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Sweet nothings she spoke,
He hung on her every word ;
Desperate to know
The truth she told.
Never before had language
Sounded so beautiful,
As the spell
She cast on him.
His enchantress
She charmed him
He was captivated.
  Oct 11 CLARYT
Jeff Stirrat
Let’s dance in the moonlight
Love under the stars
Sleep in the daylight
And never shall we part
I felt you kiss me,
But alas love,
It was just a dream.

(c) [email protected] 6/11/2019
I felt the warm touch
Of your breath on my skin
The goosebumps gave way to
Swollen wanton lust
We wrapped ourselves around each other
And gladly obeyed what nature desired from us
A loud noise stole me from my sleep
No! Just a dream.. Again.
Always, just a dream

(c) [email protected] 6/11/2019
When one longs for that one true love, all one can do is dream
  Oct 6 CLARYT
Jeff Stirrat
Time slips by me slow
As I ponder.
bright yellow daisies become
Sundials standing gnomonicaly in a lush green carpet of grass.
A warm breeze from southern shores tickles lightly at the flora.
My senses on edge,
I see smell taste hear this new Life yet still I await its touch
  Oct 6 CLARYT
Jeff Stirrat
Twisted gnarled limbs
Recumbent against the gentle breeze
Lichen sways like dried out beard
Cushions of luxurious moss lay
Dotted along it’s south side...
A natural compass
Death grips this arbor’s core
Yet life still clings to it
Fungi and insect alike
Call it home
  Oct 5 CLARYT
Jeff Stirrat
On the rugged windswept shores
Of my imagination
All appears good,
But underneath the ebb & flow of joy
Turns a troubled maelstrom.
Threatening to pull me under
Back into it’s all consuming depths
Back to clawing normality
Back to the realisation that solitude
and loneliness are my kingdom
I rule over a barren land ... emptiness
My realm ,my reality void
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