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Sophisticated elegance
Pornographic decadence
Psychedelic trip
The past, present and future
Of what is the Sunset Strip

Hot spots undiscovered
History recovered
Dig in and take a dip
The past, present and future
Of what is the Sunset Strip

Darkness in the daytime
Sunlight cleans the slime
It's easier to grip
The past, present and future
Of what is the Sunset Strip

Tales of olden Hollywood
Hangers on and hoods
Changing what is hip
The past, present and future
Of what is the Sunset Strip

Sophisticated Decadence
Pornographic Elegance
The Chateau for a nip
The past, present and future
Of what is the Sunset Strip
ramya Sep 2020
Like a mother knows her child,
Like a reader knows his books
I knew you inside out despite all the shields that you put.
I knew what made you laugh,
I knew what made you cry
I knew what you wanted at 3 at night
I knew that your mind was part *******, part church,
the poles hidden behind swanky curtains that were a little out of touch.
I knew what it was like to be with you at noon and night
I knew everything about you, could’ve told you apart
with a blindfold on, in room that was dark.

Behind all the light, it was a little gloomy,
behind all the happiness , there was some fear.
I guess that’s where I felt short in knowing you, my dear.
For all the claims I make about knowing you in every way
I never could’ve predicted the way we fell and frayed.
Now we pass each other in the street and look away
as if we weren’t there for each other at noon and night every day.
Pockets Aug 2020
Kissing your door knobs
Trying to find your light switch
When I am with you I am home
As soon as I come in you strip off all my clothes
And let me know I am welcome here
When I am with you I am an unlocked door
Anything that is mine is yours
The currents
the drapes
The window into a past from which I try to escape
When we step into the shower
And wash the world from each others backs
I want you to be the only thing that takes their place
We lay in bed and hum like microwaves
Till ceiling fan finally falls asleep
Yashita Jul 2020
I strip in front of my boyfriend
Every now and then
Not in a way you are imagining
I do not undress
Rather I unzip my jacket of emotions
Which has been keeping me cold
Even in the summer
Uncovering my weird dark thoughts
About suppression of woman
He did not deny the existence
I take off my clothes of silly questions
Tricking him to satiate my hunger
Of how terrific I am
Sometimes, there is nothing left
On my body
I get as naked I can with him
Throwing myself in the tub of truths
As I like being that way with him
Naked, upfront and honest
Wearing stained clothes
Makes me uncomfortable myself
I would rather be there
With him without anything
Than with something that stinks
Simran Modhera May 2020
Even Aphrodite is an object to you?
A goddess that lays ahead of us all
In marble out of the hands of hundreds of men
by the thousands of women and children
Why do you perceive beauty in a frail eye
or a possession of your own
And yet the “private parts” of hers
were carved out of holy marble
for the male gaze to seek and consume
Because no beauty and lust came without the loss of innocence
Never mind the power she held
You still stripped her down
And looked

And made a mockery of women.
Michael R Burch Feb 2020
If we strip away all the accouterments of war,
perhaps we’ll discover what the heart is for.

Originally published by The Neovictorian/Cochlea, this epigram has been translated into Russian, Turkish, Macedonian and Arabic
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
Reti opening
Or Pirc defense?
It generally leads to
Closed positions in a classical system:

No one questions what is vogue.

We're nothing more than pawns
--the cat's paw--
Familiar with all sorts
Of unpleasantries.

The Queen Bride,
So modern and comely,
She can do as she please
Until her game runs out.

Pawn to f4.

Your King is not long for this world.
Better learn a new strategy, stat.

The lookouts inform
The time hath come
To steal her majesty's
New clothes,
And pretend not to see
What we see.

For whatever words we may use
To clothe our fears,
The fabric cannot protect
Us from them.
Lovelyn Eyo Jul 2019
Tis said
Love's in the air
Can you feel it
Do you grab it

Tis not shallow
But SOul-deep
It's not narrow
But vast-steep

This love is truest
Love that won't waver
This love is the answer
GOD's love
HE isn't just Love
But TheLove
The infinite
So definite
The Love of GOD-
the source of pure love
None can compare
This which strips our hearts bare
Of impurity
From now till infinity

The Love above all

The greatest of all is GOD who's LOVE
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