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MeanAileen Oct 2017
And still...
I'd hand you my heart
on a silver platter
for you to throw at the wall
just to watch it shatter
I'm so f'n weak when it comes to him...
King Panda Mar 2016
I laid an anemone
on the mask of a crying girl
the young mother
the crouching woman
I am beautiful
says the sirens
says the ever-youthful vegetation
of God

I mixed my blood and nectar
on the mask of a dying man
the decay of kiss
the resurrection
I am beautiful
says the anemone
says Adonis in his grave

I burned their leaf-stems
on the mask of an artist
the eternal springtime
the life-death-rebirth deity
I am beautiful
says the martyr
says girl as she wakes
to the sirens

I am beautiful
says the head on the platter
I am beautiful

and the woman descends
the bronze invading
the bronze high-handed
the bronze opening
to the gates of hell
In my Thirty-Fifth Year I juiced this Remark
The Crisque-Plaque Hotel named after a Tree
Sturdy, of Signage enhance the Grade's Bark
Wishing all else their Best Service was Free
If not the Years to Good Degree advance:
Fruits, Pasta, Meat, Veggies and Japanese
Mix the fricasee to match that of France
And serve it on a Platter, if you please
Only if the Staff were shy; But informed
How noted the needs of their Clients were
One Gesture made, took the Meaning lost cause
Pour some polished Suggestions done on here.
Thirty-Five Candles blown, all without Flame
It was still my Best Day; All just the same.
Genevieve Feb 2018
please do not serve me **** pie on a silver platter!
oh, your unfamiliar with this type of pie?!! it is the kind
that is hot & fresh with buried lies and deceits colored scented to seem sweet.

Please, I do ask that you not serve this dish to me!
I see through and know there are many many layers
covering the other so I tell you do not serve to me
             **** pie on a silver platter!!          
Just be straightforward
then we are good and clear as long as you are a truth
teller you will have nothing to bury or hide baked
        into quadruple **** layered sphincter pie so keep it straight
        and girls won't hate but we will test and figure things,
        So go with caution just as long as
we don't sniff a whiff
       being served to us by you via silver splat
oh oops, that was your face oh-oh.
SorryNotSorry bout that!
Often the circles have been created by you
it just takes acknowledging their attitude
had been placed there by actions
or lies you choose to color and justify
CK Baker Mar 27
Let’s **** through the issues
hash things out
zig-zag our way
to the carryout!

Powder some pozy
spark the butane
a platter of cookies
with sweet Mary Jane!
Nikki Nikos Jun 20
“Not pretty enough, not smart enough,
not athletic enough,not talented enough…..”
repeated in my mind
like a broken record.
because that’s all you have left to do.
“Fake it till you make it…”
as they always say
but every time someone passes by
a smile always comes across.

“how can you be so happy?”
truth: i don’t know.
I smile because i can’t seem to frown,
I laugh because it’s better than crying,

I talk too much
I smile too much,
I laugh too much
I eat too much candy.

Those are other imperfections

What else, what else
to list ,to say, to explain...

I am a picky eater.
I bite my nails when i get nervous.
I try too hard to do well.
I try to please everyone.
and it’s never enough.
I talk too fast.

I laugh in the worst scenarios,
I challenge myself to impress my parents
I try so hard to be a good person,
but to no avail.

what do i receive in the end for being smart?
“Can you help me with the homework?”
fake love
fake friends
why do you all talk to me?
Just because i’m smart,
Just because i get the “good grades” everyone dies for?,

but when i need someone to hear me ,
even if it’s for something stupid, you all ignore.
You all  pretend to listen,
but  Here i am.
with the monster that eats inside me
every day,
people saying
I have it easy,
but i feel

Who to turn , who to talk, what to do?
I am running
The “Friends” won’t care
The journal won’t comfort me,
the ‘rents will criticize
and say i’m overthinking it…
or send me to the nearest doctor
“fix me up”

when i walk everyday and see people smile,
i can’t help, but think
“are they really smiling because they want to,
or because they HAVE to?”

Everyone admires my “cheerfulness”
and I know that behind
many of those stares,
there’s envy,
and I wonder why ?

I'm smart, but what comfort does that provide?
Last time i checked….
It never did.
Who am i?

one day the smile won’t be a smile.
The positivity will turn to negativity,
the friendliness will turn to antisocialness.
The sweetness, will become to sourness
everything will disappear.

