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Hazy muddy puddles
Glorious smiles brown and clear
Children frolic’n roll
Jumai Jul 8
She shook the darkness off her face  
and turned her face towards the sun.
raising her hands above her head
she says to the wind:
“I'm exhausted! but I have Faith"
Jumai May 3
I feel your pain--
It makes me shudder,
I seem to have lost you and now I must find you
I travel into myself
Crossing many rivers within me to find you--
Lying in the corner of myself
Legs drawn towards your chest with a great pain I cannot describe
Your face has lost its shine
Your eyes raging with fire
Your soul broken --
I grab you in a tight embrace
I wish I could wish the pain away --
Oh heart! I'm nothing without you and I need you to be me again.
I shall sew your broken parts with my thread of comfort
And seal it with love again
Be calm Oh heart please be calm
For I'm nothing without you...
Jumai May 3
We met.
We talked..
We laughed...
We drifted apart
Destiny Oh destiny,
your song is so sweet and sour.
It's sour: you play a tune so in tune with what we feel one moment and changes the next.
It hurt.
It hurts..
It's still hurting
till you return.
Destiny oh destiny
I wait for your tune to change
So these feet can begin a different dance.
Dancing away in the moments of time,
knowing that it was worth the wait.
Jumai May 3
Listen to the wind: it plays a soft tune of hope.
Listen to life: it has many lessons to teach.
Listen to the rhythm of your heart: it guides you to light.
Listen to the leafless tree during fall: for it blooms in spring.
Listen to the dried leaf on the ground: for it was once fresh and green.
Listen to an old man speak: for there is wisdom in his words.
Listen to the words of a weak aged woman: for she was once full of life.
Listen to your mistakes: for mistakes carry a lesson to be learnt.
Listen to the quietness of the night: it's a time for reflection.
Listen: for there's a voice inside of you which shows you how to navigate through life.
But you'll only find that voice if you truly

— The End —