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I S A A C Jun 2022
always thought a man was what i needed
thought that there was reason
why, after how hard I tried
love kept declining, defying my expectations
moving in and out of happy places
but i found something
watered my seeds, watched them grow into trees
now i revel in the sweetness of its berries
i dont need a man, i dont even think i want one
art is my soulmate, time is no longer my weakness
bite into life’s big peaches
no need for men in my reach
art is my soulmate, my vibe is Venus
Man Mar 2021
the first days of spring are upon us
and the rebirth is apparent in things all around us
from the leaves slowly growing back
to the grass, in need of mowing from growing fast
squirrels nibbling on juniper berries
the scent in air, sappy tar carried
with pollen intermixed
your allergies amiss
though still fortunate for the spring
mamta madhavan Jan 2021
blood moon
under the rowan tree
autumn berries
andTilly Dec 2020
make me a berry
I’ll fill you
make you very
Kalarav Sep 2020
A purple berried
White flowered ****
With intricate petals
Placed in pairs of three

Has spread its roots
Deep into my heart
Branched into both halves
Of my brain

I watch it grow in awe,
As the leaves
Branch symmetrically
Simultaneously wince in agony

As the roots
Are tearing through
The very soil
In which they grew

Do I rip out this
Uninvited beauty
And leave myself

Or do I
Let it flourish
And eventually
Engulf my being.
Alix Klingenberg Apr 2020
Soft days of wistful timelessness
Iridescent wings outside my window
The smell of honeysuckle so thick you can taste it
Red berries stain my lips
Your fingers in my mouth, sticky
I hum with the magic of freedom
With the audacity of leaving the cold, hard, buildings of success
For warm honey moons and foxglove dreams
Sponge cake afternoons and bare feet on cool wood decks
Unrestrained laughter and ukulele strings
A harmony that bends and then corrects itself
The music and rhythm of a slow life, unbound.
Amelia Sapp Dec 2019
come with me
to the secret garden
let us dance with fairies
and eat wild berries

a cobblestone path
leads us to a witch’s hut
she casts a love spell on you
but not on me

frolic through lavender fields
the bees tell us stories
i am listening to their every word
you are listening to my heartbeat

eat these magic mushrooms
that the caterpillar gave us
i can see your aura and i can smell your words
but you know that feeling every time you look at me

i want to leave, this is not my realm
but you were born here
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
╰⊰✿´ℒ♡ⓥℯ '✿⊱╮      
Flaky sheets of puff pastry
glazed and golden brown
Fresh vanilla cream kisses
Topped with sliced berries
Sift icing sugar
Sprig of mint
Second Epulaeryu of some berry mille-feuille.
C'est magnifique!
Lyn ***
sunprincess May 2018
Nothing says summer like,
pails full of fresh berries
straight from the vine
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