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Let me run with the runaways
Chasing the paper while my enemies are right behind
Were on a mision to disobey
Break all the rules and keep the ones we like
Like coming  back at my own time
Even though im still a child
Cause i think im old enough
How wrong am i
Walking into the unknown like i know
What i know you've known for a long time
But i think i know better
Late nights of unknown dreams
2A.M is the time of the nights i spend thinking about you
That i cant be my own man until i get my own  house
That I own no man's daughter unless i put a ring on her finger
That passage walking is why clean dudes  get robbed
Dangerous ****** like to grab and hold
With a grip strong as a lion's jaw
But i am slippery like a frog i'll find a way to escape
That I walk far away from these wall during dawn
Cause they can  turn those walls into a cage
Surrounde  by gang
People who want what they want
Even life is not guaranteed
So what ever price you have in your pocket
Just hand it over
They prefer to walk in a pack
Wolves ready to jump on an opportunity
Any one who looks innocent could be next in line
With nice kicks ,that tells everything about  where his from
So dodgy areas aint the place to be singing about sunshine and rainbows

With a pure heart  ,I can greet you
But with a ***** mind i can decieve you
My best poems are written after midnight
Where only sinners know
Demons using their souls as a 9-5

Listening to cars where driving is a man's 9-5

He who drive is in danger
But those who walk have seen death a thousand
For a thousand lives that never came home .
This poem is a warning about the dangerous of walking home late cause you never know what someone might do
Hats off to the honest truth cause I can't deal with the lies that I'm okay cause I'm not.

I'm afraid like a little kid in the dark so I have to **** Micky Mouse ,because I have to grow up hoping the pain will go away. I can't face the mirror without seeing a frown.
So yeah I'm a sad clown who never got the chance to cry .Its painful to be in this position ,stuck in the mud having to dance to their tune of suicidal thoughts as if I'm losing my mind to my demons sleepless nights of rotten teeth ,as they watch me in pain and laugh .
Its hard to see God in the struggle,what's **** to my problems and demons they all seem the same, Trying not to sink under the pressure with cold feet.

Were just misfits trying to figure out how to fit into the grown up world. This year has been **** for me ,today seems to  be the worst .I want to rise up but I don't see the sunrise but I love the moon but at the moment I need some vitamin D. Not to say that he's won but it's better than what?
Drugs ...not at the moment cause I'm might be already dead .

I want to learn how to love her ,but I might lose her among the stars cause I lost focus and it scares me more than anything.
Cause I lost Micky Mouse trying to find her but I found your crown Queen cause you rule my heart .I'm losing words but I have every reason to tell you "you mean the world to me, even if I don't own the world."

Popping pills in the Club House and let me dance to the pain till it goes away ,let the rain wash away my pain cause were just a depressed generation so I kind of understand.

— The End —