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I'm caught, struggling,
held tight, in your
I think,"one more comment
or link," but I'm trapped in
your web.
Two retired souls communing together.
One says,"Feeling strange, I can't see."
Last thing he said," honey, I love you."
He warned the family that he'd no longer
celebrate the holiday. That's why he wrapped
the gifts so early.
She still hosted a yearly family reunion on The
Midwinter Feast.
That tradition continued until one October
in the hospital.
We recently sold their house.
Bill Johnston Aug 29
I hear the sprinkles in your voice.
I see the icing in your smile.
I feel the oven in your touch.
I see the pastry of your love.
I devour the fruits of your sensuality.
You are one exquisite dessert.
Bill Johnston Aug 22
Driving home, I saw the shades beyond the white line
walking the ditch.
Then I knew the sun would not shine that tomorrow.
The night took me in its arms, not letting me go.
The next day I visited you.
You were happy I came to see you.
After that, your smile glowed, and you slept.
The following day, family arrived.
That afternoon, I sobbed.
Three days later, we said the prayer for the dead.
It's been three years plus.
I still feel your presence.
Because of you, I continue.
Bill Johnston Aug 21
Saw her.
Fell hard.
She didn't.
Bill Johnston Aug 21
A mystery photo
of cul de sacs.
Someone  I loved
for many years,
and she loved me.
The dress is a mystery,
yet I never asked her.
And her friends and
family(including her
first beau) did not
A truly mysterious
Overlapped our getting acquainted.
Bill Johnston Aug 15
Powdered dust
beneath our feet,
brown grass, and
dry air is the atmosphere.
Nothing grows in this
environment, still we
have excellent hydroponics
and distill water from excellent
sand traps for condensation.
The only life here, this is
still home, heart of the world.
We wait for the ships to return,
thrusters firing.
Most will leave.
I will stay.
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