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Isabelle Jan 1
in between the ending
and this new beginning
lies an infinity of unknown
afraid maybe, but still
brave enough to take chances
say goodbye to all the “what ifs”
make a step, cast all doubts

my yearly mantra: no more resolutions, just start making actions..
Happy New Year everyone
Bunhead17 Sep 2017
"It's time for me to leave.
They say if you love something..set it free..if it comes back then it was meant to be... I love you with all my heart..But this is a goodbye"

He loves you so much that he's willing to let you go
He's taking a huge leap of faith right now
But you're to blind to see that he cares about you,
He truly loves you
He puts you're happiness above his
He's the most selfless person you've met
But you're too blind to see it...Too blind to see his effort*
You don't realize that you have to take that leap of faith too..
if you truly love him
No matter how badly it might hurt
No matter how scared you are
Sometimes when you *truly love
someone you just have to jump
And trust you'll fly with them
So I jumped.....
Aaron LaLux Jul 2017
Till Thee End (In The Name of Love)

I’m like those freaks on the street that keep babblin’,
but my pockets are deep and I keep round the world traveling,

stress out no doubt life’s a trip which is why we’re falling in love,
in too deep flying off the cliff from a Leap of Faith in the Name of Love,

free fallin’,
I hear Heaven calling,
out my name,
“Aaron, Aaron.”,

wake up,
the show’s almost over,
you’ve contributed so much,
we should grant you an Oscar,

stage of life we all play our parts,
your art is something I’m in love with,

falling over again all in ready to go,
over the edge as we free fall everything is slow mo,

motion like oceans of waves in to deep in the deep blue see we go,

the whole show we go like the most brilliant Star burning up the universe,

the brightest Black Hole like a night in the dark where we shine like day glow,

I know,
it’s all more than just a bit intense,
and that’s,
because we are Heaven Sent,

received an RSVP to Heaven,
and of course I said “**** Yes!”,

over zealous,
with reasons for this,
I’ve got grown men that depend,
on my money as their salary,

in too deep,
in the deep blue see,
see I used to be a runaway,
ran away and was raised by the streets,
so this whole business life is a little new to me,
I mean,
the exact fact is I’m not having kid,
in fact I’m donating everything I own to charity,
and to Nature Conservatories I will hand over all my properties,
see I’ve got all the responsibility in the world,
just have to learn how to manage it properly,

I’m probably,
talking to much again,
but I’m sorry I’m not sorry,
because you’ll understand if you’re a true friend,

till The End,

I’m like those freaks on the street that keep babblin’,
but my pockets are deep and I keep round the world traveling,

stress out no doubt life’s a trip which is why we’re falling in love,
in too deep flying off the cliff from a Leap of Faith in the Name of Love,

till The End…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
new book available worldwide:
Bhakti Lata Nov 2016
Listen to thy heart, my dear!
Heed what it says !
Listen to it despite the din and the noise.
Listen to it even if sometimes it may make you lose your poise.
Listen to it when it cries out loud and clear.
Listen to it when it palpitates in fear.
Listen to it when it wants to dare and enjoy.
Listen to it when it wants to just play coy.
Listen to it to get a clue and to find who you are.
Listen to it to get closer to dreams that seem so afar.
Listen to thy heart, my dear!
Heed what it says!
ryn Apr 2016
Many have come to pry me open.
Many have come asking for the key.
Offering promises that the doubt would lessen,
flaunting their oaths as currency.

Plenty have assured that they're not like the others.
They promised that their words were forged in steel.
They had come with nothing else except to offer,
their ears and support just so to seal the deal.

"Forgive me", I'd say... I am still a tad apprehensive.
But I do feel the need to speak...
I do long for ears attentive,
Not the ones which are attached to mouths that easily leak.

I know that there are such ears...
Hard to find but they're definitely there.
They'd be ready to catch my tears,
more than willing to show concern and care...

Yours seem rather reliable... That much I see.
They've come with intentions seemingly untainted and kind.
Don't suppose they'd take my words ever so lightly.
They won't lap up my secrets with treachery in mind.

Again I find myself here at the same spot.
About to hand over the duplicate key.
This familiar leap I hope you'd have me caught.
Please don't give away my secrets for free...
Denel Kessler Jan 2016
I have become
each year adding dark
to my lightness
I remember vaguely when
I radiated
it was not so long ago

now the rock
retribution etched
settles solid on my chest
I cannot see
the feather I once was
drifting from this high place
faith the air beneath me

balanced where
edge meets air  
above the green unfolding
alpine jewels reveal
the face
of the goddess

clouds seep ragged
a softly closing circle
I am riding
the cloud center
trees dripping
bearded lichen
witness my ascent
There is an old fire lookout I used to hike to in my youth - High Rock Lookout. When I need to mentally revisit a place and time where anything seemed possible, I still go there.
ryn Nov 2014
Step 1: Make the decision.

Step 2: Take the blind leap.

Step 3: Follow through with conviction.

I think the last is the hardest to keep.
ryn Oct 2014
On this carousel
You and I
Ringing bells
Time passes by

Scorching bulbs
Ornate bobbing horsies
Enchanting music
Tell of magical stories

I am here
On this side
You are there
Same ****** ride

Opposite ends
Placed we two
We can't see
But each other we knew

Friendly peeks
Directed to you
All I could afford
Keep you in view

Still rotating
Ride goes on
Chasing each other
No closer we've drawn

Enjoy the ride
Soak in the sights
Hold at bay
Reality that bites

Thought about
Getting off
Don't know how to
Come to a solve

Can't hold still
It's eating me alive
Can't just stay
Have to strive

Hand still holding on
One foot dangling
Second thoughts play
But bent on releasing

Take the first step
Don't overthink
Take the leap
Step off the brink

Close my eyes
Time is now
Just let go
Fate I must allow

Ready now
Time came to a freeze

Now off the carousel
Cloying uncertainty
Never been here
Unknown territory

In the music
Found familiarity
Unsure if here
Is where I want to be

What do I do?
Wait a little more?
Hop back on?
Or await what's in store?

Glad I waited
Glad patience I found
There you are...
Coming back round
Madness plays in loops...
A sick little spin on the carousel.

— The End —