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Oh lover of mine, smother of mine, st-stutter of mine.
Please understand that I am not wanting of your text messages or phone calls.
They are nice, but they aren't most important.
Please understand that I am not needing of brand name bags that make me no better or bigger of a person.
Again, they are nice, but nowhere near what I want.
And sweetheart, Please remember that it is okay to have thoughts of your own and flaws of your own.
Me too!
It's okay to disagree.
It's okay to feel like you want to release. Release unto me the coward this world wants you to be.
But baby, you are no coward.
If you tell me, I will listen.
If you give me, I will appreciate.
If you lie to me, I will try to understand.
Oh, lover of mine.
We are created as individuals and I will indulge in your creativity.
Indulge, in your intimacy. Intimidated by your generosity. You smile and express positivity. My heart is racing now. Velocity. Speed. You're like a drug. No doubt. You decrease my anxiety. Don't lie to me. I'm scared of showing you this side of me.
The side that has two sides.
Which is my good side?
I hate both sides.
The face that will never comply.
You arrived and everything became more vivid than the acid trips that claimed my reality.
You are so appealing dear.
"I am not what you want."
You try to hide from you, but I see right through you.
Too afraid to love.
But I choose to live in love.
There is nothing above.
"We are not who we say we are."
In need of attention. No need for conviction.
"You're trying too hard."
The results of our actions have shown no satisfaction.
We keep trying.
"We, we keep trying."
We, no...I. I. Keep. On. Trying...
Why am I crying? Zero stealth.
I never meant to let it get this deep.
It started with the lay he wrapped around her neck.
It was blue, and he whispers "let me explore you"
Explore you on this tropical night.
Enticed with looks of vulnerability as the coconuts fell from the tree.
They cracked open, and so did she.
He held her limbs, thrusting his pelvic into her. Entirely.
She lies with him by the sea. He sees her. Watching her cry.
"Don't stop"
"You make me feel free!"
"Don't shout!"
Don't want anyone to inquire on this wonderous desire.
The flame from the bonfire burns so good.
This feels too right, so tight.
The sound of her moans induce his groans.
Deep breaths.
Explodes in pleasure.
All done?
No chasing her, his back facing her.
No eyes to quench the urge.
He leaves as the seasons.
The palms are all gone.
And she lays. With her blue lay.
She will never take it off her neck.
I'm not sure if this would be classified as a love poem because it's not really for you
It's more for me.
It's to help me see all the endless possibilities, but your gaze is always interrupting me.
Your gaze always luring me into the light it always seems, but I always end up alone in this dark room.
I sit, I think, I wait. I sing, I dance, I play, I wait. I wait. I wait. I wait and wait and wait and ******* wait.
How long have I been here?
endless endless it remains

Because you see I am the one who waits. I am the one you never take on a date. I am the one who cooks you food only to be the fool.
The fool who is in love with love. I am hopeless in the art of love.
So I wait, wait, wait, but I never act.
When I act I am more vulnerable than before and the anxiety attacks me till I am back on the floor, guiding me into that same dark room your eyes led me to.
Those same luring stares I try to climb into are the same ones that drop me every time I look back at you.
It's probably been two years since I last saw you
But there goes a thump, 2 thumps, 3 thumps, and third times a charm because you've made my heart master the art of a permanent racing *****.
The one that sits in my chest behind these ribs that should be protecting it, but somehow your eyes manage to get past my barriers.
You apologize for the caressing
but baby it's a blessing
when you touch my thigh and
OH, we were so high.
So high is the pitch that you induced in me.
So High Were We
from all the THC
You made me feel alive again. . .for the first time since the last time, but the last time we were undercover.
Hiding under a mask of our trust issues.
Hiding under the bridges we bought to get to the other side, but now they are broken because we had no idea at the time that there is so much more to be had, when we build our own.
But your heart thumps are getting faster too. How do I shake this?
The quake of your bed is restless.
Until you kiss me.
And when you kissed me I felt safe.
You make me feel safe.
Under lock and key behind all these charades
She wants to be beautiful.
So she puts on that blouse that gives her just the right physique.
She puts her makeup on.

China Doll.

She fixes her hair so that it falls in the perfect direction.

She tries to fit in.
To fit in with all these people just like her,
Who want to be pretty,
Who want to fit in.

She wants to be loved.

She finds a guy.
He is her dream come true, her prince charming, her world.

He “loves” her.
He is drawn to her ****, her ***, the most ****** regions of her body.

So he says he loves her.

She loves him.

She loves the sparkle in his eyes, she loves the dimple in his right cheek when he laughs.
She loves the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he looks when he is angry.
She loves his smile, his nose even though it isn't perfect.

She loves him.

She wants to be skinny.

