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The next could be us,
Ponder the connection?

Soldiers of Lives
Peons of the Eons
Messengers of Millennia
Souls of Seasons

Hands; smooth, tender
Eyes; sensitive, splendor
Heart; calloused, hardened
Soul; damaged , darkened

Two kingdoms, one Land
Reign of Heart, leads to hand in hand
Monarchy of Mind, breeds chaos in the silence
Duel kingdoms, inner conflicts under one alliance

The next could be us,
But not quite us.
A Nexus of souls our world witnesses.
German Rodriguez Dec 2020
Am I to be insulted?

heh heh

Correction; my no-my lust for knowledge is insatiable
Proud to be, in the ways that I'm stuck, to ponder the who's, the when's, the why's and the whats. I thrive to pursue the touch of intelligence to quench the aching must. A combination of patience, self-discipline, determination, and dedication will construct any road you wish to travel in this Nation.
So call me a Nerd, oh i know, I take pride in the fact that I know facts, in fact I bet that that fact alone is why you react by recalling that: I'm a Nerd.
Been called a Nerd all my life. People fail to realize I do not view it as an insult. :D
German Rodriguez Nov 2020
I call myself Trash

To be thrown away
But not yet broken
Found full of dismay
Delivered by both kin

Among the cans and debris
My life's left to me
A piece of trash, I will be
Only in your eyes, you'll see

One's trash is another's treasure
This holds true as I measure
When I count all times I leisure
And all the times filled with pleasure

So always remember
When you're feeling in the dumps
That you may be a member
Of the TrashCan Slumps

But that doesn't mean
You lack value or worth
In fact it shows your character's scene:
A Treasure to this Earth
I call myself trash because I know I'm someone's Treasure.
German Rodriguez Oct 2020
Sabotage is one
The other carbon
Sometimes it'll ache
Others will harden
Balance is found
But destruction follows
A fool laughs
While his world crumbles
The Jester's smile
never fumbles
Yet it may be a daunting task
to finally see it's just a mask
Do you view the world through your eyes, mind, or heart?
German Rodriguez Oct 2019
Blood is thicker than water they say
Forget to mention it drowns you faster they may
But through all the discomfort and dismay
Blood is thicker than water they say

If you want to live, water is a must
Your own blood is what you should trust
Seems my family's bonds were rust
Upon which I submit it to dust

Like a stab wound with no knife
A house with no knight
Your lifeline rope, tied in a hangman's knot
At no surprise to me for all this I knew.

Love and support were always lacking
I'd watch as families shared smiles
Just to be envious to walk those miles
Instead I got a much different love......trials
German Rodriguez Oct 2019
Write, written, wrote, and rot
Speak, spoken, spoke, and draught
Life's lessons, soon forgot
Another chapter laid to thought

Chances not given
Chances taken away
Two different edges
On this sharp blade

Both cut deep into different victims
Same blood spilled,
but drip from different wrists.
German Rodriguez Jun 2019
One and Twenty-Six
Has always been haunting.
Two and Twenty-Five
Has always been daunting.

Three and Twenty-Four
Was his last year to see
Four and Twenty-Three
Will this number take me?

Five and Twenty-Two
Was his end, not mine
Six and Twenty-One
My beginning, I'm fine

Seven and Twenty
May he rest peacefully
Twenty and Seven
May he rest in Heaven.
To my Father.
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