I will wilt
like the roses bit by the cold,
doomed to turn into a shriveled, shrunk piece of a dead flower
Once beautiful, but now forever

I am always dreaming,
for the unreachable
I wish i was talented,
I wish i was athletic,
I wish i could get my life in order,
I wish i was super rich
That all it’ll ever be

The relevance in
these two topics
is crazy
they definitely don’t match,
but yet it does
it somehow reaches a tangent.
I don’t even know…
I guess somewhere my mind
will be like bling and
I'll remember the relevance,
but for now, we’ll keep it to the following…

I am not supermodel skinny.
I am terrible at math.
I don't  have perfect vision,
glittering white teeth,
perfect feet,
or athletic ability,
or the perfect mindset.
I am smart.
I smile a lot and laugh a lot.
I will continue to strive to do better.
To smile even if i feel like crying
to accept
that I am a mess on some days
I will find the solution.
To me,
my life
and the world around me.

For now though,
I am the beautiful, crooked
bubbly girl
with some optimism and enthusiasm left
with a broken mind,
a broken heart that keeps loving and beating
and that will continue to beat-
For those better days.
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
I got my philosophies ready to go
And all I want is for you to know
Let me tell you what's wrong with you
And why you need to change the things you do

What is that you've got in your mouth?
I thought we left those ideals in the south
A perfect platter tastes so natural
And perfect laughter sounds so beautiful

I'll meet you in uptown, baby
The place downtown goes crazy

You made a joke without warning me
You need to know that you offended me
I hope you're happy, you Neanderthal
Hopped up on commercialism and Adderall  

Do you wanna know what my talent is?
It's telling you how the end begins
I'm not a prophet, I don't believe in one
But you're gonna pray to me when I'm done
Alexander Oct 2018
I ripped my heart out
And put it on your silver platter
And all you can say is
“ I’ll text you later .”
I guess this is how heartbreak goes for some people.
Chris Apr 2013
Divinely I dream

Benignly I live

Sublimely I gleam

Shyly I give

My heart on a platter

Begging to flatter

A people to whom

I do not matter
zebra Feb 20
scarlet haught
queen of mirth
dog ****
drooling jewelry red splits
pulled by a chariot  
of six hundred million house cats
dissembling for freaky insertions
of scarlet bud flowers uterine tube

breath of spit
while ballet toes kiss fingers and tongues
glazing thickly tides sweat
bamming greased ****

Christ *****
"once upon a never more"
bi-sexed up
**** twitch glistening holes
drizzle fish
in red tents overturned
for fabulous *******
and angelic *****'s
flirty dance the come **** me  

her throat a never ending squealed gullet
sublime Madonna of Oor
bare thighed and pulpy spread
scissor strokes and stride
wagging tongue for rosy oleo sticks
and **** pastry rectums pulled tight
in lop sided temples of split flesh

another ambulance to the emergency **** ward
in a dreamland of leggy nurses

sacred fig of Freyja
Goddess to **** toys
and pretty pretty who go that way
hocus opus poke and stir
freckle face **** mouth
a lapping menagerie

i gird my ***** and follow her
into a cologned room; of dark rim box butter
***** yelping for
a slow grind in a belly of clams

red and velvet pageant
she nests in the heart
a midwife disturbia
to pregnant lust
being pushed down and worked up
till loosened in thick ****
and black whip afterbirth
like flowers of curves and blood

her banquet; a platter of wet orifice
trilling vibratos ******
and anxious kisses crawling through her mouth
like fallen angels flying
dire sister of knock out *******
pleading goth nuns for lesbian heated
Satan loving veiled Christian crotch
and a thousand delicious gaped
******* **** poundings
and mouth ***** **** plunge

crucifix of wrack and *****
****** and beaten senseless
instructions from the  book of night
of **** and spite
written by
Abrahams primitive nations
arms of the cross she is nailed to
sweet ***** waifs beaten dead
in a tillage of brokenness

mans club
shore of incinerated witches and tortured justice
shut up when your talkin to me
clan of honor
duo troupe
almanac of hell
chichee Nov 2018
We used to take turns tearing down
each other's defences
like the last Christmas present or
an exit in a building fire
And when there was nothing
useful about our bodies except how
they fit against each other.

