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B D Caissie Sep 24
My dearest love why did you run from me, when my heart only raced for you.

Jenny Ochoa Jul 29
Your heart beat plays my favorite melody,
I love to dig my ear into your chest and hear how its calls for me!
ohh heart beat, his heart beat, my precious heart beat
I hope you will forever beat just for me!
Carmen Jane Jul 18
We don't hold hands everyday anymore,
We always used to, as we walked along
A special day was this one, felt so free
We left our sleeping babies for once
As we walked along holding hands...

Little baby cardinal that fall from its nest,
We walked by it, when your sharp eye had spot it
And your sharp mind suggested us to keep walking...
As you thought that feeble creature has no chance,
I felt your truth, but my heart had to check
I saw it's thirst and need for food,
I saw its trembling little body,
I saw its broken wing,
I saw how it had nobody
To claim its well being,
I saw the dark, creeping around,
I knew we were the only ones,
The only souls, who could even try
To have its fate turned around…
So I picked it up and gave that creature - Hope
In the palm of my hand,
I had this power all along
We hurried to find some food,
And you made a nest out of an old  shoe box,
We feed the hungry bird together,
We smiled at its first gulps,
We felt its little heartbeats,
We made sure it has enough warmth,
We've encouraged each other
We went to sleep filled of hope.
OpenWorldView May 21
wake up. wake up now.
listen. closer. can you hear?
a heart. yours. beating.
the most beautiful and comforting
sound in the world
Star BG Mar 28
Inside leaps and bounds in mind
I glide, letting breath ignite passions.
Letting vision anchor into heart.

Words drift in cells like air within brain
ready for me to catch.

With continued breath
pen is energized calling hand with grace.
Calling heartbeats to lead song.

And as pen dances like finest dancer
a poem is written.
for the roaming eye to see.
Inspired by Jim Davis. A gifted poet. Thanks
hj Jan 17
My heart is beating weirdly
It goes off-key
then it rhyms
And I'm in my hospital
Lying and thinking
If yours is singing the same chimes
Love is a tune the heart sings
Helping us through our darkest times
Heart beat after heart beat
The passion of two that collides
But sometimes I listen and wonder
If the off-key beats
are going as random as rolling dice
I wonder if they'd ever stop
If love is enough to get us through the nights
But maybe it isn't
And maybe
My love
we fault sometimes
Not necessarily the darkest sins
But maybe one of the forgiven crimes
PoetiKitty Dec 2018
Oh my love
listen to my heartbeat.
Please rest your head on my chest and listen.  

You own each and every hammering beat.
Let them cuddle you,
let them be the time hourglass of your smiles.

Let their furiously sweet thundering be yours.
Let our hearts be the glass ampoules holding the sand of time
sliding from you to me and back, forever.
Irina BBota Sep 2018
Somewhere around here, I learned to speak through silence.
Probably when our hearts loved each other truly.
Just heartbeats in the eyes, teasing and sweet replies,
in the yard of my soul now a tear started to flow.

On my cheek crystal beads are dripping stronger,
the ice inside me is melting and it has no idea
that he wants you to stay! Don't go! Wait a little longer!
Today is about Us and we're climbing up to Ave Maria.

But my heart is spreading mute unspoken words without control,
you're not here, and there's no one to listen to my thoughts
how a He and a She is melting into an amazing whole,
they want the same Tomorrow looking to each other's hearts.

So, spread seeds of dreams on my lips until morning,
and I'll taste you, breathe you, I'll be your virtuous singer
singing at the wedding of the butterflies in the stomach
and convert your black into an immaculate white in the winter.

Just lie to me nicely, tell me you're gonna love me in tears
until the white flakes of old age will begin to fall acute,
even if we are pressed by the weight of many years,
we should want more in life, not to remain mute.
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