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I do eat people
sometimes, they escape
they knock at the door
impatiently tapping my
the oak wood, their feet
humming a tune
that is completely,
utterly empty

I am locked up in the mad house
and for good reason too
When I let people in,
I close the door
When you step through
the doorway
any longer.
Hi :) its been awhile but I decided to start posting again and need all the help I can get, so please, tell me what you all think, especially if you don't like it
Descovia Jul 30
Choking on fears.
Fighting for oxygen.
Bringing my eyes
all in view once never seen.
My voice has no power
Questionable feelings, no power to scream.
The need to breathe
Nothing more than
product of a dream.
Scratches running down my arm
Numbing my body.
Silhhouette of the beast
Disturbing my peace
Trying to consume my soul
Unobtainable in solace
Reality repeats, all is lawless
I am motionless in
an unstable transition.
The world of the in between
The dead and the living.
Vulnerable in astral world
Connection to ancestors in deep sleep
The past or the future of possibilities.
My essence roams freely.
Disconnection from all of me.
I can't feel you there.
Where are you?!
Descovia Jul 20
I am going through a lot
Who even needs water?
I rather drown in fire.
Can't save me don't even bother
Words my to mother,
I rather it be me. better than any other
Give a ****  you know less, why would you provide any offer.
I give love and hate better than what you must suffer....
Know you miss me. I am watching the movie play over & over
on the parts, that delayed and buffered.  
I had enough of the *******
I am losing all myself to every bit of this.
Most of ya'll fake
friend and pretend
with given signs from wind
to be in the Blues but you CLUELESS,
what I even put myself through to just do this!
I'm trying to make this world, safe for my son.
Elijah was all that I had and I promise he's not my only number one!
Murderous vibes resonate within both minds.
My other ego spontaneously showing shifting signs.
It all goes on. I'm taking what's left of our time.
Might be my dark side before it's any time of mine
It's not pase, (*******)  wei (dude).
I'm going cold as snow, emotional tides through these lines.
RIP my brother Isaiah, Joseph, Raylin and Byron
Go off the page, I might sign off  with the
noise in my head, SCREAMING, sound off. There's no Sleeping With Sirens.
Hear me scream and roar, no part of me is dying. I'm a BEAST like Buttonz. (artist from Laredo, Texas)
Mightier than any lion.
Not lying. This **** is for the birds. Although, none of this is flying.
I am done losing blood and tears. In a frantic frenzy, frolic frequently for final fallen fantasy, fading by Furious Fears.
Looking into the crystal cause it's all that gave me clarity.
I could not get that, from looking into the mirror. Other side not clear. Parallel dimensional traveling, I have no choice to go with the flow. No matter if I break, brake, or even try to steer
I am done falling behind.
From the gutter, growing our way back to the grind.
Ya'll trying to keep up with these times and rhymes.
I am just trying to show the hate
in this world nothing will stop a peace-fighter I will fire. TAKE COVER. Before you shame me with hate as a fake lover.
Words fall on  false promises. In all love and honor. I am doing my damnest as a one of a kind father.
Wish they would place the blame on another
I believe in you, I believe him, I believe in her and his mother.
Motha-*****, don't need bad spells to cast hell.
Why you deserve heaven, if you will cross lines
to cross your own brother!?
****. I will do anything, to revive them all and unconditionally love all additionally, with an unstable mother!
Is it all enough? What the ****?
What the ******* mean?
You think all of this makes me a King?
I rather you have freedom
****. What I stand for in terms of a kingdom.
Kingdom come. Kingdom goes.
I know King-Kong won't try me unless
I feel bold enough
To get the biggest piece and try to eat him!
I rather deceive him.
Everyday's my energy's depleting, heart's broken and it keeps beating. I am still fighting. Sword's broken.
I'm still bleeding. Why the hell, am I still here?
I should be ******* leaving.....
My child's still here, I gotta keep breathing
Full of Shenanigans, we are randomness at fullest. Even Stevens.
I am ready to die for everyone I speak for and believe in!
Give a **** less, if you wish downfall on my success.
You cannot spellbound me to anything less.
Gonna push myself to go, Isaiah will always be my reason.
Ya witch.
The final installment of Ice Fire.
You will feel my fire to the point where it's cold.
You will understand, you should have not cross the lines.
I am not going to fail any child on earth.
Especially my own. Isaiah, I love you.
Skyler Feb 13
Valentine's Day, I'd sooner choke.
On sarcasm, on cynicism, on smoke,
Pollute my lungs with tragedy.
Let me not hear sickening words,
Regurgitated love, deadened eyes,
Empty promises, reused lines.

