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Mark Robins Jan 2018
I searched for love
and found it after many years.
But she didn't fufill me. Alas,
more tears

I looked for work
and got it after a few weeks.
But it didn't fufill me. And all my
hope leaks

I decided to pay for pleasure
and it worked for a few nights.
But it didn't fufill me. How life's
pain bites.

I turn to substance
and I live from day to day.
But it doesn't fufill me. My sanity
drifts away

I long for some feeling
and all the clocks fall.
I can't grasp anything and
I am; and that is all
Brenten Hargrove Mar 2012
The time exchange is changing me
Repeating things ive known
Humans consume silly things just to fufill their souls
Passion splatters again amongst the windows
The scent of lust again against the pillars of his soul
So time exchange is changing me
Repeating things i want to know
I try to console the poets sense
with reckless hints of cruel intent
But if you wait for me my passion will splatter again around ladders just begging to crawl underneath
The pillars will shake from dead men to saints on shores of lust burning again
Humans consume silly things just to fufill their souls
with reckless hints of cruel intent
repeating things that I know
Jared Eli Dec 2013
There once was a boy who was but a slender
Line in a portrait or a smudge on a fender
Nothing more than would be passed by your eye
Was the boy so young who did nothing but cry

The world was a cruel one, but he wasn't so tainted
His picture more perfect than of David's statue painted
But the world would soon tear this boy apart
It would end in the mind what began in the heart

You see, innocence thrives where ignorance rules
For blissfulness is the kindest of the ignorant's tools
But this boy would be taught to feel and to hurt
His tears turned to ash as they fall from lips to dirt

He was now cold and ****** and swore
His opinions had changed when his brother died in the war
There was no point to heaven and less point to hell
When they called out your name, you either stood up or fell

Chipped bricks covered in posters past
Graffiti from people of phrases that last
Like one-liners, humourless, gaining a laugh
And the three-word with the sketch of a heart cut in half

The best philosophes of this past generation
Write thoughts on the wall from their closed imagination
And the boy with his eyes red grew darker
As he reached in his pocket and pulled out a marker

With a couple quick slashes a ballot was drawn
And he labeled the man in the voting booth "pawn"
Underneath it he wrote what might be a phrase
That just didn't catch on in those olden days:

It said, "A stone cast down as in defeat
Will hit thine foot before the street
For he who gives up his voting right
Will have no say in where we fight."

The boy capped the pen and he walked away
He had written down all that he wanted to say
His hands now were smudged from the marks on the wall
And he thought to himself, "In short time, it'll fall"

Right around the corner he was halted by the law
"You thought no one was watching, but guess what, kid? I saw.
The truth is, you're right, we vote for our wars
But the man up on top of the nation? He's yours."

The boy smiled slightly, for this cop was wrong
And he reached deep past the tears in himself to be strong
"That man isn't mine; he approved of this war
And congress has made my brother break the oath that he swore"

The cop looked at boy and the boy at the cop
They weren't talking graffiti, but the man up on top
Two strangers, two people, agreeing the fact
That the choice on the ballot was a serious act

"Most kids don't realize just what a vote can mean
They don't attribute the choice to the step in between
Old ideas corrupted or improved upon
All they know is their voice can make the other guy gone"

The boy nodded and looked the cop right in the eye
Saying, "This president let my brother ship out to die
If you try to make us think that his empathy wasn't fake
Contradiction in contrite diction will no conviction make

"You can't justify death because the harder you try
The more your arguments fade like the clouds in the sky
But before they dissolve and assimilate with the air
They leave behind pain to show that they were there"

The cop nodded, waved, and went back to the beat
More hoodlums and lost souls to help off the street
He passed a dark alley and his instincts erupted
His mind yelling to him, "Check for something corrupted!"

