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To take it on
To feel it rip
That constant dark
That sinking ship

It warns you well
You feel it creep
The hunger fades
And lack of sleep

The tummy flip
The ball of dread
You start to laugh
But cry instead

The Paranoia
Oh it *****!
The kids annoy ya
Way too much

The tide ebbs in
Surrounds you whole
You start to swim
Instead you roll

It swallows you
You flail and choke
you're thinking gosh
Is this a joke?

But life goes on
You learn to swim
You find the strength
From deep within

And live to fight
Another day
To sink, or swim
Who's to say?........
A work of fact, and a dedication to all the strong souls out there fighting to stay afloat
(c) 2019
CLARYT Dec 2018
There's a place I can go, to escape all the fear,
Where I'm free to be me, and can cry floods of tears,
It's a place in my mind that's a beautiful room,
It defends me in times of the terrible gloom..

I just stumbled across it one terrible day,
When I needed to end it all,and drift away,
I was making a plan, which would end everything,
When this voice, out of nowhere, made my ears ring..

And a film roll of pictures and sounds it would give,
Some of young, some of old, they inspired me to live,
So i listened and cried a lot, feeling it so,
And decided to store it all, wanting to know..

So I nurtured and kept it all deep in my head,
And I labelled that room of glee "For times of Dread",
So of course when the gloom takes hold, I knock three times,
And I'm welcomed with love, so inside I climb..

And a shower of images, sounds and such love,
Keeps me safe and alive, and it fits like a glove,
Scenes of happiness, wonder and sweet sanctuary,
Are all tucked up inside, for when I lose......the real me.....
A place I built inside my head, filled with images of things and people who would miss me, should I fall too far from the path of normal and do something irreversible...... (C) 2018
CLARYT Nov 2018
Peering roung a corner
Ever searching for the one,
But not of love or glory
But a knife, a dart, a gun..

Looking for the culprit
Ever on your tender hooks,
Unravelling a story
In your head, regarding looks..

Paranoia deepens
With each  day you do without,
You've thrown away your meds now
So you start to prance about..

People see your moods change
And they act accordingly,
The intervention starts now
How you wish that you could flee..

Back to taking meds now
As you promised everyone,
The cage is built around you
Until next you try to run..

A work of fiction...ish
(C) 2018
A brief recap of an attempt at shedding meds in search of some real feelings....
CLARYT Nov 2018
Arriving there is always sweet,
Embracing you our lost mouths meet,
Our journies always fun and wild,
I long for you just like a child.

You treat me with such love and grace,
I love your heart, I love your face,
I feel so safe when I'm with you,
You hold me tight the whole night through.

You reassure me when I'm down,
You fool around, and act the clown,
You sense I'm down before I do,
And spring to life to pull me through.

But comes the time that I must go,
My heart feals heavy, weary so,
I cling to you and cry my tears,
You kiss them gone and wipe them clear.

The passing days bleed into weeks,
My empty bed is cold and bleek,
The wait for you seems endless at times,
I manage It by making rhymes.

I yearn for when we next entwine,
And I can briefly make you mine,
I vow to make this permanent,
And try to make you more content.

But until then, this endless wait,
Is necessary, it's our fate,
But one day we will be as one,
I promise love, to you I run.....

For you Rob x
A work of fact (c) 2018
CLARYT Sep 2018
"There she is, the freak" they say,
Their constant judgement, every day,
The taunts and fear with equal measure,
They'd burn me out for sure, with pleasure.

Children pointing in the street,
Adults never want to meet,
Fairytales of warts and bats,
Do not help me, that's a fact.

Love and kindness is my game,
Casting spells without the fame,
Those who make their bad views felt,
Are also those who ask for help.

With all my good intentions I,
Will ask the earth, the moon the sky,
These people's lives to be enhanced,
I say the words, and sway the dance.

I never ask for me or mine,
I leave it up to the divine,
I never spite, or grudge or hate,
As Karma couples hands with fate.

So all I ask from everyone,
Is stop your kin from poking fun,
But my belief is to forgive,
And always live, and let live....
It's unpleasant when I can't walk down the street without children pointing at the "Witch". Fuelled by the adults who plant such ******* in their heads....
CLARYT Sep 2018
The leaves are red and brown and rust,
The days are drawing in as well,
The colours of the sky do change,
And mighty rain clouds tend to swell.

When fluffy socks replace bare legs,
And cashmere sweaters reappear,
And loved one snuggling starts again,
Regrowing your hair, down to here.

The crackling embers on the fire,
The chick flick movies watched, again,
Hot chocolate, laced with something strong,
Comfort listening to the rain.

When bedtime starts to sound so good,
And spooning makes a welcome comeback,
Making love til way past noon,
And dried up twigs begin to *****.

The beauty that is Autumn time,
My favourite time of year,
Some people greet it with such gloom,
I greet it with much cheer.....
Being a witch, I just love the time when the season of the witch approaches, leading up to Samhain, the witches new year... All the beautiful colour changes and surreal purplisms in the sky, magickal
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