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Anastasia Oct 21
I can't escape from you
You're keeping me
Hidden away
Not letting me love
Anyone else
Your smile is paralyzing
Your eyes are heart-stopping
Everything you do
Brings me back farther
I can't escape from you
So why should I try
Can't run away
From the way you look at me
From the way you glance down
From the way you smirk
You're deadly
But somehow
You're keeping me alive
I'm bound
To your soul
Whether you want it
Or not
You can try to push me away
But absence makes the heart grow fonder
You're the definition
Of angelic
I can't help
But think of you
Every time
I breathe
Every step
Is meant to get closer to you
To touch your skin
Feel your lips on mine
Revel in the friction
I can't escape from you
But then again
I don't want to
Simon Oct 7
Souls don’t have friction, if there without clear instructions to what’s being used for? Meant to combine the velocity of aspects surrounding the pure energy from growing without endangering itself. Souls becoming too powerful without layers. Layers interpreting logical statements of what good values is growing over itself for protection. Layers protecting itself. Protecting itself from the one that needs sheltering. Forcing more layers to follow in direction. Direction forcing more layers to protect itself more over, then pure energy endangering itself too much! Prompting the ideal for conquest in the face of chaos. Chaos sharing varieties without clarity. Clarity taunting the individual switching off any claims to servitude. Who’s this individual? Umm…clarity itself? (Sighs EVERYWHERE!!!) Energy isn’t withholding itself anymore. It’s destabilizing altogether! Pressure doesn’t come with layers. Endangerment is consequence. The ideal claim without surfaces. Surfaces needing layers without logical statements evolving proudly. Evolving flaws meaning to pace itself out. Clean up the act so chaos can protrude reasoning. Basic fundamental truth of life itself. So, which is it…? Souls without layers! Or dynamic layers ******* energy material too fearful to crack without confrontation? Exceeding the limitations of presence alone. Were all doomed! However, why isn’t there a claim to any of this? Friction has another backbone in its surface. It’s cleverly silent.
Time and place for all things to rub surfaces together. Layers aren't that great when challenged by something that doesn't make sense to itself. Clear varieties when looking deep within.
EzraZebra Aug 15
Anything goes
Nothing comes
Fading and taunting

Mocking and pushing
me to give up
Pushing me to carry on

Shows me the answers
To life and being
Takes them away
And burns them up

Ashes in my hands
Hold the seeds of hope
Slip through bony fingers
Fingers bleeding and

Seeping and sleeping

Words and thoughts
Fiction and friction
******* around and
shutting down

Hiding, abiding
Sliding and fighting
Fighting for existence
Cursing persistence
Joanna Jul 23
The waves crash on a rocky seashore, 
incredible how the rocks stand, a little 
more worn. 

Smoothed by the friction of movement, 
refined in the washing, they stand. 

And, I wonder if that's not the same as

recreated and arranged when it seems
like it's all sinking sand.
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Poetic T Feb 24
We are all hurricanes with a tight environment,
             Sometimes we pass each other..

                      Low pressure meets high pressure,
and all that happens is a storm within a tea cup..

                                       But even they overflow
and condensing emotions..
                      that don't descend causes a friction
that can  release a static discharge
                                      that doesn't only
hit once but twice...

             And all hit the ground with a failure of restriction.

Where all a weather system
               of contemplation.
Emotions either glide on the wind
                                   or release on the unwitting below.
No matter everyone will feel the brunt of a storm sometime
Amanda Feb 23
All this feels unfair
Watch my life spiral down
Truth is you keep unhappiness
Hidden somewhere buried underground

The day chains you wrapped around
Reality wriggle from your grasp
The day I escape for good
Your clutches I will unclasp

Able to make own mistakes
Is power in free will?
That is taken away therefore
Cruel prophecy I must fufill

There is not a solution to be had
Not any compromise to be found
Guard the door to maturity
Stubborn minds not able to reach common ground

Get bent out of shape
Each time go a tiny bit wild
Try to talk to you like an adult
Audacity makes me behave as a child

Trapped greif you need to cause
Gave me no other way out
A moment of panic I flee
Taking worst possible route

Won't come to your senses
Strip naked all you do fear
Nothing left to lose
What the **** will you gain by keeping me here?
This is about my mom
Masin Dec 2018
Looking straight at the sea
When the sun sets
Creating this flare
Pink and white  
In the air
Silhouette clouds forming
Later to evaporate
A great spot, time and place
Lady Grey Jun 2018
Whimsy clouds, dark with rain
Swirling, whirling,
Filled with the pinks and blues and shades of sunset,
Do threaten the eager earth below

To spill its contents in a furious roar
To empty itself with passion
To drench the dry bones
Of many weeks

With that passion comes the lightning
The static of too much friction for far too long
That dances and crackles through the air
Filling the quiet before the storm;


The clouds are dark,
The dripping sunset no longer visible through the staccato sky
Though the yellow warning arises,
Casting the world in eerie shadow
Watching a thunderstorm on a hill is beautiful, awe-inspiring, and incredibly stupid
Josh Overson Feb 2018
I solidified into stone, I had no heart.
I thought I was alone, I met your spark.
The cold metal scraped the walls,
Creating friction inside the halls.
Where were we supposed to be?

Hoping to cover my hurt,
I stripped my shorts and shirt.
A little early to giveaway needs,
We have ties yet to be relieved.
I know I’m lost, so don’t look for worth.
I know it’ll cost, but so does rebirth.
You never saw my fake joy,
Never saw that I’ll always be an abused toy.
But couldn’t careless if your dark eyes were blind,
Your dark eyes found a way to sooth my mind.

I’m scared as hell...
“I know that this was hard to find,
But we need to wait some time”
The longer we we wait
The more you’ll see
That I’m not all that great
And I’m nothing you’ll ever need
I’m just gonna let you down too
I’m sorry
It’s all I could ever do

I hope to be there in the morning,
Every second adoring.
I miss your room,
Can we realign soon?
I have great hope for this flame.
I’ll befriend the frame.
I’ll meet change.
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