So he turned down in darkness to check out the spot
It looked like a place where blackmarket is hot
The fungus and mold that once grew peeled off
Leaving yellowish stains and the urge to cough

A voice near the brickwork called out saying, "Hey,"
"If it's not to much trouble, mister, couldja stay?
See honest to goodness, mister, I tried to stay clean
But when you take your own product, separation is mean"

"I don't know exactly who is to blame"
Said cop to the girl he could see but not name
"There's no one to blame," said the girl to the man
"There's things that will happen, and with time they all can

"For a creature that thrives on flesh alone
Will bite through the skin to steal the bone
And he must be careful, lest he find
That he's been feasting upon his own behind"

"Yes, sometimes it's true: Desire drives us too fast
Sometimes to places where sanity's long since passed
But sanity's fleeting and must be sought after
Come; let me find you some lodgings and laughter"

"No, mister! I'm a lost cause, my fate's without hope!
Permit me now to symbolize: I'm at the end of my rope!"
"Now miss don't you think like that, No one's soldered to their fate
Such thinking will confine you like a cage with bitter bait!"

This world's harsh and confusing and you've had the short stick
But don't let hopelessness be the only thing that's gonna make you tick
Like treading water in the ocean, panic makes you die
Find beauty out of terror, spread your arms and fly!"

The girl sat there blinking. She'd never heard such talk
She'd never been another thought on anybody's walk
"Now let me tell you, I'm not short on self doubt
But I've got to say: that's not what it's all about

See I met this boy earlier, who told me his story
About how the status of the world often makes him worry
This boy's actin' out, but he'll turn out just fine
But if you're giving up hope, then you're crossing the line

Because we've never needed Merry Men and Robin Hood
To stand up at bugle-call to turn the world good
We just need to remember: We're in it forever!
Fight the urge to look upward and shout angrily, 'Never!'

The world, good and bad, is mixed unto itself
And you can't take you your recipe book from the shelf
And add pinches of falsehoods like seasonings for a mask
You must fix it internally, for that is your task

See, though you've given up, that's something I just won't allow
You're gonna go out and fix it, let somebody show you how
Because there's more than one way to a proper conclusion
Some ways are hard and still others illusion

But become obsessed with the truth, with doin' things right
Become a shining green beacon to lead others at night
Promise me, here and now, in this alley proclaim!
That you will set forth and make good of your name."

The girl gently nodded and as time's hands were wound
She grew like a flower from that dank piece of ground
It's the tiny conversations that can so alter life
And cut the crust of complication like a peace-bringing knife

The boy with his brother who'd gone up in the fight
Was just like the cop said: he turned out alright
He put his mind to better things, gave up the childish art
And in the realm of history, his bio did its part

Because he realized how tangible the change he wanted was
He set aside resentments as the true reformer does
He spoke of love, acceptance. . . And then switched to compromise
Because when you're just a visionary, the vision always dies

He used the good and bad to weld a better, stronger, net
To catch the lost and lonely, his was the best support to get
He filled the heads of others with the change that he once viewed
And little inch by little inch corruption and violence met with feud

A verbal dispute filled with picketing people
Who shouted, "Change!" from their electronic steeple
And the media members had themselves a field day
As they caught on the camera what the boy had to say:

"Too often we forget, that apathy isn't peace
But we allow ourselves to be served it by the leaders filled with grease
And we skip along, ignoring things that should rightly upset us
Bombs abroad are wholly fine but not the one that's gonna get us

We've got to think of the whole picture, got to figure out the puzzle
Though you think the lion's fierce, it always has time to nuzzle
So let's switch the view and take on that trait
And put aside the thought that nuzzling can wait."

The cop saw the boy who was on T.V.
And said to himself, "that kid talked to me!
He smiled a bit, "his speech is pleasing as a wren
And in the case of my boasting, I'll say I knew him when!"

The girl wasn't taped, but she was out changing lives
By having conversations that we've likened to knives
And so it was when time was up on the impending revolution
Armed with words she voyaged forth to fufill her resolution

The boy and she stood side by side and led the people on
And using power words of choice, the old regime was gone
What started out as compromise, effloresced to peace and love
And the cop the two had talked to nodded at boy and girl above

A change in heart, a change in mind, can spark a worldly change
Though originality is difficult, ideas can rearrange
To fit the modern times, and indeed to mold it best
And the answer's sometimes difficult, but as we all know: life's a test

