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SoAverage Feb 14
If there was faith ,Demons wouldn't have a place to stand

If the was faith we would not be blind to the lies of the  world

If there was faith where would I be

What is faith is the first question for my  reason that I lack faith
If is just a word presumably  preferred in children's book placing the hopes and desire on their own illusion

Ask for a little water while you're in hell
SoAverage Feb 14
I don't  think  on  this  earth  there's  perfect  partner  for me even if he was there  I dont think he will  be part  of my life  .  Phemelo Sparkling Dime

We so young but we're  afraid to feel anything
Numb to the belief that the universe set out a script  that inspired the stories of  Cupit to aim for the stars  instead struck a heart  

Lonely and sad waiting on a glimpse of a chance  
That the universe will aline and find what you're looking for

Setting the scenario for two people to catch eye contact with one another souls in the middle of the mass

Buzzing with busy people caught up  in their own problems to care

In the middle of that sand of confusion
Everything makes senses

That nothing else matters  except for this moment

The gruesome truth is that in a generation of emotionless  people  moving  through the  motions
Is that angels fall and cupit is drunk on his love affairs  

Possibility of him aiming  for the stars is a misconception instead his arrow landed on our eyes  leaving us blind

Call it falling  in love
Maybe we just fear to let  go of  our  hearts  and watch it fall  to the ground of eternal pain and break

Soul mates who mated with the souls of others leaving them hurt , broken and in pain  trying to pass on the the pain to other  so they can feel the same heartbreak saying they have feelings
Looting each other like sells men of  deception in the name  of love

Filled with greed and envy cursing love cause we don't love we know the pain from wanting it and never receiving  it

Using each other in order to fulfil ones needs while tearing each other apart  in the process

While Cupit watches from his  one room   apartment   drinking his poison watching us film ******* instead of making  love

Hoping we feel the pain cause he also loved someone but forever was just a name
SoAverage Feb 14
The stars sparkle and a shine in the dark void of  the universe

Writing love letters to one another to remind them that they will never be alone

Reaching for one another
True love seems so distant to me
Is the universe mocking me
Making a joke of me
Something to be laught at

Am I not worthy of love
Nature has the rain to remind it that the clouds form together a partnership to give it a reason to love this misarable life that does more damage  than good to it

Than why does dark clouds  float over  me raining  questions upon questions

Who am I to hold the answers to this pain

The one thing I want so bad  is not good to me

Associated with loneliness as if my heart has found a new relationship with lonesome  days

Don't I deserve to be a reason whatever it may be to be someone's one and only

Only  to realise  that I'm all alone, sad and without love
SoAverage Feb 14
I used to say I know myself so I could judge myself
Now I am what I am

I am the centre of my own universe Instilled with alter egos that bring forth a pain that's hidden in a place where it  can not be found

Just like the moon a servant of this world but somewhere I am a tin god that brings light to someone dark path where no hope is found .
The title of the book is "Brainwashed from the start -so hold your breath .

Reason for the the name I question if what we were told is normal or truth is really what it seems
SoAverage Oct 2020
Face paint and mirrors would make the fairy tale more believable

Mirror on the wall can you see that the walls around you are about to crash and fall
Not one to break a sweat ,you've been known for breaking human logic
Dissembled on the ground
It just my seven years of bad luck.

Mirror on the wall tell me it will be fine
A smile that can last a little longer ,but a happy frown just don't stand a chance faced with you.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall ,tell me  one day I will know how it is to feel again
Pain leaves one numb after a while of feeling too much

Mirror on the wall, do you see that I am about to explode
Choices are just a ticking time bomb

Mirror ,Mirror on the wall she claimed to have saved me but I am still falling
Now that you are broken into pieces, my blessings that reflected the peace you reflected on me have vanished.
Mirror on the wall is me talking to my old less broken version of my soul ,that I mention the mirror so much,at this moment if more my soul breaking more than physical realm
SoAverage Feb 2020
She wants to be a star
She wants the fame but can't afford the time climbing up the ladder
So the stars is what she's after
She'll tell you that time is the Being hidden inside Death's cloak
She's on prescription but who am I to tell her stop
The glitz and glamour is a selfish human ambition on the other side of the the mirror
Because stars rain from the sky and burn up because they weren't able to fufill the dream
Maybe because we only gave only half a loaf
We offer it as a sacrifice

You said you want a guy who can take you place
The promises of modeling deals from strangers
Who are Wolves trying to sound like sheep
How pitiful

But I wanted a different star
I wanted the West kind of star
I wanted a ***** dish kind of actress
With body measurements that screamed gorgeous everytime time I lay my eyes on you
With hazel blues eyes to match her description
Can't believe the iris determines the color of the beautiful blue ocean that God has gifted you with
With a bust size of 112cm
Just like Solomon,I'm wise enough to give praise for every part I consider gold
Rose Gold is the type of flower I would pick
If we had to measure up to our perfection l wouldn't stand a chance
Cause she's 5 ft 5 / 165 in cm
She so beautiful that they pay her to do ***** dishes
All I wanted was a Libra,
Just to see if I can connect with the stars
SoAverage May 2019
Let me run with the runaways
Chasing the paper while my enemies are right behind
Were on a mision to disobey
Break all the rules and keep the ones we like
Like coming  back at my own time
Even though im still a child
Cause i think im old enough
How wrong am i
Walking into the unknown like i know
What i know you've known for a long time
But i think i know better
Late nights of unknown dreams
2A.M is the time of the nights i spend thinking about you
That i cant be my own man until i get my own  house
That I own no man's daughter unless i put a ring on her finger
That passage walking is why clean dudes  get robbed
Dangerous ****** like to grab and hold
With a grip strong as a lion's jaw
But i am slippery like a frog i'll find a way to escape
That I walk far away from these wall during dawn
Cause they can  turn those walls into a cage
Surrounde  by gang
People who want what they want
Even life is not guaranteed
So what ever price you have in your pocket
Just hand it over
They prefer to walk in a pack
Wolves ready to jump on an opportunity
Any one who looks innocent could be next in line
With nice kicks ,that tells everything about  where his from
So dodgy areas aint the place to be singing about sunshine and rainbows

With a pure heart  ,I can greet you
But with a ***** mind i can decieve you
My best poems are written after midnight
Where only sinners know
Demons using their souls as a 9-5

Listening to cars where driving is a man's 9-5

He who drive is in danger
But those who walk have seen death a thousand
For a thousand lives that never came home .
This poem is a warning about the dangerous of walking home late cause you never know what someone might do
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