A worldwide joke
That we are all in on
We all laugh along
Year after ****** year.
And you weep when love ends,
Falling away so soon.
As if the day
Would have fixed your issues
Guess how I feel about Valentine's Day
Descovia Sep 2021
Death before dishonor. My mindset is intricate. Trauma trapped in terror, taking toll, lost from destiny's control, this soul carry scars, from my ancient lineage!

Our hearts creates the art, empowered by our voice, we wield foundational instruments!
Breaking through depression since, as an adolescent, resisting and reversing the barriers of resentment!
Momma told me. "Power is present in your mind. Do not believe your human body is impaired or limited!"
Beyond the eyes, that foreseen demise. Do not perceive these lies, which altered the design, that'll strip you away of your abilities and privileges!

The conquest to eradicate prolonging diseases. Just to keep all adjust to maintain a fit!
The virus is eternal, for I refuse to allow this hatred, to make me sick! She says "You wield too much pride in your influence"
  I will carry on, strong, sharpen as the sword of might, for him as a savior of the light!
Battling. No matter, if both wrists slit!
Descovia Aug 2021
Tragedies will arrive and depart

Just like the problem(s) you did not ask for.

A solution(s) never fails to assist the occasion

Life will always have a way.
I love you Kimberly Anduaga.
Happy Birthday Queen!
Skyler May 2021
Will you come meet me
At the horizon?
Past the willow trees,

Through the meadows,
Where their bodies
Rot and decompose.

The crows come to feast
On unspoken promises
And love that has ceased.

Now look ahead
Across the frozen lake,
Where few dare to tread,

Lest their disguise
Shatter and sink
Before sunken eyes

Beyond the wasteland
Of woes and lovers
You'll come to stand.

Where beats cry in the night
Woeful of those before
Now passing as mere wights.

Gazing at the cosmos,
I lie still
Having kept my soul close.

Will you come meet me
At the horizon
Past the willow trees?
The corners singed
Smoke rising
It was on too long
So not surprising
Next time I won't read:
The email, the text, or the
Instagram message.
Tomorrow I'll forget
I'll flick the switch
And my mind will drift
Like a balloon sailing out to sea
And once again burnt toast
Will be waiting for me
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.

I burnt the toast again tonight. Good thing. A poem came of it.
Descovia Mar 2021
Loving what is not meant to be

Is a lot more detrimental than holding

on to anything hurting you.

Spare yourself from the pain

That is undeserving of you and your moral character.

Why people remember what, make them feel a certain way?

Over what we, make them think?

If hatred could be consumed like nutrition
would you poison yourself?

To satisfy nerve-ending hunger or undying thirst?

Why must we endure the worse of times?
Testing a will under elements to be broken under merciless conditions

Just to have a taste of the pleasure we ultimately deserve!

What is love?

What is life?

How do we seek truth?
If the world uses spells
to spell our demise.
Looking into mirror
I see more than one face
and a story following multiple timelines
as our human eyes convert electronical text
using our brain to decipher encrypted codes and signs

What is there to me?
When I have been to places
that most eyes cannot even see
Never needed deep meditation
or any form of super drug as a pill.

In a world where reality and fiction stand still

If I am living my dreams. Then why must my
dreams question my living, therefore  is existence even real?

How can one connect to others emotionally?

If few of us, have emotions we have yet to feel?

It's too late to move forward.

Why you keep turning back?

If you never gave it a try in the first place?

Why complain about an outcome that is not even a possibility?  

Doing the same routine for the longest

have not changed the process of your decision making?

If you know your worth
Why you feel worthless?

Do you even know
what is the meaning behind your own purpose?

Why are you still questioning yourself?

When you have most of the answers?

Stop over thinking.
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