This boy and girl were lost, then found, and so was their whole world
And their string of conversations were around their finger curled
Reminding them that there was out there a better way to live
And revolution was the message that the cop had had to give
shåi Sep 2013
the simple thought
of you being mine
brings a inexplicably
lovely sensation everywhere
on my body

fufill my desire

the simple thought
of me being yours
brings a tingle that makes
me so happy

fufill my dream

the simple thought
of being loved
brings a desire
that i could never fufill

sweet ecstacy

the simple thought
of just being only yours

forbidden love

Danielle Rose Dec 2012
She sat bewilder and rejected by the world
her hair dreaded clothes torn and stained with time
remains torn
she gazed at me longing
seeking shelter from the storm
the rain poured upon her shoulders
a lost soldier among the scorn
I read into her character
as if the scene were a book
and I thought of all the jackals
who must've shook and took
she sat withered like a flower in the
midst of December
I could tell if left there she'd surely die from
the weather
I was this women and she was me
together we were locked
in mystery wondering
An exchange of a smile
and she was on her knees
begging for a ride a conversation
some relief
my door ajar
inviting her into a place of warmth and understanding
motherly I consoled
she was my sister daughter love
she was everyone I ever cared about
trapt in a cardboard box
with a shake of her hand I read her palm
her troubles and despair
I spared some change a ride and empathy
hoping it was enough for her
if I could only save her I'd change her
I'd  change the world but for now
I'll fufill my mission
and allow her soul to fufill hers
Marco Jimenez Mar 2010
my eyes cry a million tears
my heart feels many fears
my mind feels so alone
my life feels like there's nothing left
but im still going
im far from dead
no feelings left to feel
few experiences left to have

i can only think of one more thing
one that isnt so bad
you are my final experience left to be had
you make me happy
you make me sad
you make me feel everything
good and bad

you make me love you!
and its so sad
because you have no idea
and some would walk away
and just say
thats too bad

but ill stay here with you
ill pay my debt to you
and this i will never do
ill never leave you

because nothing can separate me from you
ive got one last thing to do
and that is to fufill my love to you

let the rain drip down your face
let the tears drain all of your fears
let the darkness fall to the floor
and i will make sure that nothing will hurt you anymore

let the wind brush through your hair
let me show you i will always be there
tell me what i must do
to forever be with you

if your friends leave you
and if mine do to
that doesn't mean we cant be true
beyond the end of time

your family might disapprove
and mine might too
this is gonna be difficult for me and you

but ill stay here with you
ill pay my debt to you
and this i will never do
ill never leave you

and on the foggiest days
ill make the skies look blue
and on the darkest nights
ill show you the sunlight

with one wing black
and one wing white
we will live between the dark
and the light

