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Marco Jimenez Mar 2019
It's easy to talk about love,
But it's hard to say how much I love you,
I can't put how I feel about you into just one word
Because you are so much more than that to me,
From the moment we first held hands,
To the moment we first kissed,
From the first time I said I love you,
To right now as I pour out my heart,
I have enjoyed every sweet moment
That I've been lucky enough to share with you
For Rachel
Marco Jimenez Sep 2018
The one thing I look forward to most when I see you,
is laying in your arms again,
because nothing brings me comfort like that moment
when my weary head falls on your soft chest,
and all the world simply disappears,
all my pain & problems,
all my worries & fears,
they just melt away
until there is nothing left in me but you,
your warmth, your scent,
your kindness, your tranquility,
your love and your heart,
every time you kiss my head
is like a drop of pure sunshine falling onto me
seeping into my heart and in my soul,
and then I know above all else,
that in all the universe,
nothing compares to the feeling
of being in your arms.
For Rachel
Marco Jimenez Nov 2017
this is something I can honestly say,
the reason I smile every day
is because of you,
and all the things for me that you do,

you're the light of my life and the sun in my sky,
the fire in my soul and the apple of my eye,
my shining star and no matter where you are
you will always be in my heart,
I will always want you when we're apart,

because every day since the start
you have been my sun,
In my sky you've been the only one
opening my eyes and lighting the way,
showing me the beauty in every day,

warming my soul when it's lonely and cold,
giving me back the love I once foolishly sold,
with your beautiful smile and heart of gold,
you make me strong and you make me bold,
I only hope I can do the same for you,
because you deserve all the love and happiness too,

you never lead my heart astray,
And though I didn't think there was a way,
I still love you more with each passing day,
that is something I can honestly say.
For Rachel
Marco Jimenez Jul 2017
A broken heart just means
that you have all the pieces
to make a new one
Marco Jimenez Apr 2017
When I see photos of the beach,
my mind gets blocked and all that it sees
is you and me laying on the shore,
watching the sun set once more,
looking into each others eyes again,
feeling like it’ll never end.
Marco Jimenez Apr 2017
I can hear your voice saying my name,
it feels good that you know it,
it sounds nice coming from your lips,
it looks sweet when you write it,
say it again,
tell me you smile when you think of it,
that you love saying it,
and the vibrations you feel
as each syllable rolls off your tongue
sends tingles through your body,
I hope you never forget it.
Marco Jimenez Apr 2017
It was just a crush at first that I had on you,
but we talked and shared and it grew and grew,
I just wanted someone to smile at me through
the pain of waiting for someone like you,
but I never imagined that you'd like me too,
   so darling,
      what did we do?

We hung out and talked for hours a day,
could never run out of things to say,
I got used to looking into your eyes,
used to thinking of you when I look at the skies,
wanting to kiss you and hold you and miss you,
take you to places that we've never been too,
if there's one thing in my life that I never thought of,
   its that this is how one day
      i'd fall in love,

And it was so beautiful,
at least for a time,
I was yours and you were mine,
so happy I would shout at the skies
with pure joy streaming from my eyes,
and everything just came together,
but love wasn't enough to hold you forever,
   then suddenly,
      it was all over,

And for a while it was so hard to stay sober,
only numbness would take away the pain,
every night trying not to go insane,
wondering how I ****** up,
where it all went wrong,
was it ever even real all along,
was it true when you said I love you
as you gazed into my eyes,
   how much was truth,
      how much was lies,

And now I miss you,
I want to see your smile,
I want to lay next to you again
and hold you for a while,
and feel your breath on my arm
and smell your hair in my face,
go back to that special place
when we were happy
and nothing was wrong,
   i'd read a poem,
      you'd play a song,

But I have to realize that's all gone,
you made your choice and I have to move on,
I hope in time the tears fade away,
and maybe again I can feel one day,
the way I felt when I was with you,
but i'll never forget what we went through,
and baby no matter what I do,
you're the only one I'll ever think of,
   when I remember
      my first love.
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