There are soldiers that don't deteriorate facing
bombshells and fire-grenades but
birthday parties and Saturday nights by the telly.
We could be two of them

Remember how you got when you
just needed something to
I was your push-pin doll.
Like how children
gouge the button-eyes and rip
the stuffing out of their teddy bears
(but still fall asleep holding them closer than
their absentee parents)

The truth is once,
I would have worn your bruises like
a necklace.

These days, I offer my heart up
on a platter and you don't even want
to spit on it.

All I can do now is will
my fingers to write poetry,
too cowardly
to even pick up the
Some people love better falling apart.
Pitter patter my tear drops fall,
Pitter patter my heart shatters,
Pitter patter,
he put my heart on a platter,
what was I thinking,
a dreary day,
fogs up my mind,
the ashes of my burning heart,
leave me blind,
blind was I..
Blade Maiden Sep 2018

I want
my heart on a platter
so I can see the ins and outs
Want the act to matter
See it mirrored, my mouth, it shouts

Feels like
standing in front of the mic
singing of losing track of time
remembering this certain chime

Means I
don't really know how to defy
feeling lost in the rubble
of uncertainties and trouble

I hide
behind buckets full of the tide
I filled when the ocean didn't look
all I could see I took

I keep
time in a place safe and deep
live inside a moonlit jar
an ocean filled reservoir
read my own memoir
and said au revoir
zumee Feb 7
To makends meet
Spends his nights
serving metaphors on a silver platter
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
chrissy who Jul 2013
I never knew
How love could be.
How it could catch you off guard
And wrap you in a sense of security.
Like waking up in the middle of the night
And realizing she’s still next to you
And in her sleep she sensed your distress
And curled into your arms.
How it could hit you so suddenly
Like looking around at the world one day
And realizing you want to hand it to her
On a silver platter.
How it can make you feel like you belong somewhere
Even with all your flaws and crooked edges
Like a puzzle piece that finally found its mate.

I never knew
My missing piece would look so different.
So different from what I predicted.
So different from my puzzle.

I never knew.
But I suppose that’s the beauty of it.
I’m certainly not complaining.

Love hits me with everything she does.
Love hits me every time she breathes.
Every time I wake up next to her
And want nothing more than to kiss her shoulders for the rest of my days.
Every time I want nothing more than to kiss her for the rest of my days.
Every time we fight.
Every time we sit next to each other doing nothing more than reading.
Every time we’re both too stubborn to admit we’re both wrong.
Every time I’m drunk.
Every time I’m alone.
Every time I breathe
And my heart aches with every inhale
And every exhale
Because there’s a set of stitches
Where she walked in and took a piece of my heart
And replaced it with a piece of her own.
And that space is more sensitive when she’s gone.
It feels twice the pain of her absence.
And hers.

I never knew
How love could be.
But I sure like learning new things.
KiraLili Aug 2016
Growing up we all sat down to dinner at our spots with one plate each.
Traditional times and meals
Heavy on the gravy and potatoes
Even at restaurants we sat in the same spots
As I travelled and saw more cultures and places
I began to experience shared plate dining
Sitting on floors surrounded by curries
At picnic tables loaded with corn and craw daddies
Pots of paella on Spainish verandas
Or mussels in seawater on the beach
Grilled coiled bratwursts with beer on long tables
There is communion to these meals leads to more open dialogue
The food in front of you isn't yours it's everyone's
You don't posses the food but share in all
You become so mindful of the expierenc since all are doing it together
Conversations begin first on all the flavours
Then spiral eccleticly and naturally
The mundane act of sustenance becomes an expierence shared
One remembers more of all this way
Stiff is the nature of  the dining table meals , even ones words and posture
But a shared platter or *** or plate is laid open for all and we open up
To pass a loaf or Naan and break off pieces while wine is poured into cups not glasses
Brings all closer and frees us from the walls we *****
Personal space limitations are gone as all interact
No divisive boundaries or ones same spot
The meal truly brings all together and closer
More relaxed , flavours are truly enjoyed and committed deeper to ones memory
You are not there just to eat
Shared Meals
Nigdaw Jul 28
Removed from paper inner sleeve
shiny black disc
catching light, rainbows across the groove
carefully placed on turntable's
spinning platter
to keep finger marks at bay
spinning, 33 1/3
snap, crackle, pop
the needle takes flight
leading in to
the rumble of bass
crash of high hat
singer's lyrical weavings
a density of sound
the smell of vinyl
a whiff of aging cardboard sleeve
artwork fit for a gallery
Daniela Dec 2018
I stare at my blank notebook trying to put down the things my heart feels, only to realize I can't. This sadness,disappointment.. where and how do I begin?

