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i look to the night sky
for answers
i am so far removed
from where i stand
detached from this time and place
i don't belong
i send a thought
a message
to anyone that may be passing by this galaxy
on their way home
take me with you
seen lots of moving things in the skies lately
Mr. Trump,
supposedly president of the United States
with three milllion fewer votes than your opponent
thanks to the GOP-rigged electoral colleges

after your speech
at the General Assembly of the United Nations
     for which you apparently
     had a better ghostwriter than usual
     and stuck to the script

I have had it, nevertheless!

you refuse to honor
international agreements
from the Iran nuclear deal
to the international postal service agreement

your sanctions create even more misery
in the countries from which
the refugees at the U.S. southern border
come to escape the terror at home

you destroy long-term international agreements
shouting „America first“
destabilizing politics and the global economy
and long-term alliances

      just to demonstrate
      that you can do it
      because you are now
      the president

not even to mention
all the silly an detrimental orders
you issue at home
to lift climate regulations
     or  pollution laws
     or the protection of national parks
      etc. etc.

I have had it!

with your erratic agenda
your great alien friends
    Putin  Duterte  Modi Erdogan
    and the Saudi Princes, etc. etc.
who help you win your elections

I live in a small country
at the heart of Europe
and I sincerely resent
     to suffer
from your *******-up version
of nationalist identity politics

so I suggest
YOU go home
where you
     and your ancestors
      came from

and I sincerely hope
that the German immigration officers
will act according to the rules
your ICE applies
to the refugees from
Middle America
emojis we send
assuming images say more
than our words
make our feelings visual

they say
a picture says more
than a thousand words

yet often
inspire pictures
words pictures emojis
it is a lovely sunny summer day
and yet the atmosphere feels different

as if a chilling haze had cast a net
over the luscious green of nature
darkened the pond‘s bright sparkles
made flowers droop their faces to the ground
trees sway their branches somberly
people look strangely serious

I guess it is the news that reaches us
along the ether waves
feeds our mobile phones  tvs  and radios
all about deaths  corruption  wannabe dictators
catastrophies  lack of support

no wonder the views of our world
are rather solemn
even on the brightest days
at times I wonder
how to make best use of them

not sleep too long
so you don‘t find
your mornings are too short

structure your time
try not to get distracted
     too much by the morning news
     on mobile  TV  or pc

shop economically
    every third day   or so

remember your morning exercise
     your pills  your grocery list
     your medical appointments
     your telephone calls
     your social appointments
     & cetera

all that effort surely deserves  
a day on which I just sleep in
do none of the above
let gladly pass the day in all its glory

simply enjoy
an evening after no work well done
when we start our day
how it might end

whether we'll see
our loved ones again
after we say goodbye to them
in the morning

wheter the world
will kerp on turning
as we know it

we do not know

yet we asssume

a world built on asumptions
is the only one
we have
it seems that Trump  Johnson  and Putin
are not really free of that gluten
which  though it be healthy
tastes only for the wealthy
like something not to dispute on
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