we will live our life
with strength and might
and be in our love
with passion and flight
- From The Strongest Among You
WoodsWanderer May 2016
Hey you
You with the crinkling eyes and the dancing laugh
with the arms that ensare my waist to throw me against
pure emerald mountain sides dripping with late spring rains
the shucking of pine bark to twirl wooden towers down lilting slopes
and the gangly limbs reaching towards the sky
in an attempt to capture the clouds
for the sole reason of dancing through their
you with the pure soul and poise fit enough for the queen
if only you were anatomically different
you would rule this world better than she
honesty running through your laughing veins
as you summit mountain after mountain
pure glacial eyes darting to capture mine
mischievious depths speaking of hidden love
I know you
so well.
Even though our friendship has been
2 months 30 days long
I know you better than I know myself
My best best friend you called me
as true as these wild trilliums we run past in an attempt to throw
the other into the lake
the fires which serve as a competitive twinkle in your eyes
we are so free.
You who contains the most pure soul
pure intentions I have ever come across
You are so loved
You are so perfect in your innocence
In the wise notes held in your fingertips
you provide wings to leap with.
I know there are waves trapped in your veins
calling for your brilliant smile.
I know when your head rests against my chest
it is with the innocence of a child
You are my best friend
My comrade in arms
My birch gatherer.
and this love spreading through my limbs
for your tired head and tumbling curls
is hard to ignore.
I know you are being called away
a bright future awaits
a familial expectation to fufill
I'm just here to tell you I will be waiting
In these mountains, these peaks
roaming annd laughing and dancing
waiting for the day my best friend realizes
his happiness is more important than others expectations
and I will be here
as free as when you first found me
ready for our adventures to begin
Come fly with me.
Danielle Rose Jan 2013
Industry hides under a cunning guise
in which we are blinded
They certainly aren't for you and yours
priorities are set on higher scores
Lost we are
in the wake of corporate greed
in which bottom feeders
fufill and satisfy the belly of this beast
Which pumps out plastics,toxins,and pollutants
in return for our dollar
Killing mother's purity
obscene individual study proves to be
and we overindulge for their prosperity
What a shame,a disgrace,a great pity
that we sell out to this unmerciful machine
I say we let mother be
just let her be
Dont let it be
The midday dog schemes and dreams
meanwhile my neighbourhood is so dim
not a scivvy to wash a dish
or a calico cat to fufill a wish
Isaac Mar 2011
Silver roses breaking hearts.
Beds with silver linings
And piles of piles.
Waiting all day in place
For a person.
Take a number,
stand in line.
You're not the first person here.
He takes up his instrument,
And plays one song.
The only song he knows.
The song of life.
Playing E sharps and B flats,
He composes as he plays.
But he's not improvising.
(He play's what's meant to be)
His song sounds different to all
Because their lifes goes to the music.
If he plays a bad chord,
You get backstabbed.
It he adds a sixth,
You lose a love.
If he plays a major,
You have a laugh.
If he plays a m7,
You fufill a dream.
But sometimes bad chords sound best.
And sometimes good chords make disharmony.
But then again,
Why do you care?
You don't decide your life,
He does.
Everyone is under his control.
Including him.
His song is powerful.
Even if he isn't.
His music is what sets him apart.
But he's just forcing you to hear his song.
You can't stop listening.
Even if you try.
He adds twists
And turns
And buckles
And cliffs
And jumps
And unrealistic explosions.
But, he doesn't know why he's even there.
He thinks,
"Why can't someone else play this?"
He's confused,
Is it true or is it not?
Or are his thoughts controlled by want?
He doesn't know,
So he continues on.
His song dies down,
Ending anti-climactically.
But as his story ends,
It starts again.
It turned out,
Time was cyclic.
All rights reserved by the Author.
Danielle Rose Dec 2012
Lately everything has been speaking to me
it started with the vines along my fence intertwining
I thought of all the paths it took to grow
up to the power line
and all the pieces reaching nothing
and left hanging
a reflection of the decisions and paths we take
some sending us higher
some leading us astray
never finding our way

The ocean spoke to me next
waving at me so inviting
telling me theres so much more to a surface
another world unexplored worth trying
dangerous and enticing
yet gentle and leaving me weightless
like a new infatuation or the love I'm currently riding

Then I saw the bee
working constantly
carrying the flowers seed
designed to fufill the flowers need
and make sweet honey
perfect for my tea
I realized everything has a purpose
including you and me

Then I saw an old man
at the end of his days
He was a brilliant writer
and would be remembered beyond
his grave
I realized that we are never finished
legends live on and never diminish

Finally I saw the stars
burning bright
millions of them held in the sky
and past them is an infinite space
and I am part of such a small
miraculous place and the world
is my oyster and I am one
of many pearls from the many walks of life
of all these beautiful boys and girls
and the feeling that engulfed me was eternity
Di Dec 2013
Maybe it is not 'love' that I crave.
Maybe it is simply touch.
Touch of skin on skin
Lustful and hot.

It is true
I believe that lustful want
Is as natural as eating or sleeping.
I cast off those who think it disgusting.

So maybe my body cries
Not for a companion in the darkness
But for a lover to explore
To fufill me and to be fufilled.

Or maybe not.
Maybe I want both
The kind feeling in a love
The ecstasy in a lover.

