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Genevieve Jan 8
Oh me oh my
such tall tale lies

upstream and down
by this Political Clown,
***** made of brass?!! My ***!.

Washing Brains with numbskullish hate
this pathetic excuse of a man with reality
his base does not relate, Whether near or far
those believing his words it is garbage they do eat
allowing many behaviors and nicknaming mistreats.

oh me oh my
a sad tear to be cried days and nights so dim as he is,
It will take years upon years to fix the damage done
& finally after 5 dead including an officer of the Law!
This smug poor loser ordered this result and now admits
his time is over, it's time to quit this nitwit says adios
and hello prison mates, I will make all the inmates love me,
You will see as I bend over backward to gain your gratitudes
all my prison base friends will share the same attitude
but please don't get me wrong! You will Love me long live
this master debater let's make a deal, okay we will talk later.
Farewell...So Long... it's been a great run.
This should be obvious as it is about the **** in the house.
Genevieve Nov 2020
He follows me where ever I go, Wherever I am
I hear his voice all my living days yet I still have not
to see his face... He tells me nearly every day that
he is all over the place, here and there and everywhere.

This is scary what do I do? Why is he following me?
and he's also following you! Any Ideas? I know you
can relate, It is God I am afraid of and worry about!
I love my Jesus and when I misbehave he watches so,
How can one getaway, where does one go? He says
he is everywhere and nowhere you could go where
the Lord does not hear-feel-see, He is within you and me.
I live alone or so I think but really he is with me always
and will be with you tonight <3
Afraid Spiritual God Scared Truth
Genevieve Nov 2020
This disease its not mine
I think it is out of control! well at least mine.
It has no fear and has no boundaries causing despair and joy
What can I do it clings to me, I try to get it off I try to get it out
the only problem is it takes me over it makes me shout and my hands
well they just have to vent and air out, they know not what they do
Its the Disease they tell me, it's it still it does it so what is the use.

It loves me and sometimes so do I but most of the time its the
diseases favorite pass time, What is the disease you must be asking
the only problem is it is not just mine it also clings to you and now
you are worrying how do you get it off of you and let it out well
lucky you met me because I am here to guide believe me of this topic
I would not lie, You let it in you scream it out it is all your words
and judgement too and the way you feel and speak the disease is
         within you so all you can do the only hope for you is self control
restrain the beast do not doubt its power to spread all over you and
your disease well it is partially up to you get with the program and simply
bolt the mouth and tie the hands this is your bestest conquering plan
then the disease will not stand a chance against you
go on and live your best life by being truly you.
Whats the disease?
Genevieve Dec 2018
I love you when you agree with me
I love you when you compliment me
I love you when you stroke my ego
I Love you but love my wandering eye
I love you but **** she has such a rack!

I love you and the family we've made
but dayyyyaaammm I cannot stand it when
you nag!

I Love how you do this or that
how you always got my back
I love you being there
trust me when I say this
to you
Babe, I love you.
but can you blame a guy
dang dat girl she so fly,
I'm just a normal guy
but I do love you bae
come on over tonight uhh crap
maybe tomorrow.
Be true to whom you claim you love by not fantasizing to be with another that is a great betrayal even in the mind because mind communicates with body which leads to emotions.~ lust for the one you've chosen as life partner!
Genevieve Dec 2018
I spin up
I spin down
I spin spin spin spin
round Round round.

I get dizzy
I fall down
I get back up
blaming the whole
F'ing Town.

I look here
I look there
I take a good look
around everywhere
suddenly I see,
Suddenly it is clearer
I have always and ever
been the only
fool here!

I get shy
a little embarrassed
at my outburst of course!
I was shocked a bit perturbed
was it just me
myself and I ?!

So I took a breath
got a good look in the mirror
I uttered the words
no, it does not belong to
any other, just me.....
Aww F it why feel ******!!
          So I'll go ahead blame my friggen mother! ;(
why take the blame when I can
direct it at another and another?
Go on who's next? Dear oh father?
sister? ~ brother? or dig deep
in and see the broader picture?
See your participation
let your
be seen
How About
that thing!
the energies you put out are what you will receive in return in a matter of time so choose to get insight from people who won't sugar coat **** and tell you straight if your crap Stankz! Take responsibility for your actions or lack of.
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