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you held me close to you,
and I felt your heart beating
deep inside of your rib cage.

I closed my eyes and listened
to the rise and fall of your chest,
hearing the soft thump of
your heartbeat and imagining
that if I stayed still for long enough,
I could melt into you.

for the first time in my life,
I felt like I belonged.

you made me feel like
I belonged with you

like I belonged on this planet.

like I belonged here, right here,
secure in your arms.

I haven’t felt safe
since you let go of me.
judiemars May 7
The moon's going extra tonight
illuminating the whole sea

two hearts, one shore
different beat, same waves

silence spoke thousands of emotions

one thought came, loud and melancholic
" love, before it's too late to love at all ".
Nicole May 1
I'm helpless
I swear you hit me at a 100 miles an hour
I stoke the fire and tend the flame
Crashing, burning do it all again.
You're reckless
No mercy
I can't resist it even though I know it hurts me.
So roll the dice and play the game
I'm lost in love with no one else to blame
I'm falling down, I'm falling for you now
So catch me love before I hit the ground.
I know we have crossed the line
When your heartbeats just like mine
And all our stars align
insane Mar 1
its surprising that my heart

is being be crushed,
torn and tortured
and burnt to ashes

and it still beats ;
Jim Davis Jan 27
My heart beats... for you

©  2020 Jim Davis
Valentin Jan 5
and I feel your heartbeats
from your fingers
inside my *****
it turns me on
it makes me alive
B D Caissie Sep 2019
My dearest love why did you run from me, when my heart only raced for you.

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