Nothing wrong with that,
I think.
Though I want these things,
I am still as immature as a ****** flower.
um, so this just happened. kind of a **** poem in a sense. comment if you wish.
Shai Tibbs Sep 2016
everyday i live life to fufill life as i wish to see it. work to get money so that everything could be payed off and me nd my people would'nt have to struggle. its just sad to se that i've become a victim to the system out tryna make a doller to be happy, making money, the idealistic view on all that i do...
losing sight on true happiness and what God had set out for me then i start to wonder God what is that you have set out for me, i guess i wouldn't know because our bond has become faint ...
as child i'd study you everyday with no hesitation because parents stayed on me about you...
now im on my own it seems money and ***** is all i can think of...
struggling trying to become something but all i'm doin is gaining and losing ...
i don't watch t.v. anymore because i dislike seeing those who have and wishing i was them i didn't want to idolize someone elses lifestyle of living because i am my own person and feel i have my own ways and my own thoughts of living and everytime i see how someone else made it i get dipressed because i didn't make it...
found love but been hurt so much that i have trust issues and it becomes hard for me to believe everything she may say though i do take the chance anyways because thats what i believe im suppose to do in a relationship...
i seen this video the other day that was pure art when set images of a man giving a woman his all but in the she decieved him and took from him his soul ... crazy but it really got to me ...
oh well we all interpret differently thats just how i felt...
my music my mind hasn't been the same I've been holding a lot in trying to keep from letting the world see me break down its crazy i just wanna help people but i can't even help myself im losing it constantly trying to find a career path and satisfy those around me feeling alone but she stands by me but when she goes i already sense imma lose control because she is the only peace i have...
when i look in her face i know all that i do all that i plan revolves around her i just want her to have the best to be the best and succeed in all she does...
she ask why do i love her so much ...
my only answer i can think of is because her life means more to me than mine and id go out of my way to make sure she has everything she could possibly want and i just wanna be right with christ i want to be one accord with him nd i feel secular music just stand in between what the Lord has set for me because how can i say im a christian and walk with christ if im preaching worldly thoughts ...
the war i attend in ...
doing things i don't want to do like joining the army yea a life changer and im happy for the teachings ive recieved though i don't understand much bout life and what success truly is on what i am told...
someone else interpretation put in my own words becoming my own thought and interpreted in my own way...
am i happy well i can't complain for im still alive...
but dead at the same time because my focus isnt where it needs to be because my life isn't as i wish it to be...
am i satisfied...
with what...
how can i be...
i can't even please myself in this thing we called life...
thats me what about you are you Satisfied?
Overwhelmed Jul 2012
I am stretched out my bed
as the fan whirls furiously above me
and the TV people dance
their dance on mute
and the music pours out
of my speakers

this book of poems
is very good

it’s got Bukowski and Ginsberg,
who I already know,
and people with names like
“Jack Grape” and
“Sharon Olds”

(though I have not gotten
to their poems yet)

it's a book all about
the poets who dared
to not be

the ones who wrote
about *******
in simple terms
wrote about their fights
with their landlords
and their ex-girlfriends

they wrote of drinking
and of hang-overs

of jobs they did not like
and dreams they would never fufill

they described love
as it was
not as it should

this  is the sort of poetry I write,
or at least, I attempt to write
and laid out on my twin bed
I felt very much one of them

inspired only by the improbability
of my existence

I am
flotsam drifting with the currents,
experiencing each wave
and smiling at the chance
to bask in the sunshine
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2019
All this feels unfair
Watch my life spiral down
Truth is you keep unhappiness
Hidden somewhere buried underground

The day chains you wrapped around
Reality wriggle from your grasp
The day I escape for good
Your clutches I will unclasp

Able to make own mistakes
Is power in free will?
That is taken away therefore
Cruel prophecy I must fufill

There is not a solution to be had
Not any compromise to be found
Guard the door to maturity
Stubborn minds not able to reach common ground

Get bent out of shape
Each time go a tiny bit wild
Try to talk to you like an adult
Audacity makes me behave as a child

Trapped greif you need to cause
Gave me no other way out
A moment of panic I flee
Taking worst possible route

Won't come to your senses
Strip naked all you do fear
Nothing left to lose
What the **** will you gain by keeping me here?
This is about my mom
Sean Banks Jun 2014
My phone was down
To one percent tonight
And I’m not going to lie

I was scared.

I thought it was a sign

A sign that I might be
Running thin…..

Over indulging.

Work and liquor have been walking hand in hand down the street
Likes its 1950.

