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Descovia Jan 6
The whirlwinds from this hurricane
Creates a continuous world warp
the destructive tide remaining inside
Terrifying, flashing lighting side to side
Clearly everywhere it's a mystery
Drift to sleep and float in peace.

It's best to keep calm, cool and collective.
When it comes to friends I am overprotective as well as selective.
Under any form. Not every choice, is worth a risk.
Take a moment to feel the shift, before you flip the script!
You cannot hold on to it.
Allow it comfort you.
Another day with you is more than a gift.
Vacuous matters weighing on you dissolve and wash away

You give me life. In every situation must not lose your composure
Remain free of tension. A wise one of the world
Embedded it in our souls... "To be formless...
Formless like water"
Natalia Dec 2020
What I thought would be easy
Turned out to be a trial.
I lay curled up feeling queasy.

Frustration, anger. A strong stance.
Is it denial in their faces?
Am I to give another chance?

But as I gaze into your eyes
Those soft, warm orbs bring light,
A fresh breath. I realise.

I shall conform no more
That young girl is gone,
This will not be like before.

Dead is the binary
The girl in the mirror, gone.
Now I see myself. Finally.

Societal chains bear me down
Some days I give in.
Allow myself to drown

In your norms
Your dead ways.
This strange form

Will never fit in,
I quickly realise
No matter the colour of skin.

Yet I gaze in the mirror,
I see myself, finally.
The world looks clearer.
Pt 2 of  Your Binary
Ezra Nov 2020
I wanted to die
I got up every day
wishing it would be my last

hoping day after day
that my time would
end fast

the words I didn't say
stayed there and threatened
to suffocate me

maybe that would be the reason
I die

or the reason I try
and stay alive.
may 14th 2020
MJ Sep 2020
Is it the red crescendoing of trees lining the icy lake?
Or the pebbles popping under the rubber wheels of my old car?
Is it the warmth of picking up wool scarves from their summer cocoons? Being shaken out and wrapped around cold necks?
Is it this lower state's familiar weather, blending brisk wind with bright sun? The way it heats the second-floor windows in the frigid mornings?
Is it the scents of sage and roasting meat floating through the door, welcoming me home?
Or the mismatched pairs of shoes kicked under the hallway bench?

It might be this last bit of Cabernet slowly tumbling to top my cup, or the ceaseless squeak of my childhood bed.
But yes, something calls me here, back to the beginning.
Back to the autumns of our home.
alaska jade Mar 2020
it was the night we got high off of our youth
we soared through the sweet strawberry sunset
we didn’t talk
we didn’t have to
it was just me and you on a wednesday night
forgetting the world
and at last,
being at ease.
i love you more than i care to express.
KNS Feb 2020
You look at life with rose tinted glasses.
Is a coincidence
or a stroke of luck
or fate
Nothing is planned.
Everything is up to chance
Everything is possible
Nothing is what you want it to be
Responsibility is scary and exhausting
Recklessness is exciting and exhilirating
You are stuck with these glasses
Unable to return them
They are imprinted on your skin
They own your scent and your essence
They become
I haven't been on this platform in a while. I am excited to start posting again and hopefully gain some inspiration from the writing of others as well. This one is about a lover that lives in his own world. Enjoy **
SoAverage Feb 2020
She wants to be a star
She wants the fame but can't afford the time climbing up the ladder
So the stars is what she's after
She'll tell you that time is the Being hidden inside Death's cloak
She's on prescription but who am I to tell her stop
The glitz and glamour is a selfish human ambition on the other side of the the mirror
Because stars rain from the sky and burn up because they weren't able to fufill the dream
Maybe because we only gave only half a loaf
We offer it as a sacrifice

You said you want a guy who can take you place
The promises of modeling deals from strangers
Who are Wolves trying to sound like sheep
How pitiful