My best moments were with you,always. How I wish we were there again. The flashbacks come and go like fireworks in the night. Ones when I was in your car looking up at the sky to look at birds. The one of us in the darkness of the night looking at the sea and stars...

To think I loved you for everything you were;for everything you are...
I became you in those days. I absorbed you like the rays from the sun. I lost myself to you,to be everything you needed. I was your shadow.
And like the shadow I stayed behind.

But seeing you slowly back away from me broke my heart to pieces. All the while I told myself I was okay, that I knew all along.
That it was too good to be true.
Frustrated I cursed at the wind and hoped that you somehow heard me. That you would feel what I feel. That you knew what true love looked like.

I see it clearly that you never deserved me.
Never loved me.
Never saw the real me.
You will NEVER see the adoration I had for you. And how I would've gave you the world on a platter in exchange for your sincerest love and affection.
And now you will not see nor hear from me again. Exactly like the way it was in the beginning.
Nadia Aug 9
I hope you enjoy
My heart served on that platter
Take a slice or a few
It doesn’t matter
Add a topping, maybe two
Do what you need to do
I don’t mind
As long as you don't
Leave any crumbs behind

NCL August 2019
Joseph Flores Jan 2018
Memories sweet ~
Salty dreams ~
Aqua-quixotic mind.
The last frontier ~

Girls Gone Crazy.
'In Surf I Trust.'
Beach or bust.

Abalone divers.
Seaside gusts.
Creamy skies ~
Blood-orange dusk.

Ocean perch.
Cliffside diving.
Crab claw, snap!
Child crying.

Nets ascending.
Fish school scatter.
Skipjacks dance.
Whale spray splatters.

Back bay blues ~
Cool to settle...
Boats return to quall.
Couples trek ~
Beyond the dunes.
Where love ~
Is known to fall.

Lights to glow ~
Dim to shining.
Rides and music ~
Boardwalk rising.
Dipped and Battered.
Fresh fish fryin'.

Flashing neon ~
Midway prattle.
"Step right up!"
Ring a bottle.
Toss a dime.
"Winner, winner"
Every time!

At once and sudden.
Of my glimpse.
Soft-serve skin.
Perky sized.
Corduroy curls.
Topaz eyes.

Monokini ~
Thread bare brief.
Sheer to cover ~
Her coral reef.

Of my ask ~
To my surprise.
Gently scribed.

Forelock flipped ~
Savory smile ~
Lips goodbye.
A kiss implied.

Boardwalk bevy  ~
Slow to nape.
Forth to wander ~
Foggy mist.
Lunar tide.
Surf and sand ~
All collide

Off the beaten ~
Of my stride.
Drunks and loafers '
On each side.

Late night Croaker's.
Spent syringes.
Midnight tokers.

Spiny docks  ~
Cast slanted shadows.
Tiny shanty ~
On the shallows. 

Mild fire,
Tiny dancers ~
Cheap wine fest ~
Marijuana pow-wow ~
Wasted luau ~

I've gots to go.

Back to camp.
Surfside fox-hole.
Jacques Cousteau

Sandy hollow ~
Tide in tow.
Pop tent clears ~
It's ebb and flow.

Underneath ~
A starshine drape ~
Edge of sleep.
Wide awake.
Unseen struggle.
No escape..

Dark abyss ~
Midnight still.
Blue Whale calf ~
Bloodlet trill.

Orcas make the ****

Eerie silence ~
Beyond the reef.
Mist and mizzle.
Much to sleep.
Roaring waves ~
Crash the beach.

Stretched a long ~
Sand and daft.
Dawn slowly cracks ~  
At the aft.

Pastel egg ~
In the sky.
Sunny side up ~
The morning rise.

Inspired sight ~
Dawn shine lends.
California coast ~
Never ends.

