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Genevieve Dec 2018
I love you when you agree with me
I love you when you compliment me
I love you when you stroke my ego
I Love you but love my wandering eye
I love you but **** she has such a rack!

I love you and the family we've made
but dayyyyaaammm I cannot stand it when
you nag!

I Love how you do this or that
how you always got my back
I love you being there
trust me when I say this
to you
Babe, I love you.
but can you blame a guy
dang dat girl she so fly,
I'm not a normal guy
but I do love you bae
come on over tonight uhh crap
maybe tomorrow.
Be true to whom you claim you love by not fantasizing to be with another that is a great betrayal even in the mind because mind communicates with body which leads to emotions.~ lust for the one you've chosen as life partner!
Genevieve Dec 2018
I spin up
I spin down
I spin spin spin spin
round Round round.

I get dizzy
I fall down
I get back up
blaming the whole
F'ing Town.

I look here
I look there
I take a good look
around everywhere
suddenly I see,
Suddenly it is clearer
I have always and ever
been the only
fool here!

I get shy
a little embarrassed
at my outburst of course!
I was shocked a bit perturbed
it was just me
myself and I ?!

So I took a breath
got a good look in the mirror
I uttered the words
no, it does not belong to
any other just me.....Aww F it why feel ******!!
I'll go ahead blame friggen mother! ;(
why take the blame when I can
direct it at another and another
go on who's next? dear oh father?
sister ~ brother or dig deep in
and see the broader picture
see your participation
let your
be seen
How About
that Dang!
the energies you put out are what you will receive in return in a matter of time so choose to get insight from people who won't sugar coat **** and tell you straight if your crap Stankz! Take responsibility for your actions or lack of.
Genevieve Dec 2018
I walk around
I walk in stride
I walk along with the image of false pride.

I walk around
I walk, I try
I ***** out
a gaggle of

I walk around
a happy life
they see.
my door
loudness a knockin"
hello insecurities
at the front
trying to surface
so .......
I walk around
I walk alone
I walk beneath
my sinful bone.

I walk in joy
I walk distressed
I walk as I keep on keepin on
come on lets just all
play Pretend or just take a rest
Ain't life the Best? :)!
Genevieve Oct 2018
I'm Sorry if my face pains you for the sins within ~ ~
I am sorry I can no longer supply you with what you need and crave
both of us still in this dysfunctional relationship =

Brave, " Oh No We Aren't ! "
Together we stay
together we are
living in the same
hell on repeat
same as before
too scared we are
to close tight that door
So continue on and ignore
I'm so sorry
I've broken you
and you have broken me too,
Just can't see that there is any strengthening glue
for this to become right again,
Its okay, Go to sleep
Good Night,
See you in the morning
to do it all again
on this roller coaster ride
such is life
Just a poem based on mutual pain during toxicity in our relationships and often we stay in them out of fear of aloneness or REally Needing that person Your in love with yet it may not be reciprocated, Pain of being cheating on or your with someone charming and they use it lots and it hurts.... many examples.
Genevieve Oct 2018
Could it be that I am the abuser the enemy who has come across lifes boundaries crossed the lines? Could it be that I am the walking contradiction?

Could it be that the triple blurred vision
is really with me ~ myself and I?
Could I be the foolish blind
with no way to see or hear is
in real

Could this be
could this be me or mine?
Could I be the one
I've always been hating?

Could it be the picture I have been painting
is the version that no one is seeing or ever will?
Could it be this is not really me? An actress
a ***** or Goofy in General.
Am I exactly as those around tell me?
Could it be?!?
Nope, Because I am always
just me-take it
Leave it
I know me. or could it be???
Not if you Know
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