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B Jan 2017
she is my rock
and i hope she stays strong
i love her
and support her
and she does me
i feel so guilty
so sad
because i want what is best for her
and if i see myself coming short
as i always do
i really **** up
anddon't want to lose her
because i love her so much
i dont think my heart would know what it meant
to have to say
anything other than
i love you
B Jan 2017
no i dont want to tell you bye
i want to tell you nothing
i want to go home
and go to work
i want to get paid
and do my work
i dont want to socialize
or tell you what i think of you
or develop relationships
i just want to be free
from this ******* work
corporate chain nonsense
i dontwant any part of it
so i dont want a goodbye
because iw ish id never see uagain
please let me leave
without saying goodbye
******* hate it
just trying to control me
why does it bother u
that i dont say bye
youre just ******* stepping on my toes
trying to make me be just like you
i'm an individual
not a robot
i dont have a goodbye message
or a fading apple
or a dancing android
to tell yuo im shutting down
i just want to go home
in peace
and i dont want to see you ever again
B Oct 2016
cord of death attach me to a wall
cord of death not let me go home
cord of death strand me in need
cord of death not there for me
cord of death make me wait long
cord of death make me wonder why and how long
cord of death
cord of death
cord of death

Thank you for visiting my page

B Oct 2016
enjoy the rest of your day

write a poem

stay at home

love and be loved

give yourself to a person
and be honored

shoulders high
B Jul 2016
she's gorgeous
maybe im broken

as the waves crash
up against the rocks

laughter and happiness

i miss her soul

im touched with sadness tonight

i hope she's okay

i love her

love is hard

cuz u go through times


that are hard times

and u need that rock

that solid foundation

and u hope and trust it is there

and sometimes u forget

and it leaves you

but comes back stern the next morning

destinies awakened

life changing

what people do for you

changes your life

and there's sometimes things

that people can't change

and you are who you are

to love through that

after hitting those walls

falling over in the water

scratching your knee

to get back up

and sit peacefully

on the rocks
B Mar 2015
One day they'll all learn how it feels to be hurt and neglected

to be left alone in the dead of winter
when the snow has shut down the roads
and you don't have a car

And they go to dinner without you
leaving you to walk the streets of Atlanta by yourself
to a pizza shop
sit quietly and eat by yourself

To be left home when one of the greatest comedians of his generation comes to town
and they all have tickets to see the show
except you don't
and they'll go watch it without you

they'll all know how it feels to be left alone in your room
just struggling to find some peace and quiet
when outside the door there is fighting and screaming
and one day you go outside to see your dad on top of your brother
and someone ends up bleeding

they'll know how it feels when you wake up from a bad dream
that you are being neglected
and someone you care about
doesn't care about you
doesn't answer your phone calls
leaves you wondering
whether or not they are cheating
and just don't give a **** enough to hide it

they'll know how it feels one day
or maybe they won't
maybe they'll never know how it feels
because it's me

but one thing is for certain
everyone in this world knows and feels pain
and i am not alone
in my feelings of hurt and neglect
they'll know that I was there too
and they aren't the only ones who feel suffering

to all those who have pain
and suffering
and have been hurt
and neglected
and treated like
no one cares
you aren't alone
people do care
you must care too
because sometimes
you have to do it for yourself
and love yourself
even if it doesn't feel like they care
that's what is most important
to staying in tact
staying alive
and staying well

be easy
and don't be so ******* them for doing what they do
cuz they have problems too
and they'll feel them
one way or another
it all comes back around
B Sep 2014
it's hard to
be with you
and not get *****
your ***
your stomach
everything about you
makes me feel like
I just want to lift you up and throw you on the bed
rip your clothes off

and **** u so hard
until u *** all over
and scream and moan
and breathe so heavy
I want to feel your warm breath
on my neck
I want to feel your voice vibrate
as you give me head
I want to hear you say oh yes
as I ******* on the desk
and lift you up
and feel your *** cheeks
in my hands
girl I can't stand
to watch you walk away
without having a taste
and a sampling
of that wetness
my body yearns for you
it's a machine
that wants to be strong
and make you feel so good
that you can't imagine
ever touching another man
I'm your rock

When I had you in my arms
took hold of you
took control of you
you're mine now
I'm going to dominate you
and she likes it
she likes when I take over
and **** her all over
in several different positions
on the counter
to the bed
she ****** me, she was on top
and i felt that *** go up and down
and clap against my *****
then I flipped her over
and got on top
and ****** her hard and slow

she wanted to *** on my ****

which was perfectly fine with me
as I was caressing her ****

I ****** her against hte wall
threw her against the dresser
rubbed her *** on it
hard and aggressively
and made her breath

I lifted her leg up and pinned her against the wall
and felt all of her walls
as I pulled out and slid back in
all the way to the tip
to the base of my ****
she said does that feel good baby
I said yeah it's the best

she sent me pictures
of her *** and ****
and her pretty face
and I couldn't help but think
about how I wanted to take
my **** and go up in it
pull out
and *** all over her ***
and make her feel it
make her moan
make her legs shake
and vibrate
I want to make her ***** feel like
it's having a 7.1 earthquake
on the richter
I fixed her
she was stressed out
feeling uneasy
and an ****** relaxed her
gave her the endorphins she needs
to go about the rest of the week
let's **** baby
let's do it all night long
til we can't go anymore
and we're left laying on the bed
holding each other
laying sideways
with no pillows
forgetting about
how we usually sleep
and our bodies locked in
to each other
we're the same one another
we're a unit
*******, not just for pleasure
but to satisfy our needs
and emotionally
doing each other good deeds
so we can go to bed
and get good sleep
and be better people
we're a strong couple
and we always know how to make the bed rumble
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