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Sasha Raven Jan 7
SanusCoin is about the precious water,
a pearl - like the father loves his daughter ...
In the future, I will write a poem or a song,
to the SanusCoin community, I belong ...
Dennis Perini, has convinced me - to join,
you would not believe, but I love this coin!!!
There are mighty treasures in Their store,
you will love it, adore it, so much more!!!
I promote SanusCoin, it is my mission and my life,
will sign up, even my girlfriend and my future wife ...
And yes, in the SanusCoin future, I believe,
search for the treasures – and do not grieve …
Sasha Raven Jan 4
A kind soul, gave me a donation for my song
and, I was so happy, but yes, not so long ...
Ah, my life story - that donation was erased
and, with the bitter sorrow, somehow I had faced ...
The eraser, nowadays or today, is so, so rich,
that was in the year 2014, on a day - which?
The Lord teaches us, that we have to forgive!
Oh, my God, all my live I just give and give ...
In my heart and in my soul, dwell the pain,
to no one, I cannot that entertain or complain ...
So, I have decided to write this poem or the story,
hope that in the reader's eyes will reach the glory ...
Sasha Raven Nov 2018
To all the people I knew, I was more than good,
they just abused me, I am in the gloomy mood ...
One of them, was a trader with the name Randy,
I am drowning my sorrow, now, in the drink Brandy ...
He took away from me, the really, last, last money
and my Allison is saying: ''What about me, Honey?''
And yes, he does not care, if you are maybe poor,
leave you in the troubles, walking through your door ...
All what can I do, now, is praying to the Almighty Lord,
so heartless Randy, for you, I just cannot find a word ...
My BTC transaction, will be always in the Blockchain,
I hope, that you will stand, bruised and broke in the rain ...
Martin Mikelberg Feb 2018
A statement on this absurd fraudulent investment tragedy.
Aaron LaLux Dec 2017
Melting under this Plastic World,
Mickey Mouse is a rat that ate the poison,
I feel this wave coming over me,
riding the tide like I'm Poseidon,

totally sick of this circus like Icarus,
flying dangerously close to The Sun,
I'm high in a high rise on syd in Sydney,
like Midas my God what have we done,

it's as if,
everything we touches turns to gold,
invested in,
IOTA last week this week it's up 10 fold,

BitCoin hit 15k,
here we go we're on our way,
bought in out of fear of getting left out,
like a cat in the rain,

feeling like a cannibal animal,
every dog has it's day,
working to the bone like a bog,
& we all want our $ at the end of the day,

when the work’s done,
everyone's gonna wanna get paid,
feeling mixed up in the middle,
half way between a master & a slave,

what a mess we’ve made,
& I’m not blaming any particular one,
I’m just saying collectively,
this feels like the eulogy of,

a civilization that's time has come,
& is almost done,
& yeah we might lose it all,
but at least we had some fun,

& oh what fun we’ve had,
but who'll be left to clean up this mess,
because all the cool kids have gone,
& you're the only one left,

like the morning after the party,
sunrises are never the same as sunsets,
had some fun times last night,
but this morning you're such a wreck,

sometimes only at crunch time do you find,
our failures disguised as accomplishments,

now who’s left behind to pay enough mind,
to clean up our post bliss mess,
not snotty nosed spoiled rotten rich kids,
who got gassed up on daddy’s cash,
they're crashed out at their pad now,
but we both knew they wouldn't last,

passed out on dad's couch,
can always tell the future from the past,

acting like an ***,
jockeying in position,
for some corporate kick backs,

but if or when you get them,
they come along with a guilty conscience,
then tell me what good is that,
seems all these facts are just nonsense,

I mean really what good is this,
what good are all these words,
I guess these words are only worth,
whatever a words worth is really worth,

which at this point,
feels worth about as much as dirt,
but at least it's that good dirt,
that Mount Agung before it bursts,
that fertile volcanic soil,
that Mother Love from Mother Earth,


you might think you’ve got it figured out,
or at least you thought you did,
& now you see what’s coming now,
& the mess we’ve made of all this ****t,

the drama we did with no apologies,
no apologies nor compliments,
no honor for the Honor Rollers,
nor for our awkward accomplishments,

and all I want to know,
is where the Hell honest went,
'cause all these dollars & all this power,
at the end of the day amounts to zip,

no heroes,
& as it turns out,
all of our idols are weirdos,

how's we go,
from Einsteins to Weinsteins,
from talking out our feelings,
to just replying with “I'm fine.”,

from Greek Gods to Mickey Mouse,
from Orwell's Animal Farm to Animal House,
from Mozart's 'Requiem Lacrimosa',
to Baha Men's 'Who Let The Dogs Out',

how'd we get from then,
to where we are now,

& you only want to talk about the weather,
or anything else that doesn't matter,
instead of what's really on your mind,
& how it's all almost over,

talking about what's for lunch,
while the world floods & burns,
not trying to be too negative,
just trying to help you learn,

because I know you think I'm cool,
but really I feel hot as Hell,
is it just me or is it hot in here,
is it just me or does nothing feel real,

like a Barbie girl in a Barbie world,
all dolled up & wrapped in plastic,
like I'm at at Disneyland on acid,
only about an hour & a half in,
& already I'm having a bad trip,
stuck on a boat on a fake mountain,
it's a joke that they call it magic,
trying to slow as everything goes faster,

but I'm not at Disneyland,
I'm just in a high-rise on syd in Sydney,
looking at the man in the mirror like MJ,
thinking I don't know that man who is he?

MMelting under this Plastic World,
Mickey Mouse is a rat that ate the poison,
I feel this wave coming over me,
riding the tide like I'm Poseidon,
totally sick of this circus like Icarus,
flying dangerously close to The Sun,
I'm high in a high rise on syd in Sydney,
like Midas my God what have we done.

∆ LaLux ∆

from The Sydney Sessions
available for FREE worldwide 12/12/17

— The End —