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lize kingston Oct 2013
I bring hit after hit like a boxer
You haters' inconsistent
Everybody's on the same vibe
Mine's kinda' different
Verse hot, hook hot--
I'm gon' sellout soon as I drop
Verse hot, hook hot--
I'm gon' sellout soon as I drop
Minor in poetry, fine-arts major
Doctor goon on deck, call this a fear-factor
I'm going in, but I ain't got no curfew
I son a lot of you, it's like I birth you
Got a lot of verses, but this ain't a Bible
Fallout when you hear this, I ain't liable
Ain't talking 'bout tearing, but the beats R.I.P
Didn't sell a lot of tracks, but I got D.O.E
Put you up on game, my hustle's M.O.E
Music over everything, ain't moving 'D'
I got cash like the bank, I sell CD's
Smells funny, tickled my nose, I might sneeze
You would think I'm water, the way I flow
I'm just like some dynamite, bound to blow
Act like you're in a recliner, lay back
If I ain't on fire, then why they say that?
Feature, feature, can I get a feature
So far ahead I sit on competition--bleacher
My Raps' like a bunch of apartment buildings, complex
Got chicks on my ****', ain't talking 'bout ***
I'm so different, it's magnificent
Haters want me to fall, but that's not how the script went
Thing's fishy, I ain't gettin' caught in that net
Just killed the beat, without breaking a sweat
lize kingston Oct 2013
they go all about dark lyrics/they fantasies roll round spark hot chicks
every line they spit spells death/lost in words,forgive em its only their time of birth
they still new to this/they should be worrying about their first kiss
lize kingston Oct 2013
Everybody listen to the rain comin down
Its going tap tap tap
all around the Town.
And im standin here watchin it pour all around
Watchin it soak and renew this
broken ground.
And each drop is a renewing sound
breaking the chains of the trapped
and bound.
The weather mans calling for more
dark skies
and i know each drop comes when
an angel cries.

So world stop whatcha doin
and listen to the rains
tap tap tap renewin'.
Its washing away all the pain
the tap tap tap is bringing sanity to he insane.
So world stop watcha sayin'
and listen to what Mother nature is

Everybody stop and listen the the
thunder crash
trying to put an end to all the
selfish bash.
Watch as the lightining lights up
the sky
trying to scare all this sin
Are you gettin what im sayin
Stop and listen to what mother
nature is playin.

So world stop whatcha doin
and listen to the rains tap tap tap
Its washing away all the pain
the tap tap tap is bringing sanity to the insane.
So world stop whatcha sayin'
and listen to what Mother nature is

The rain is pourin now
trying to wash this earth clean
some how
its going taptaptap tappin all around
pooling up all over the
Some many drops trying to wash
all the hurt,brokenness and the
When Mother nature sees all this it
drives her insane.
So she sends the rain (tap tap tap)
but is t all in vein?
She sends the rain (tap tap tap) Are you gettin what im sayin'.

So world stop whatcha doin
and listen to the rains tap tap tap renewin'.
Its washing away all the pain
the tap tap tap is bringing sanity to the insane.
So world stop watcha sayin'
and listen to watch Mother nature
is playin'.
Tap tap tap
tap tap tap
Listen to what its doin'
TAp tap tap
Refresh and Renewin'.
lize kingston Sep 2013
Rap is truly poetry in motion
With a beat
Hip Hop can move a writer’s pen to pad
Emotions to words
Music, the lubrication to an artist’s ear
It’s motivation
Motivating the writer to be better
Rap is poetry
And Poetry is my life.
lize kingston Sep 2013
Battle of the two Giants
High noon announced the duel of the giants
Poetry and Hip Hop gunslinging the date was set
One accused the other of ****** the verbal world
As poetry sighted the words of Poe, hip hop did hurl
"Cant you rock these lame %$# words in slow
That dumb %&# Raven needs to be defeathered bro"
Poetry stood back and shook his hands down low
Reaching for his quilt using hip hop as ink he wrote
"The sound of silence is gold when you release your soul,
I need to feel the heartbeat of man so go!"
Hip hop now breakdancing on the floor
Laughed at this poor attempt to show poetrys gold
"You call that soul? I see it as a blind man,
Using fancy words to hide your fears so grand"
As poetry began to write another line
12:00 o clock came up as the sun did shine
Both stood back to back drawing their weapons
As the countdown to the duel approached like a new son
3 steps forward both rhymers turned about face
Two bangs later the smoke cleared both were embraced
The two giants knelt to ground their hearts did bleed
This time not of words but of blood so clean
At the same time both died as they killed each other
Why not write about how we are killing one another
Black vs White, hip hop vs poetry
Same old siht but this time its affecting me
lize kingston Sep 2013

I remember times when I had no 9 to 5
Drugs just wasn’t my grind
Too many stories of family and homies losing they lives
Not all of them homicides or suicides
But some still gone doing time
Been so long they’re blurred images in my mind
So at that time I promised myself I wouldn’t be that same type
Even though I’m evil and do wrong
For my mom I would still try to live half right
And keep moving on
Hits from the **** help me get along
help me keep my cool
Cause sometimes I wana ****** fools for the bull I’ve been through
That’s why I live like I don’t care enough
My anger keeps building up
So before I erupt I take another puff
Cause I keep messing up giving into the DEVIL
U can call me GOD’S REBEL
Even though my hole is dug
GOD still holds the shovel
Cause I haven’t fully given into my sins
Cause if I ever did them my life ends and the DEVIL wins
So I pray at night FATHER FORGIVE ME, AMEN.
Cause I know I won’t do what is always right
That’s why I try to stay right in my mind
And as I go on my grind
I got to say THANK YOU TO MY MOM and to the hard times
Cause without them I swear I should of already died
But I’m still here still down to ride
Just a lot more wise
I no longer mess with the bull-ish
I just focus on my grind
And never quit.
lize kingston Sep 2013
Im pondering and walking when its dark at night
You can see me in the shadows dippin dodging light
Its like I hit the booth and spew until I maul the mike
Its like I tell the truth and then you simply call it life
That’s right im bonefied
really here to expose em and since they know that im chosen
They stay provoking my motives but ima hold em high
Show em im focused on growing
Get these vultures off my back im just to strong to be folding
So I prepared for it gradually when the time came
Who’s the best my Name
Was the only one to rise like yall scared of the gravity to define change
Never watching the throne
If you wanted to be King you should be watching your own
If you wanted to be me well then that option is gone
you know I stand alone, forever now and then later
I left my mark upon this earth when I stepped out of the crater
Now my powers are greater used for devouring haters
And though I **** em in minutes I still take hours to savor
Every pound of the ****
If we going pound for pound by the end of the rounds I’ll use and ounce of my skill
And no its never luck
I struck a deal with the Devil so I could level the vessels
And then he sent me a message its time to settle up
Now its me and him, and neither one of us scared
Cuz on this path to destruction neither one of us cared
So everyday, it’s a battle inside
Just Forget the horse play and grab the saddle and ride
And every point I make is valid in the balled of mine
Im thinking now is the time
in the palace of my mind drinking a chalice of fire
It’s a slow burn
And yes im hot to death but there is no urn
Its from internal combustion
Causing a surge in my verses to let me ****** percussions
Never preferred to be frontin though now it seems it’s the norm
In a world of mass lies simply needing reform
Where everybody and they mama’s simply dreaming of ****
Everybody with a smartphone feels the need to record
Then they post it to the web cuz they seem to be bored
You need to realize
People use they persona just to conceal lies
So I step out on that limb second guessing again
This is far from the end so let the lesson begin
The first impression is in
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