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Thomas Steyer Jul 2021
When we see what some people are dishing out,
we know what Bertrand Russell was talking about:
"The stupid are cocksure, the intelligent full of doubt."

When you meet someone who thinks he's clever,
but seems much too confident in his endeavour,
and talks to you non stop and forever and ever.

When he acts like a prophet defying convention,
never admitting a lack of comprehension,
promptly has a cure for everything you mention.

When he hands out his advice on a silver platter
convincing you that his opinions matter,
you can be certain, he's as mad as a hatter.
There are people trying to convince you that the world is flat.
Russell Osiemo Sep 2019
Done with fake friends
Acting as if the game care
They put us in lifelong dreams
Yet they dumb us when exhausted
Pushing us into dungeons to silence us
I’m done with being used-
Like I’m used to being used
Life has its way I guess I’ll die before I get a friend for me
A friend to hold onto my stupid self
Russell Osiemo Sep 2019
My memories are jolted by you,
They come back in the form of someone else,
I know the feelings are weird but I can’t stop
Russell Osiemo Sep 2019
Death come my way,
Show me how you choose your next victim
Or should I say visit ,
for you do it over and over,
Show me how you view life ,
As a friend or as an enemy,
Show me how you view this world,
Do you envy lovers,
Do you envy the successful,
Or is it space you create for others to grow,
Tell me why people fear you,
Tell me why you never warn,

Or maybe I should say why do you disturb most of the people I meet
Why do you have to disturb their minds,
Why knock at a young age,
Why look for fame,
While everyone knows how powerful you are,
Why take the beautiful while you can’t marry them,
Why take the productive while you can’t make them work,
Why take the loyal while you can’t make them loyal,

Why give them suicidal thoughts while you know we need them,
Why give them stressful mind while you we need them make us happy ,
Why give them evil thoughts while you know even no credit comes to you

Or I’m I asking the wrong person,
Or I’m I asking the wrong question,
Or I’m I asking for the wrong people,
Please leave my people alone,
Let them love me,
Let them be loyal to me,
Let them put their energy on me,
Let them think of a future with me,
Let them go
Russell Osiemo Sep 2019
You feel it,
I feel it too,the sun is fading away,
The rains come down but never hit our foreheads,
The wind is the only one left ,but it’s more stronger than it was,
The learned say that the earth is moving more slowly,
The righteous say that the end is coming,
The old say that their time is coming,
But what about us? There is always tomorrow,more drinks,more fun,more blasphemy,
Those in their own worlds plan to build a new world on mars,
Those with power pass bills legalizing the illegal,
But here we are following them like loyal dogs,
Letting men be gay like bonobo monkeys,and still see themselves normal
I wasn’t speak of the women but it doesn’t mean they are right
They bleach to look like these people yet the babies tell it all
Children doing what the aged even can’t yet they say times do change ,
What about the blacks ?still trying to cling like an ant in a fast-flowing water to their principals but for how long,
Will I marry a woman or will I choose a man,
Will I be faithful or will I look for the virus,
Will I pray or will I go astray,
Will I work or will I worship to get money,
Will I .........………
Questions about what I will do,
I’m here for the true AFRICAN MAN
I’m here for the true AFRICAN WOMEN
We fight for our principal
That’s why am looking for a woman to love me without any western influences on money,
I’m here for an African job, principal for the western culture has failed to hide their vices
Russell Osiemo Sep 2019
I feel like I should write today,
But I lack my confidence ,not that I’m shy,
But because you never believe in me,
Never even gave me a pen or a paper,
Never gave me a chance to pour my feelings,saying that poets are weak,

And I will write,
Of how sad it is to live as a poet,
Of how it is hard for a poet to express himself through his tongue,
Of how it is hard for a poet to relate with others through his mouth,
Of how a poet has to suffer in silence just because of his courage,
Of how a poet lacks the love of a spouse because no one loves to read,

Or maybe I should write
Of how HUMANS despise poets, saying that they are weak,
Of how HUMANS hate poets,saying that poets only see the dark side,
Of how HUMANS pessimistically criticize poets ,saying that poets lack emotion
Of how HUMANS dump poets,saying that poets carry bad omen
Of how HUMANS misuse poets,saying the world is for the strong