And I don’t like a lot of
People these days
Whether or not that’s because
I am reading lots of Bukowski ,
Is yet to be determined.

I think I can blame Bukowski
On the work/ liquor combo.
Maybe it’s time for a new job.

The day I quit working in an insulation factory
Was the day I finished reading “Post Office”
On my lunch break.
It was poetic.

Yet this Art Gallery
gig could be a good
Summertime tool
I am reading “Women” afterall.
And I do get to work easier hungover
Then when sober, and sleeping in.

I took a deep hard look at myself
The characters that surround
Me the places that I
Live and love and the things I like and love to do

It’s the honest truth
That I am confused

And young
And yet to evolve
And full of love

I ride in the back of trucks, on
hockey stick spoilers and broken bumpers

With long hair you can say the words like

without being ridiculed.
Kids don’t go back to school
because if I became a teacher
the world would have a few more
smarter fools and a whole
lot more kids.

Maybe as a teacher,
I could inspire, and make one percent of a difference
Or even more.

A child teaching children,
What a concept!

“Never grow up 101” and  “Introduction to smiling”
If I could fufill learning to this stage,
It would be the world striking
And not the teachers.

Maybe its time for the youth of the planet
To strike back.

As an ode to the dead phone I once
Needed to recharge,
With a full battery of energy
I vow to live up to my full capacity as a tool of change
If my cell phone does to.

“Time to watch a little less Netflix and family guy kids,
lets turn on a Ted Talk, if you like them and want to be able
to outsmart those pesky grown ups, you should watch
them at home too!”

Ted Talks today’s lesson,
The peoples uprising in Egypt tomorrow.

There is a one percent chance of this happening.
CE Feb 2016

Joe Cole Dec 2013
No permanent home no mobile phone he doesn't need any of that
All that he needs, all that he wants carried in a bag on his back

No hot morning shower to brighten his day just a dip in an icy cold stream
He wanders the byways and small country roads seeking to fufill his dreams

He needs no soft bed under a roof just a grassy bed under the moon
Far does he travel the small country roads, he needs no bus train or tram

He's quite content with the life that he chose, the life of a wandering man
No beer or fine wines will he ever drink, for him cool clean water is fine

His dinner food that nature provides so no worries about earning a wage
His life is an unfinished book, each new day the start of an unwritten page

He's content living this way under the sun and the stars
He knows it will end as for all men it must when he finally writes the last page
I've reposted this in response to Travelers Hobo poem, I've called him a wanderer and all countries have them
Leila Valencia Jun 2017
To become something more, I tell you less
And as you grow into someone more, less you know

And so I write, to make sense, but my writings writher with time.....

Each slash on paper, do not complete me.
Each tense does not fufill me, but these writings stand with time.

I write - now-  less you feel you know - but my writings will be a piece that.... will sit quietly forever.
writing and feeling like whatever you write is not complete
Em Nov 2015
Well it's over. It's done.
I have given every piece of myself to you.
You have won.
Everything I have, is yours.
I feel vulnerable. Naked. Exposed.
I have nothing kept for myself.
Nothing left to hold onto.
I've been happy about that decision until now.
Now all I can thing is how badly this will hurt me if you chance your mind.
God, I hope you're not just using me to fufill your momentary desires.
I hope that you don't wake up one morning and decide you've had enough.

Because it'll **** me.

All my cards are in your hands, play responsibly.
Written 10.18.15
Grace E Jan 2019
You’re a shade of brilliant earth
I, a hue of sapphire sea
O, the gravitational pull
A pale pink philosophy
The relentless ebb and flow
that exists between you and me