But I wanted a different star
I wanted the West kind of star
I wanted a ***** dish kind of actress
With body measurements that screamed gorgeous everytime time I lay my eyes on you
With hazel blues eyes to match her description
Can't believe the iris determines the color of the beautiful blue ocean that God has gifted you with
With a bust size of 112cm
Just like Solomon,I'm wise enough to give praise for every part I consider gold
Rose Gold is the type of flower I would pick
If we had to measure up to our perfection l wouldn't stand a chance
Cause she's 5 ft 5 / 165 in cm
She so beautiful that they pay her to do ***** dishes
All I wanted was a Libra,
Just to see if I can connect with the stars
Shawn Feb 2020
In the stillness of a winter day
Noiseless teardrops make their way
Down the landscape of my face
Like frozen and irregular icicles
They create rivers and lakes
Along my cheeks and around my chin
Where, once separated
Tributaries meet and start their descent
Falling as gently as the miracle of snow surrounding me
They are soundless thunder
As they splash upon the cold ground
Spilling all the secrets of my broken heart…
A silent storm

Lightning images of my past
Illuminate the skyline of my mind
Holding my icy heart prisoner
Gated by hurt, padlocked with pride
The warden of fear controls my every move
My immature self remains hidden away,
Peering through the bars of my jail window
As the rest of the world passes me by
Barely taking notice of my condition
And those who do, avert my eyes
Shake their heads and hurriedly pass
Barely acknowledging
The wasteland of my silent struggle

In this same barren stillness
A voice speaks to me
Behind the darkness of my pain
Touching me…warming me
It illuminates my soul
Thawing a core
That for years now has been cold
And inexplicably, in this vast and lonely place
I reach beyond my fears
To grab hold of its soul-rendering strength--
The blessed peace of but a few words
He speaks to me…

Be still & know.
Shawn Feb 2020
How it happened I remember
Ten little fingers, ten little toes
Had been growing inside me
Nine months she had to grow

Late she was delivered
By a week and a day
Her great-grandmother’s death
Had opened up the way

Bittersweet were the tears
Softly, quietly they fell
Grandma’s words had kept me
Though unsure, I knew we’d be well

Back home my love is tested
My patience wearing thin
Yet four years after Big Sis
I made the same choice again

Ten more fingers, ten more toes
Did little to help what was broken
All my love and all my time
Is what I gave them as a token

Here now, they were a part of this
A whirlwind of pain and tears
Day in, day out I’m feeling trapped
Hopeful they’d never see my fear

Eventually, having had enough
I packed our bags and fled
Emotionless, conflicted feelings
Inside I already felt myself dead

Months…a year…time passed on
Two ladybugs grew and changed
My heart was cold and deadened
This was SO not the life I arranged

Anger replaced all other emotions
Closed to the world, I drifted away
The pills…a plan…it was all in front of me
It’d be better for them I would say

And in this place my grandma’s words
Sought and reached out to me
There was God in this she claimed
Though where He was I didn’t see

Just then by chance I reached out
To one whose eyes held truth and grace
Not sure what to make of this sudden move
I felt myself far outpaced

Hiding from love
Yet yearning for much more
This new bond had awakened in me
A new future for me to explore

Slowly and carefully we navigated
Finding significance in small gains
Eventually unveiling one another
And pushing through the pain

Twenty-fingers, twenty toes there were
Shy, unsure, and confused
Soon those feelings melted away
They were now confident and amused

Where the rocky shores of hearts once stood
Love’s water had cut a gorge
Roots established, a future ahead
An unconventional family tree was forged

And on one cold and introspective day
When the smell of rain awakened me
My grandmother’s words rang out again
“I told you one day you’d see.”

Chasing a dream flawed from the start
Was not what I was meant to do
Forcing fate, proving points
Doing what I thought I was supposed to do

In all that time what I failed to perceive
Was that it was not for me to choose it—
This family chose ME
Shawn Dec 2019
How is it so
that you play me
like fine
piano keys
tuned to a melody
that only we
can read
Music so divine
settling in my mind
resting on my soul
a rhythm so bold
and tempting
Your hands
ring my cymbals
as sounds
that resemble
rock my hips
and a bass guitar
guides my lips
to meet with yours
where we score
a beat unmatched
Is that you
on my walls
like a flute
notes staccato
and true
as I open
to receive
treble clef
there's nothing
but to receive
your striking
as we both moan
ah, sweet
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