the ruder the president
the smaller the nation

the open pursuit of flagrant violations
of international regulations
inevitably results
in not so splendid isolation

making america so small again
that it is afraid of a few thousand refugees
and asylumseekers hoping for jobs
and a life unthreatened by crime and politics
the night in which
the dead come alive for a while

only to be frightened
right back into their graves
by the horrible masked spectacles
of the living
Old one - slightly modified for the occasion ...
a few thousand migrants
from run-down middle American nations
join together for a march
to reach the US border
and apply for immigrant visas

the tiny president
of the great United States
sends out the army to protect
the nation of 350 million
from this terrible threat

the master of fake
playing his power games
on the back of the most needy
there once was a gulyas-blonde assident
who posed as a white house full resident
his deplorable style
proved him an imbecile
disgruntling quite a few global residents
gulyas - a rich meat stew highly seasoned with paprika
goulash, Hungarian goulash
there still is a president  named Trump
who starts every day with a bump
he storms the fake media
and blames Wikipedia
for rating him below Forrest Gump
  Oct 21 Walter W Hoelbling
You kissed me
And i kissed back
But we shouldn’t have
We were friends
Now we’re nothing
I ruined everything
To end up haunted by a kiss
I imagine that I long
For her touches,
I miss the smell of her hair.
I'm lonely without her.

My friends tell me it will
Be ok,
And I try to surround myself
With their support,
But sometimes I just want to be

I suppose I'm lonely because I
Miss some one that I love.
  I guess I'm only alone
When I choose to be.

I'd rather be lonely than alone.
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