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Alexander Jan 2023
i am different now
from the fleeting words you didn’t mean
I muse at the fact that I changed my entire self for you because you dug into my brain and tugged at the parts I hate
you clawed your way through my nervous system and playfully stitched back the wires after you got the reaction
The way you grasped my body after shattering its purpose,
my mind frozen from bareness as I grabbed the blanket
You didn’t force yourself onto me,
But we both know you would never have to

      i am different now
Alexander May 2022
they all move on, down these halls they walk
While I’m stuck in this room, staring at the walls
glued go this bed, I wish could be more
I know life is expensive, I’ve heard it from every angle, wishing I could live up to the standards
I just wish they could understand:
I’ve been dying the entire year
Alexander May 2022
I find myself breathing through others,
living a life that never was
Alexander Apr 2022
i think hail kinda burns before it melts
the same way your love hurts before it is felt
Alexander Mar 2022
the internal *****, from the words you say
to the way you don't ever seem to think my way
great minds think alike until we disagree
The crisis of yearning, for a body with an empty mind,
I have found myself loving a man who is not worth my time
I feel myself separating,
two at a time,
blooming while withering away.
Alexander Feb 2022
we can look past his lies,
but not the ugly truth?
Alexander Feb 2022
cry alone,
for no one understands the tears that make their flowers grow
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