Or maybe I should write about me,
Of how being a poet can make you feel as an OUTCAST,
Of how being a poet can make you lack friends because you are a lone walker,
Of how being a poet can push you to die with loneliness inside,

Or maybe I should have never written

Russell Osiemo Sep 2019
It’s nighttime again,
I can see the million stars far away ,
They remind me of someone,
Or should I say of some lost soul,
Just as the stars are beautiful is that soul,
And yet as far from me is that soul,

It’s morning again,
I feel the warmth of the sun,
Yet also it reminds me of a not a lost soul-
But of a pearl -
How it shines,how precious it is,
Yet how rare it is—

It’s noon again,
I can see my short shadow,
It makes me laugh out—
But it also reminds me not of a pearl ,
But of life-
How funny it is,
Yet it too short—

It’s evening again,
I can see the sun setting,
I enjoy how it looks -
Red as blood no———
Red as embers of fire,
It also reminds me of not life,
But of humans,
How hot they are
Yet they burn you to the ground—

I guess I’ll have to travel again,
So as to see the seasons-
How they crush into each other,
So that they could remind me of anything,
Because I believe—
I believe the light is coming—
Coming to return everything—
Everything that the dark stole

Russell Osiemo Sep 2019
What’s life?what’s this life?
What’s behind this lie?such a great lie,
At birth is when it begins,they say a beautiful child but when it grows up what a monster face it develops,during breastfeeding still being fooled while all they want is for you to be silent for peace in their ****** souls then fooling you to go for the sweets,just to make you walk so as to remove a burden of carrying  your forsaken body and when you walk they give you work fooling you with three meals a day. And when you grow your teeth they take you to school asking you not to joke and work hard while all they want is what you get at the end of the torture. When you fail the spank is the only truth that engulfs your childhood. When you grow up  they still fool you to go and get a spouse. That’s where the greatest lie manipulates and and lays its eggs to hatch and become more mutant. A life full of arguments a life full of mistrust a life full of doubt coming each day home just to add salt to the wounds two great enemies under a single roof and their offsprings as fuel and spectators to this war full of battles never won where no one knows what will happen next while no one takes precautions where anything can happen but none is afraid where the masculine show their ego and their counterparts which weaker power but a spiteful mouth that acts as firewood to the never ending battles. And still lie to the offsprings each feeling right and offsprings get lies from both sides
Get a work and still the boss lies to you and all he wants is a profitable business so as to stuff his *** that ingested all junk
And when you die they still lie of how good you are while you mishandled women while you looked down on innocent men needing your love they lie of how pure you are while all the ears know what a *** you were.
Look at me speaking as if I was born in the 80’s while am only 18 speaking as a priest while am not different in any way speaking of life while I have a dead heart in me speaking like a married man yet still looking for my first love but still I have nothing to ask for forgiveness for my pen ain’t faulty

Russell Osiemo Sep 2019
This is straight from my heart,
Hope you believe me,no one can stop us,
We’ve got the energy in our body,
Unity in our minds,love at display,haters at our dispose and the world at our feet,
But I can only live my life,
For you only judge a book but never open the pages,
Deep down you’ve got a fire that you feed with darkness and the embers are turning you into a monster but you also get hotter ,
Begging you everyday to reason with me is now a prayer that’s like a dead idol I’ve been trying to pray to never getting enough,digging down my pockets taking all that I have never understanding it’s not easy for me,
But still like a deaf dumbfounded boy i still love with all your flaws and sins because that is my way of giving compliments
Girl there is a difference between girl I need you and I want you,girl I need you beside me. At least even if making you happy will take me to the grave hope that you’ll bring flowers to my grave and take your dinner at the fence

While am gone hope you’ll find someone to treat you better because I see the devil in your eyes I can see the wolf at your door fighting for a hollow crown in a kingdom of one where you want to play god
I wish that you leave a bunch of roses so that I won’t give up even when am gone so that I can pay any prize to be in your arms again coz I’ll be with you even where border try to keep us apart burry me where when the urge is strong I can rise to be in your arms again even though you’d cause my death
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