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Shawn Dec 2019
How is it so
that you play me
like fine
piano keys
tuned to a melody
that only we
can read
Music so divine
settling in my mind
resting on my soul
a rhythm so bold
and tempting
Your hands
ring my cymbals
as sounds
that resemble
rock my hips
and a bass guitar
guides my lips
to meet with yours
where we score
a beat unmatched
Is that you
on my walls
like a flute
notes staccato
and true
as I open
to receive
treble clef
there's nothing
but to receive
your striking
as we both moan
ah, sweet
Shawn Dec 2019
as seasons change
my thoughts rearrange
and focus upon
a heart un-won
but still beating
slowly retreating
while deciding
there truly is a place
or if all this time
is lost and a waste
should it move on
creating a bond
and lasting
of words not
but felt
between two

as green leaves give
way to fall hues
my soul
shuts down and sings
the blues
yearning for a
that is often
but remains
just the same
in my eyes
but what do I know
of this thing
we call
"getting to know"
impatience is my
calling card
with pretty much
a disregard
for time and place
and need

i mean nothing by
just my spoiled
adult fit
as brisk cold
will surely
usher in
continued uncertainty
and winter
by warm chimneys
where you'll
lie on my breast
and we'll laugh
and jest
at the ranges
my mind
as the
season changes
The snow has come and the crazy is just begining,
My head races for fresh air as the shelters of our cold and lonesome homes lock us away,

Was there ever a point when the cold did not bring such lost wanderers?

Sorrow grows without the frequent smile or hello of the sun,
Our faces hidden in grimace behind the fabrics and fogged glasses,

When did we become so distant?

Fires should be lit on every corner,
A revel of strangers joined in peace calling for company of those passing by,

Why do we avoid the connection that we yearn for so much?

We are all okay until we say we are not, but what we say does not always come out how we want.
Hey everyone just wanted to remind you that even without knowing you or seeing you, I love you and even the worst of our thoughts don't out weigh those around you.
Shawn Dec 2019
Words won't write themselves
Pen to paper--get started
No more excuses
Looking for a little inspiration and a life raft out of today's boredom and writer's block. After reading my haiku, how about responding with your own?
Michael McD Oct 2019
Before present, I use to feel like morning dew;

Calm and Central, Controlled and Stable.
Yet, no amount of calm could stop the great fall.
And fell it did; yes, slipping downwards.

Full hands becoming empty, numbers start decreasing, sleep lessening.
Adhesion could not save the dew, it kept slipping.

Now at the edge; oh, that amassed abyss reflecting.

Only fingertips hold on now; only adhesion holds on now.
Keiri Oct 2019
By the skies of humanity
The endless waves of shame
The concept of artificial sanity
Am I playing only a game?

Straying while staying in the stage with so much stakes on my tray while I train on standing straight.

Breathing in my dreams while dreaming about breathing.

Shuddering at the promising sun cooling my thoughts, warming my body on the idea of a cold winter.

The ashes of my sins sweeping swiftly like world's first snow. I close my eyes, for darkness is the only world I would know.

Opened at last, my tired eyes witnessed the elegant cherry blossom before me.
Strong and proud the flowerpetals fall. Along with my sins, heaps of ashes into a mountain of grey and pink.

By the mother of my generation.
I shall stand by your side.
The epidemic of our nation,
Will hit us all worldwide.

There is no war fiercer, than a war within ourselves.
First poem in months, I kinda missed it, throwing those words out and just getting things out of my system... Sorry for following ''last poem ever'' with a new poem, I **** at quitting ;)
alaska jade Sep 2019
I miss you.
every single day the thought of you lingers in the back of my mind
why does everything remind me of you?
I love you.
and I hate myself for it.
they say that when you fall in love
you don’t fall out of it
you just realize that it wasn’t actually love
and I’m not sure what I’m more terrified of
finding out that I’ll never stop loving you
or having this “love” slip away from me.
another snippet from the same poem as the last.  constructive criticism and comments are always greatly appreciated! also if anyone could let me know what the most popular tags are for getting noticed that would be great :) I’m sick of just tagging “love, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.”
alaska jade Sep 2019
it may be silly but every night that the clock hits 11:11 I wish for you.
I wish for us.
I wish for the laughs and the memories
sometimes I even wish for the tears
just anything with you in it, is better than now
just a snippet of a poem that I wrote. I feel like  these lines explain the meaning of the poem better than the full poem .
alaska jade Sep 2019
it’s a golden september day
and the only thing I can think about is
one of my shortest poems. this one has always felt like one of my most personal poems, despite it being so very simple.
alaska jade Sep 2019
the simple touch of your fingertips on mine
the way we used to walk just a bit closer than friends do
causing our hands to bump together as if our bodies were just begging us to intertwine our fingers together
no one passing by would be able to mistake us as “just friends”
i am absurdly busy today and all i am doing is reading and writing poems. i really admire the talented people on this website, everyone’s style is so unique and gorgeous.
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