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Falling as the stars fall,
Tethered to you.
We felt the forces of gravity and friction all too soon.
Anastasia Nov 2020
a burning passion
so hot
it set my heart on fire
a freezing distance
so cold
it froze the tears in my eyes
a yearn for friction
so urgent
my skin cried for love
It is your love
and mine
Together create frictions
and sparks fire
fire of joy
they glow
Anastasia Mar 2020
the curve of your neck
the tilt of your head
the shape of your lips
shiny eyes as tears are shed
shattered glass
in the corners of your eyes
glittering slivers
never-ending highs
the way you move
the form of your thighs
the flick of your wrists
whisper pretty lies
tongue tasting
liking what it finds
can't escape the friction
twisting in your binds
pleasure taking you
out of your mind
wanting it forever
but running out of time
all on your own
watching you sway
moving to the rhythm
you know i'll stay
lost in you
drinking you in
hope you remember
my lips on your skin
look at me
with suffocating green eyes
fingers interlaced
underneath ashen skies
Glenn Currier Feb 2020
the shifting layers of gravel and soil,
the thin crust of busyness
and distractions
are the hours of merging and melting
from our friction and romance,
in other words
the love and trust
that is our bedrock.
Matthew Nov 2019
I want the moon
to be ours 
Not Yours Not Mine
in lunar madness we orbit
horizontal to the dark side
full on the mouth
in half dressed lust 
quartered in love shivers 
le soleil I'm your sun
burning masculine
la lune your my sultry luna
dripping female form
night lighting
electric snow
basking amour 
Not Mine Not Yours 
Our Moon
Anastasia Oct 2019
I can't escape from you
You're keeping me
Hidden away
Not letting me love
Anyone else
Your smile is paralyzing
Your eyes are heart-stopping
Everything you do
Brings me back farther
I can't escape from you
So why should I try
Can't run away
From the way you look at me
From the way you glance down
From the way you smirk
You're deadly
But somehow
You're keeping me alive
I'm bound
To your soul
Whether you want it
Or not
You can try to push me away
But absence makes the heart grow fonder
You're the definition
Of angelic
I can't help
But think of you
Every time
I breathe
Every step
Is meant to get closer to you
To touch your skin
Feel your lips on mine
Revel in the friction
I can't escape from you
But then again
I don't want to
Simon Oct 2019
Souls don’t have friction, if there without clear instructions to what’s being used for? Meant to combine the velocity of aspects surrounding the pure energy from growing without endangering itself. Souls becoming too powerful without layers. Layers interpreting logical statements of what good values is growing over itself for protection. Layers protecting itself. Protecting itself from the one that needs sheltering. Forcing more layers to follow in direction. Direction forcing more layers to protect itself more over, then pure energy endangering itself too much! Prompting the ideal for conquest in the face of chaos. Chaos sharing varieties without clarity. Clarity taunting the individual switching off any claims to servitude. Who’s this individual? Umm…clarity itself? (Sighs EVERYWHERE!!!) Energy isn’t withholding itself anymore. It’s destabilizing altogether! Pressure doesn’t come with layers. Endangerment is consequence. The ideal claim without surfaces. Surfaces needing layers without logical statements evolving proudly. Evolving flaws meaning to pace itself out. Clean up the act so chaos can protrude reasoning. Basic fundamental truth of life itself. So, which is it…? Souls without layers! Or dynamic layers ******* energy material too fearful to crack without confrontation? Exceeding the limitations of presence alone. Were all doomed! However, why isn’t there a claim to any of this? Friction has another backbone in its surface. It’s cleverly silent.
Time and place for all things to rub surfaces together. Layers aren't that great when challenged by something that doesn't make sense to itself. Clear varieties when looking deep within.
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