So she looks at herself naked in the mirror every morning and every night,
Imagining how she would look without this and that.
She cries because she wants to be perfect, society’s definition of what a woman should look like.

She wants to be happy.

So she wears that dazzling smile that she has practiced so hard to get right.

She is incredible, funny, and has a personality anyone would die to have.

She fools her family, her friends
To think that she’s untroubled, without a care in the world.

She fools herself.

She is exhausted.

She is abused.

She is used.

She is corrupted.

She is hurt.

She is turned down, let go, disappointed.

She is abused, mentally by those people who told her she wasn't pretty enough.
Used, by the boy who said he loved her.
Corrupted, from society’s image on women.
Hurt, hurt by those people that were so close.
So close that they should have known.
They should have known something was wrong, that she wasn't okay, she wasn't happy.

She is gone.

She didn't believe in herself.
She couldn't deal with the pain and the exile.
She was an outcast.
She took the easy way out.
She has given up.


Those people are still trying to fit in. To be like everyone else trying to fit in.
That boy is still looking for ****** amusement using and re-using beautiful souls for his own pleasure.
Society is still corrupt. It’s such a shame.
Families and friends still ignorant to what is really going on in their loved ones minds.

This is the first poem I ever wrote and I just found it; exciting seeing how I've grown as a poet :) I bet you guys can relate too! I wrote this poem in 3rd person about myself in 2012, I was a bit of a Debbie Downer.
So it starts with your eyes.
A stare. The glare.
They shimmer on me like Christmas lights.
The moon is your maker, the sun works in favor, with you and your smile.
Reflecting light on what once was hostile.
A frown you once wore, but the crown "OH, IT'S YOURS."
I made you this crown from the skin on my bones.
Please wear it so that I know this was not in vain, and in my veins I feel the lingering pain of your fingertips touching her skin.
Please wear it because maybe then, I'll hear you say my name.
You struck the match and now the fireworks won't go away, but from you I will quickly..
fade. fade. fade. fade...
But you see you are not who makes me free.
That is ME.
And you are not who makes me see.
That is ME.
And OH GOD ALMIGHTY, he knows how much I have longed for your touch, because I wanted to see.
I wanted he whom I crave to make me feel free.
But I will no longer depend on the reflection of your sun to make me bright.
The moon still as beautiful, but OH NO, It wont remind me of you, remind me of how your hues subdue, me.
You are nausea and confusion.
Your words are poison and I'm tired of listening.
Your smile still enchanting, your eyes still gems.
But perhaps I was not the one to be blessed.
I'll take my crown back, "Thank You"
Not because I didn't appreciate you,
but perhaps now is not the right time for you.
Listen to me...
Listen to me, when my voice no longer travels with sound..
When the language of my body is telling you, I can no longer breathe.
Listen to me...
When the words cannot manage to escape, but the tears have no problem running away.
Listen to me, when my smile is lying to you, and the sparkles on my eyes are telling you "there is no reason why you should let Heaven and Hell get in the way because, we are living in the now...
and it's all worth it in the end."

Life, is beautiful!
Full of enchanted mysteries and tragedies, and learn that you can't have one without the other!
They merely coexist.
Maybe an oxymoron, but maybe you're a ***** if you think a fist-full of Oxycontin will turn you into anything more than rotten.
No! You don't need a hand up your stockings to prove to yourself that "Maybe this time, I won't be forgotten..."

Listen to me...
When my heart is drowning in quicksand, going down, dipping under, asphyxiated. But, I know that trying to listen for a sinking soul is tough because those are the times we decide to "hold, mute" rather than "turn up."

to the beauty in the wind, the beauty of the wind because most of the time we are too caught up in why it turns twenty degree weather into ten below.
EMBRACE the wind, it will be there to sweep you off your feet when prince charming is "stuck in traffic."
When he is not around you will always have the skies to serenade you and the trees breathing love and hope into your life.

to the pride in mans' voice
Don't judge.
Maybe, he is just wanting to make his daddy, proud.
to the rejection in womans' voice
don't become angry with her.
Maybe, she has had her heart broken too many times and doesn't know how to disinfect her wounds.
to the rumors, but don't spread them.
Find a way to make them beautiful!

Smile at the old man in the supermarket walking with nothing but a basket full of microwavable foods in his hand.
He is too afraid to turn the stove on.
Maybe, he lost everything in the fire
Maybe, he lost Her in the fire.
And no matter how crooked your teeth are, there is something magical in the crescent shape on your face that means forever!

Hug your mom and dad as often as you can, because one day they won't be there to hug you back... or you won't be there to hug them back.
Dance! in the moon light, because it's the only time you'll experience the sun and the moon in the same place.

Listen, in math class.
And I mean listen...
Because, you're going to need to add and subtract people from your life.
And most of the time you won't find x, but x is what we live to find.
So whatever you do,
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