplin
Old Skippy just groaned

A lifetime at sea
More days than on land
The old crusty mariner
Had many a scare
No longer bothered
by things such as fate
Calmly he waited
Claimed by the waves.....
Scot Powers Dec 2022
Awakened from my slumber
as hunger begs its toll                          
the hollow aching yearning begins to take control
arise I must and seek to sate
the life-force that I crave
out upon the countryside where I ply my nightly trade

Lonely travelers in the night
bade wary by the wails
wander through the forest still
scoff at folkies tales
as darkness does decend and shadows increase their daze
does a shiver go up their spine
as they meet my empty gaze

The deed is swift and satisfies
As once again I'm whole
It's seems that from the cruelty
Life again unfurls
No I shall not linger here
As darkness turns to light   
I shall retreat back to my home
And slumber till tonight......
Scot Powers Dec 2017
Hello again my pretties
Indeed it's been some time
But life sometimes throws a curve
There are many waves to ride

Around and around this ride goes
Never knowing where it ends
Emotions and reflections rule
Drawing you deeper in the depths

It is time to cleanse the mind
Clear out the sacred place
Tell the stories of my life
Let the pieces fall into place.
Scot Powers Apr 2016
Drifting through those foggy years
wading through the pain and tears
sorting out the right from wrong
Letting go and moving on

Standing taller than before
understanding lies were told
Living in your sordid past
Innocence fell hard and fast

Moving forward forgiving all
hoping your not feeling small
for acting out on misplaced trust
betrayal.. cloaked by  lust

Here today I set you free
all the anger holding me
the weight that held me down
Shed that skin upon the ground

Tomorrow I will look at thee
as someone whom I miss dearly
but today your actions set the course
for the path that you have chose
Scot Powers Mar 2016
As lazy days turn to night
wasted days steal your life
oddly it seems,we just can't see
the bountiful harvest
that waits for thee

We stumble and bumble
as weeks turn to years staring so blindly
as smiles turn to tears
tending the gardens intentions have made
while riding along in life's parade

The time passes faster
the older you grow
while perspective runs deeper
as experience's flow
the river of life
is long and winding
with rapids and backwaters
so keep your sight keen
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