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Lydeen 3d
I can wake up in the morning
And be okay.

And not just... Okay....

OCD is still an

The self loathing
Is still here,

But I'm really okay.
I work a 9-6 job,
Sleep regular

Talk to boys,
Argue and talk back,
Get tired

My problems aren't gone.
They're still
Very much present

I'm dealing with them,
Lydeen May 14
Sic itur ad astra,
Thus to the stars I will journey,
In times of grief and loss,
Through stars and galaxies,
In the fleeting warmth of the sun,
Sic itur ad astra.
Lydeen May 14
Sic Itur Ad Astra.
Assim para as estrelas eu viajarei,
Em tempos de luto e perda,
Através das estrelas e galáxias,
Ao calor fugaz do sol,
Sic itur ad astra.
Lydeen Apr 24
False words and false imagery,

Acting as if you know emotions more initmately than others.

Then you go on to describe the struggle,

Life, money, your horrible childhood,

As if you're as special as a wheat penny.

I have five.

Or, consider slam poetry.

Angry people yelling into a microphone,

Young adults in black snapping their agreement.

You sound like ***** (click, click, click).

Poets are like the people who use herbal deoderant.

They stink and nobody likes them.

I'll tell you something,

You have no more meaning or depth,

Than the glue stick I stuck to the underside of a lab table in 8th grade.

(mic drop)
It's not my intention to offend people, but we all know somebody, or the people like this, and if you don't, you're the person.
Lydeen Feb 16
Maybe I hurt myself...

To keep myself from hurting you...

With the thoughts begging to become actions...
It's been a rough week
Lydeen Feb 16
I wonder what would happen,
If more people knew about how not cute OCD is.

If they knew about intrusive thoughts,
Thinking about killing yourself-

Throwing yourself in front of an amusement park ride,
Closing your eyes and walking into the street.

Stuck picking at your brain,
Ruining your day.

What would happen if...?
And knowing you shouldn't but REALLY want to.

It's not cute,
Ocd hits differently when you have the obsessive and compulsive parts.... Thoughts become enemies tbh. It gets stuck- nagging. Rip.
  Feb 8 Lydeen
Iggy Chuck
I said goodbye 
but keep looking for your soul
in other bodies.

I said “never again”
and here I am
still writing about you.
unsent love letter to a reckless lover
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