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Gemini pen Aug 2020
Title: Caeser at Lucifer's Mission
Theme: The Aesthetic of Poets
A duet by : Prince Jayeola ( Golden Son)
                   :  Fuad Opeyemi (Gemini)

Solid heart like the mountain Everest
Circumflex to the Raven, Bring up the agon
in our midst, Like a dove,  we still remain
Challenge come about us
Still,  we overcome the hurdles like hills
               🙇Golden son 🙇

Kvell Cadres of scrivener,  
Harness styluses to tattoo on thin sheets
Poets,  goblet of endowment,
Pivoting throe to gladdened symphony
Soothing the ear of grief dwellers

Clear out barrel of hate,  
Come apart,  enmity show less on our ballad
We do not bow down to race
Rather,  we propel with grace,
With the sound of humour our poem emit
                🙇Golden son 🙇

The pen,  like a magicians's wand
Exploited by calibers of Versified bards
With a tip so sharp,  running in ink
Cynosure of Prying eyes,  like a drop -
Of dew on spinach, poet are Aesthetic

We are "they are who? ",  certainly!
Armed to the teeth with our pens
Thinking of ill- hearted hearts to heal
As we dance to the dead beat of our bleeding pen
No,  tell the man in the street to flow off our den
                🙇Golden son 🙇

Rhymester's way is Slim and Narrow,
Like a thoroughfare to Gehenna
For we dine with words, A minstrel
muser are hero,  resident of valhalla,
For we are the fighter,  that fight with pen

We stand in the racket of ranks
And fight to mind our p's and q's,
Hardly do we hit below the belt
To avoid disruption of poets that que
We stand tall and play the game
                  🙇Golden son 🙇

Poets are Aesthetic,  alluring
That travaux over the lava-like ways of poesy
We are all a product of our genre
Yet,  living in the facade of exultation
Delusional,  caeser at Lucifer's Mission

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
The bleeding Hearted Pen
©Prince Jayeola™
The Golden son

All rights reserved
This is a must read for all poets
Gemini pen Jul 2020
The Eerie Tavern

A cracked Porcelain,
Prone to be treated with delicacy
Though bound to rive facilely, but,
Can it hang on to its bite like a wild dog
Or give up,  like a broken legged Mantis

Green eyed partridge ,
Dances to the pitched Vocable of its nest
Cradled against its own Soft feather
Does it wait for an ill fated worm to crawl up
Or hunt the unyielding insect

The Eerie Tavern,
That makes hair stand at the back of neck
With its cold breeze smooching the iced glass
Will danger lurk in the darkest shadow of the inn
Or warmth,  Tranquil spread across its hinges

The limp and the blind,
Set out on a rickety and scarred thoroughfare
Had the blind has an eye on his glabella
And the limp has a leg that doesn't falter
Impairment might not cause a truce

Tortoise and the Porcupine,
One with shell as hard as Brick
The other with pine as detriment as poison
Had it been they both lack their cover shield
They'd have been stuffed in a coffin

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
The Bleeding Hearted Pen
Gemini pen Jun 2020
And Confident Ease

A free verse poem

pen sways on back and forth
Soul wish to write in royal court

Ink glow in golden hue
The paper don't care if it is  blue

Poetry is not a game of slicing apple
It can be sonnet,  Limerick,  or Haiku

It is more than just rhyming
Not an amusement like miming

Pen it on,  for poetry is the world
Expressing what is more than word

©Pen of A True Gemini™
A poet by birth
Gemini pen Jun 2020
With Rested Gaze...

A Limerick poem (aabba,  9-9-7-7-9)

Peter stones ***** up his poking ear
To the pitter-patter he could hear
From the faded local beat
To the sandwich he can eat
Boss peter has got nothing to fear

Cat-son and mouse-well were once a friend
In the clubhouse,  they'd drink to no end
Till the cat grew cruel and cold
And mouse stay in his household
Thenceforth,  the crazy hunt never end

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
Gemini pen Jun 2020
She came late Last night

A Romance poem

The strong wind blew
With its airy Hand,  
carries my hair to the cloud
Like a lone wolf,  sitting alone
I await her arrival

Even when the rain started
Drenching my sticky skin
Taped to the window with faraway look
Longing to see her sunlight smile
One that fights sadness and sorrow

Sat upon the window side
The wooden bench start to complain
Of my sitting all day,  
I've got all day to wait
For the key to my happiness

Watching the rain beget cat and dog
And the thunder clap
Eyes closing on its own accord
With my bed longing for friction
While the bench won the fight

She came late last night
That I am sure of
Deep in my subconscious
Am getting rid of the thought
With her not beside me in bed

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
A free verse poetry
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Sweet Scent On The Breeze

An Haiku poem (Wind)

Propel the birds up
Flowers dance at a mere touch
Also tree's soulmate

Unseen,  yet so real
Comfort giver,  in the heat
All corners of world

It flows,  even roars
Lethal,  if it is a storm
Still, serve as relief

Friend of a sailor
The voyager's ship power
Gift of the nature

Sweet scent on the breeze
The wind carries aromas
Pleasing the schnozzle

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
A stoic writer
Gemini pen Jun 2020
Stretch Across The Face

A free verse poem

A dirt on the porcelain platter
Stretch across the face
With the eye keen on it
While the mind won't stray

A lion piggy backing a deer
And The prey so happy
Had he know beforehand
The predator don't play

The eye lid flutter
Straining to kiss the nose
Ignoring the brain's warning
He can see but only hazily

Raven took a likening for the peacock
Admiring its flashy feather
Oh the raven seems to forget
That his black is also shiny

For man don't care
But the heart and soul do
If the heart loves not
The sky won't be blue

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
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