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WoodsWanderer Oct 2019
You are delicious
A feisty bite of life
with a variety of sweet and spice
And a soul that dances through this chaotic life with hypnotizing abandon.
You are soft
Yielding as a kitten before it's learnt to use it's claws
But not for long
A fiery zest runs under
Your smooth complexion
Pushing and questioning authoritative boundaries
Grounded, you seek the meaning to spirit
The ache in your feet as they try to dance out the beat
In a rhythm mysterious and timeless.
The searching in your veins
That pulled you to faraway places in an effort to find that voice
That was calling.
But this caller is ethereal
Some would say - not real.
You and I both feel
This energy winding through us
Connecting our souls
To moss covered knolls and oceans that stretch for miles.
This energy shoots to the sky
Which is only a threshold to the universe
Where spirit dances freely
Unchained from human beliefs and limits.
You have touched the infinite, my love.
That sparkling desire
To connect and surrender
Is so strong, it's almost
If only we are mindful
We can release ourselves to the sublime divine and swim in the unfathomable
With human relationship our trampoline to a higher
poem one, week one.
WoodsWanderer Oct 2019
I'm shattered
To be selfless
To be respectful
To give you freedom
I've shattered us.
This tearing pain
Rips my heart to shreds
And the child inside me yells to bring you back
But I can't.
These fingers clutched
Too tight for too long
No matter how painful and wrong this seems
It's needed.
I love you as the ocean loves to move
With a depth that seeps into my bones because you are pure magic
bliss and love.
Why must my heart want to wander so?!
To keep you and my integrity too
Is a battle already lost
We both know you deserve full complete love
And my being stutters at the idea of forever because somewhere,
threads of discovery are calling
And to not heed them would be lying.
I'm still trying
To figure out why my heart is telling me to lose you
when losing you feels like dying.
WoodsWanderer Oct 2019
I am infinite
Powerful, commanding soul movement
Floods my system
Limbs lightened
My senses, reborn.
Look at this beauty
I have created
Coals of strength
Burn hot in my heart
Giving courage to my spirit
Giving voice to my soul
This strength and power are mine
I am worthy
I am a goddess
I know what I want, what I need.
I can communicate
My deepest feelings
Fear, running cold and quick like an adder
Anger, burning hot and furious
an under skin fire
Yielding, bending and holding my infinite being
I am power
I am change
I am love
I am healing
WoodsWanderer Dec 2017
These storms
awaken waters
raging with passion
that never
I'll take you
hold you
love you
caress you
mock you
shake you
laugh at you
and dance with you
Time is but
exploration of eons
years happen in
And moments can last
We are
dream walkers
earth shakers
ocean talkers
Parting seas of insecurities
Doubts painting
we can choose
not to live out.
each breath
a choice
of freedom
each breath new and
retain this wonder
and wander
to your expansive hearts content
For lessons
in pine trees dripping emerald tears
on peaks each footstep brings closer,
Are what build you strong.
Roots of soul
working through your veins
the framing to become
and everything
You are.
WoodsWanderer Nov 2017
I reel in the silence of my own heartbeat
This familiar aching embarrassment
Spreading through my limbs
And instead of facing the hurt that pulses underneath, I embrace
The racing molten lava burning through my veins.
Explosive, I strike out physically
The energy throbbing behind my furious eyes as slick mitts slap dull against worn canvas
The sweat that mats my hair, dripping into my eyes to leave a residual sting,
Is chosen over tears
That have been shed over one far too skilled at yanking my heartstrings.
I succumb to the hot fire flood
Pounding fists into bags worn and tattered
A scream of frustration building behind clenched teeth
Unwilling to voice the pain
Of distance gained through meaningless conversation.
The hurt of unexpressed sentiments held back to create space
For my insecure imagination.
This wall of rage rolling across the shattered surface of
heartache at being
Once again.

How hard is clear communication?

I kneel at the heart of my exasperation
My own lack of courage.
The kind of bravery allowing one to speak real words of feeling.
But it hurts when you don't respond
like you used to
And your words - cut short - hold little meaning
seemingly altered and unforgiving.
This jostled dissonance mocks my vulnerability
So instead of defaulting to crying
I bypass tears and scream
Fists flying.
  Apr 2017 WoodsWanderer
just live
lie with me
until the moon says it's last goodbye
and the sun peeks his head up
hoping to catch his lover before she leaves
then lie with me longer

kiss me
like the wave kisses the beach
drawing in then drawing out
never ending their dance
then kiss me longer

hold me
as the earth holds the tree
never letting go
even through the roughest storm
then hold me harder

love me
with the passion of a thousand summer thunderstorms
a mix of every emotion
fighting for dominance
then love me *
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