You’re a refining element
I, here to fufill your wishes
The night brings soft caresses
And chamomile kisses
Rolling in our white sheets
In a passion so delicious
Jordan stenberg Oct 2013
In a week i get my chance to right the biggest wrong in my life and if your not clear is i am not looking to ruin anyone's night by any means but i will do something that no one has to do
to break this idea that We Nice guys finish last     you see i am coming for one reason and it is to fufill lifes promise you see i am fighting everything in my path my family turning against me a jack *** and something more clear its funny that   being filled with hate is not the best for someone like  me because when your past is always trying to knock on your door you make the same mistake  i made the mistake of  letting my emotions control me you see  when something is started with me i **** well i am gonna finish it so time to show the world the truth about what i feel
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2019
I do not know why I am crying
Why I feel like dying
There is no reason for these tears
One after the next appears
Though you have said nothing wrong
I am feeling like I don't belong
Sitting here inside and alone
You do not mind that I'm on my own
It hurts although I do not know why
I'm not used the indifference in your eye
I suppose I am still surprised by the sting
Being treated as if I'm nothing
I finally believe I deserve the neglect
I mean after all I've done what did I expect?
Why would you want this wreck by your side?
If I were you my presence I would hide
So I am attempting to fufill the space you crave
Hoping our relationship distance will save
With every passing minute it's harder to sit still
Wondering if our animosity has grown too large to ****
If you truly don't want me around
I'll stay far away where I won't be found
I do not blame you for becoming tired
Of the company you once desired
If we are both better off with me gone
Be happier without me from now forever on
I am leaving tomorrow and soon you'll be free
From the stress, confusion, and negativity
No longer will you have to watch me through the night
Scared for my safety after the worst fights
No more unprovoked feelings of jealousy
No drama. No pain. No love. No me.
I have only myself to blame for expecting so much more than you can give
Senor Negativo Apr 2017
A man who is hungry
is incapable of stealing bread.
Theft is a sin of desire.
The bread does not belong to the baker,     the sunlight and soil, and the water
that nourished the wheat
belong to God alone.
If the baker is not hungry
then he does not need the bread.
But the hungry man takes to fulfill need.
The bread is not stolen,
but provided by God, to fufill our needs.
Their is no sin
where there is need fulfilled.
It is only poverty of faith
that brought him to his hunger.
And poverty of faith is not a sin,
but a most high blessing.
Do not try to use this defense in court, especially in America; You will lose your case.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2019
Why do I continually ****** my happiness into other peoples arms when they can never hold the weight very long?

My entire world I gift without the slightest hesitation

To a person who never asked to bear my burden

Never wanted the responsibility of taking care of my heart

Of course the life dangling from their fingers isn’t important-

-It is not their obligation to fufill

Whenever you are near me next

I will ****** my smile right out of your clumsy hands

And take back the happiness you so shakily held

If it is not already too late...
Don’t put your happiness in other people’s hands. They’ll drop it, every single time.
Emma Nicole Mar 2017
I can see the future. Someday
Your stale eyes will glance over
Mine and finally decide that
They're looking for another.
You deny, deny, deny, but
I know what lives inside your
Mind and finds desires that
I have left, unable to fufill.
I'm waiting in limbo, knowing
The What but not the When or the Why.
Therefore. I'll lick up every
Last drop of affection and hold it
In the back of my throat
Because nothing lasts forever,
Does it?
Quiet Justin Jan 2019
We don't have alot.
We want things.
We want happiness.
And sometimes we don't have enough of it.
Sometimes we find new information
A chance to fufill our need
And when we pry for more,
No matter the build up,
We can be set up for disappointment.
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2020
I think you look but fail to see
What's right in front of your eyes
The problems steadily harassing me
You don't seem to recognize

If it was up to you we'd live
Like this forever I suppose
Mistake after mistake I forgive
Staying through highs and lows

But you keep saying things will change
I'm a fool so I believe
Stupid how I find lies strange
After all this time why am I still naive?

Looking down on my lack of will
When I can't follow through on my word
Your promises you don't try to fufill
The hypocrisy is absurd

I wish I knew how you felt about me
Wish I could read your mind
When I ask you simply ignore my plea
So your feelings remain undefined

You say you love me just as much
As you did when this began
But something feels different in your touch
I honestly don't understand

My attraction for you increases every day
Every second that passes by
More and more you are pulling away
While I'm left here asking why

I work so hard to fix this mess
So both our wounds can heal
Going in circles
Make no progress
Like a hamster running a wheel

But I'll never give up hope
I'll remain devoted and strong
Even if we reach the end of our rope
I'll continue holding on
Because when you love something you fight for it no matter how hard it gets

— The End —