Sandy ribbons ~
Beach belt bends ~
Emerald coast ~
Santa Ana winds. ~

Wind swept sparkles ~
Main sails sway.
Catamarans ~
Balboa Bay.

Health nuts  ~
Spandex ~
Own the morn.
Cyclists. Runners.
Life reborn.

Bleach blond beatniks ~
Chap-Stick chicks.
Surfers paddle ~
Waves to pick.

Jack not nimble ~
Jack not quick.
Jack wipes-out!

Quilt-patch slum ~
Checkered lots do fill.
A teenage infested ~

Hawaiian Tropics
Silver Oxide
Pubescent hormones ~.
Flourish topside

Bohemian families ~
Converge on beach.
Along the Rocky jetty.
Mothers chase ~
Big straw hats ~
Rolling off the windy.

Lunchtime snack ~
Seagulls gather.
Gap-toothed kid.
Defends his platter.
Relentless gull wing ~
Pitter patter.

His dukes held up.
He stands to fight.
As the bird gawks aloud ~
He flees in startled flight.

Noontide high ~
Chaise lounge cozy ~
Calls my name.
On the dozy.

Sleeping. Headache.
Spittle drooling.
I wake to wonder ~
Was I dreaming?

My summer daze!

Saw a paper ~
Tossed of mine.
As unfolded read:

My summer days!
I sit back on the computer,
Browsing through the pages of those I grew up with
Those people who thought they knew everything about me
I sit back and see what they’ve made of themselves

This girl is single, living alone with her four cats
This other girl now has two kids, unmarried and no degree
This girl is engaged to her high school sweetheart, yet they don’t look happy
This other couple broke up, wait they’re back together, nope spoke too soon
This guy is working at the local supermarket, never went to college after his arrest
This guy gained a few pounds, no longer the star athlete
This guy dropped off the map

See being the quiet girl, I learned secrets
I knew the deepest secrets of every single one of these people
Because while they sat in the back of the room chattering on about their so called problems
I was sitting in the front,


This girl had two boyfriends, and even more flings
This girl slept with four guys in one night
This girl’s boyfriend cheated on her, over and over again
This couple would sneak off in between classes, during lunch, or school assemblies
This guy was the trophy child, who gave away free drugs to his friends hidden inside pens
This guy was the quarterback; everything handed to him on a golden platter
This guy was the school stud who was hiding a relationship with his boyfriend by sleeping with every girl he could

Back then I listened because I wanted to feel apart of something bigger
I wanted to be one of them,
I wanted to be invited to all those weekend bashes
I wanted to be the girl people felt awed by, inspired by, idolized
I wanted to be part of the “in” crowd

So I stood there, day after day
As they teased me
Berated me
Shattered my confidence
Tearing apart everything I was
Telling me I would never amount to anything
Telling me I was fat, ugly, stupid
That I unworthy of love
Telling me…




Let them tell me that today
I see everything of what they have become
Those people I wanted to be are no longer there
Their confidence shattered by reality

The best days of their life ended the day they left high school

Mine on the other hand are just beginning
I am the girl who is wanted
I’m the girl who can go wild
I’m the girl who can be passionate
I’m the girl who is adventurous
I’m the girl who brings pride
I’m the girl who is the athlete
I'm the girl who travels the world
I’m the girl who is unashamed of who I am

Because by pushing me out
My oppressors gave me everything I needed
The strength to try
The courage to dream
The ability to think
The confidence to be unique
Independence to thrive
But more than anything
My oppressors gave me desire

Desire to be more than they believed I could be
JaxSpade Oct 2018
The black little letters
Fall off the black block of a word grater
Inbetween the holes
Are the slices of the ink splattered
They pile on a plates platter
And a story forms the matter
Food for a face fatter
A paragraph buffet scattered
Have a seat and flll with laughter
It's a recipe for actors
Each scene a new chapter
Stirring in the plots factors
Little black letters
Walk across a books chedder
And you'll remember not to forget her
All her words rendered
Cooking in warmths splendor
Each page read was a new ember
Igniting the next pages paper
Fire in an authors blender
A purree of black letters
Drinks a tall glass of readers
Mouth breathers fill theaters
And spend millions to see her
Little black letters
Falling of the scripts
And entering gutters
They drain into alphabet ocean
And wait for a new arranged stoich
He dont know it but these
Words will find their way into the poet
And on this page I show it
Next page