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xmxrgxncy Jun 24
my heart ******* hurts and my head is spinning
i need an asprin
and a friend
xmxrgxncy Jun 20
Lace your words through my fingertips
You’ve got to tie me down somehow
xmxrgxncy Jun 19
i miss writing hearts into my eyes
and drawing bombs over my heart
and dipping it all in silver,
claiming it came from my tongue
instead of from a paint can

did you ever think about
how we could have been as famous
as those burn outs that write
songs for girl groups with lyrics
talking about *** and heartbreak
when what we wrote about was
more real than the goosebumps
i got each time i pressed "post"?

i miss the vagueness, the inspiration
that flowed through me without
my even needing to try, just
sitting down at a keyboard and slamming
it against my forehead until songs
spilled out of it like silver

we were the best of poetry pen pals
that only looked to each other for
the words to say that guarded us
against the words said against us
when we got off our computers

write to me again?
you know who you are, write me back? let's do a series back and forth like we used to?
xmxrgxncy Jun 19
And I always thought it was funny
That the first letters in “hello”
Spell “hell”
xmxrgxncy Mar 18
15+ elderly relatives
States away
Parents and sister
States away
Friends from college
Hundreds of miles away
And me?
Stuck in my dorm alone
Watching for the sun
This coronavirus shutdown is causing major havoc
xmxrgxncy Jan 1
this is just to say that i'm sorry

sorry for holding my coffee cup that way, and not your hands

sorry for letting the rain kiss my cheeks, but not your lips

sorry for wearing my perfume, instead of your jacket

it's just that i feel more alone

when we are together
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