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In a world where mercy is fading away,
And where hatred and darkness play,
Look towards the Beloved and pray,
Remember the dawn of love's eternal day.
I pray for the end of the violence of anger,
No more knives, guns, bullets, or slayings,
Put aside the hatred that corrodes your soul,
Skulls grow upon the pathways of brutality,
The infection of cruelty spreads everywhere,

Live your life, enjoy your time, be at peace,
Look towards the days of solace and light,
Remember the love of the Eternal Beloved,
We are all one, black or white, me and you,
One day, today or tomorrow, you will know.
Rangzeb Hussain Dec 2021
O, my eternal Beloved, my lamp,
Let your winter moon bring peace,

Our world seeks the light of healing,
We have seen the brutality of hate,

People yearn for the warmth of love,
Let all intolerance be swept far away.
Rangzeb Hussain Dec 2021
The broken ones are stronger,
They see deeper, far deeper,
These are life's true soldiers,

Sit with them and learn,
Discover strength and hope,
And know that you are not alone.
Rangzeb Hussain Dec 2021
You will live on in our dreams,
You will live on in our hearts,
You will live on in our words,

You will live on in our songs,
You will live on in our memories,
You will live on in our prayers,

Your smile, your spark,
Forever in our hearts,
Always and forever,

O, my Eternal Beloved,
The cosmic Light of Life,
Lord of Love and Mercy,

May this sweet angel play safely
In the eternal fields of freedom,
Where no harm can reach him.
Rangzeb Hussain Nov 2021
Your radiant smile, oh my brightly flavoured darling,
I saw the light in your smile beaming from far away,
Holding two warm cups, you carried the tea of kindness,
You glided over to me with a graceful dancing step,
Our greetings, our warmth, our joy and twinkling zest,

In the window of my mind I welcomed you in my arms,
I held you close, ever so close, I inhaled your perfume,
The contours of your lush landscape merged into mine,
Our two worlds wrapped together as one sweet soul,
Our laughter, our steps, our chats and sparkling auras,

In the golden autumn air we gazed upon treasures rare,
The leaves floated like confetti all around the canopy,
Pigeons puffed their plumage and danced for the girls,
You and I, we admired the colours of autumn's passion,
Our shoulders gently weaving and caressing in harmony,

My lips tasted the golden light in your gorgeous eyes,
Green, amber and gold carpeted the glittering park,
My nose tickled the tip of your nose in a rosy touch,
Upon the parting of the ways time seemed to pause,
On the way home I still walked with you, hand in hand.
Rangzeb Hussain Oct 2021
Crisp the air, and bright the day,
Brighter still was your radiant trust,

Your delightful honeyed greeting,
Eyes glistening with mesmerising magic,

Your courage is a cherished treasure,
Strength glimmers deep inside you,

We two walked as one delicious lyric,
Each of our steps lit with fresh hope,

Tan suede shoes gracefully tapping,
High heeled over hills and canal stones,

Holding your soft hand upon the crest,
Our fingers waltzing together lovingly,

Larking downhill with shared earthy joy,
Our laughter swirling through the air,

We glided under nature's canopy,
Dancing with gleaming inner peace,

Our journey a serenade of sentences,
Your words weaving softly into mine,

Your name is nectar inside my mouth,
My name with your voice is a melody,

Lush rose petal lips butterfly shaped,
Silken threads of sunlight unite us both,

The doors of our inner dreams opened,
Trees and waterways became our lounge,

We melted each other with pure passion,
Unveiling layers of transparency,

Upon the bed of the vast open garden,
The fingers of sanctuary traced over us,

I swam so shyly in your amber eyes,
Throbbing with ripples of pure bliss,

Our touch, the silky touch of our eyes,
A bridge glowing with intimate dignity,

On that curved soul ridge sat you and I,
Both sharing a flawless drink of respect,

In an age of icy cybernetic existence,
Both of us knew a much warmer tune,

Breathing in the sublime moments,
Tasting the scent of the late season,

The essence of your gorgeous patterns,
Darling, you and I, we discovered solitude,

Our spiritual kiss, it was ever so deep,
Lips and tongues wrapped in rapture,

This kiss, it twinkled and caressed us,
Musical notes felt in the fabric of our souls,

The fingertips of two unexplored worlds,
As we two parted, we felt the air pulsate,

In our minds we hugged each other close,
This was our mystical and tender embrace,

Oh, my gorgeous eyed dove, fly freely,
Reach for the soul of the vast cosmos.
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