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Rangzeb Hussain Nov 2020

"Yes, my baby?"

"Mommy! Did you hear that sound?"

"What sound, my dear?"

"It's under our bed, Mommy!"

"Don't worry, it's only Daddy's dead bones rattling…"
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2020
In a world drowning in division and the song of chaos,
There is a reservoir in fields deeper than human thought,
Her strength is a summer's cooling tidal wave in the rain,

In those mystical soulful eyes a fire sings of human unity,
A radiance rare shimmers in the waterfall of her hair,
She has known the lilting lyrics of love's eternal glance,

Battles and wars dance and rage across a heartless world,
But she fuels existence with the universal colours of life,
Her lips write the melody of truth for those without voices.
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2020
We worshipped the false egg,
Chocolate money bunny,

The message of the Beloved was deeper,
Deeper and richer,

The message once sang of peace,
It was the very melody of humanity,

Long ago it was,
Before the coming of greed's fatal virus,

We were brothers once,
And we shared the blessed message,

Remember hope,
And celebrate love.
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2020
The message was not myth or folklore,
The message, my friends, was much more,

Religion, faith, belief, and more,
It was this before the disease of war,

A world crowned by viral thorns,
Compassion crucified for the devil's horns,

A plague of pure greed infects existence,
This man crafted plague stalks social distance,

Man long ago isolated the Beloved's truth,
This he used to herd us from the days of youth,

We are one, my friends, we are one,
Now comes the hour for holding true as one.
Rangzeb Hussain Mar 2020
In a fragmented existence,
Where nations are fractured,

Fear and lies are peddled far,
And truth gagged and jailed,

The disease is man made,
Confusion and greed too,

Let the people live and breathe,
Open wide the gates of healing and humanity.
Rangzeb Hussain Feb 2020
Oh, my Darling, my Darling,
Our purple passion rises, rises,
Your heart beats faster, faster,
My desire burrows deeper, deeper,

Both bodies warm, warm,
Fingers tracing, tracing,
I embrace you tightly, tightly,
Your breath sings, sings,

"Now," you whisper, whisper,
"Yes," I ******, ******,
"Faster," you gasp, gasp,
"Here I come," I pump, pump,

I rapidly withdraw, withdraw,
Sweating and pulling out, out,
I peel off the sheath, sheath,
And make myself ready, ready,

I aim my shaft hard and true, true,
Over your peacock feathers, feathers,
Thick lava spirals out hot, hot,
Settling in your bellybutton, bellybutton,

Your index finger dances, dances,
It swirls in the creamy pool round, round,
You trace across my glistening juices, juices,
The light in your eyes smiles, smiles,

You use my salty ink as lipstick, lipstick,
My liquid sparkles across your sweet lips, lips,
I lean over and come in close, close,
And upon your wet syrupy lips I kiss, kiss,

In that moment I taste life's bliss, bliss,
Two souls become as one, one,
Our hearts tasting love and peace, peace,
Our song embroidered upon stars, stars.
Rangzeb Hussain Dec 2019
Paris, Moscow, Berlin, New York, London,
City of angles where the poor are abandoned,

In a windswept corner of a merciless winter street,
The discarded soul of a divided nation sleeps,

This man is a forgotten mother's human jewellery,
He lounges on the concrete pillow of rich cruelty,

A blanket of cold wraps around his exposed feet,
Torn clothes flapping over another statistical tragedy,

He sleeps beyond the smears and headlines of hate,
The hymns of hope and light arrived way too late,

No one will remember his voice or fading songs,
For he is from the tribe of the invisible broken ones,

Their stories and brief lives brutalized by silence,
Once, they were a part of life's cosmic balance,

There is a war being waged upon the human soul,
A battlefield littered with bloodstained begging bowls.
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