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She stood on the edge of line 20,
Looking back on what felt like a lifelong sentence.
She gazed at the dashes she crossed,
the indentations she climbed,
The commas she tripped over, the full
Stops she had to wait through-
Everything that led her to
This moment.
Swearing to never look back,
She braced herself for the next stanza,
Breathing in the promise of a new verse;
And jumped onto
Line 21.
Happy new year everyone :)
I feel like I'm being pulled in two different directions.
On the one side, there's fire
and it'll scorch me and burn me
On the other, there's ice,
so cold it'll freeze me to
And if I choose neither,
I will be torn apart,
until there nothing of me
I don't know what changed
Because I never stopped giving
Even after you stopped accepting.
I don't know what I did wrong,
When you started pushing me away,
When you slammed the door in my face
I still stood in the rain,
Waiting patiently for you to open up.
I gave you time that I knew was just an excuse
For you to distance yourself from me.
My love was falling into an abyss, into this infinite space between us.
It was grasping at air hoping it would reach you but
We were falling from your hands that once caught us,
And you were too far away to realise you dropped us.
You were my universe,
And I let it come between us so you could have space.
I did it all out of love,
So, tell me,
Tell me
Why was it not enough?
Temporary infinities
You've given me tons of reasons to leave,
But I still stay
Because those reasons weren't enough
To keep me away
Writers block is just a giant wall
blocking an even rockier path than the one you're on
Once you find a topic,
you can't find the first word,
the first rhyme,
the first line,
the first stanza,
and I throw my hands up in anger
because I end up writing words in order random
or words to make the lines rhyme sandal

My search history is 99%
"words that rhyme with this or that"
Search results: sat, flat, cat
well that doesn't make sense within the context
but ***** making sense or metaphors or deep lore that you have to analyze,
why can't I just write out my feelings without the right rhymes?
I thought poetry was my remedy,
but it's also my demise.
I just started writing and this is where I got ye haw
I am no more significant than any other insignificant being on this planet.
I, an insignificant being, am endless.
You, us insignificant beings, are endless.
We are defined by the millions of stars' dust that stretches across the space of this universe.
We are glorious.
We will rise
We will conquer
And nothing can stop us
Nothing at all.
Insignificant yet significant
I wish we met another time
Where I could've given you my best
Instead of giving you my worst
But now
My worst is
All I have left.
I wish
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