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Brenten Hargrove Mar 2012
Grabbing shadows in the hole like alley way
I say
Where is the light you promised to show?
All i can see is my sillouette
Parking itself beneath the moons sigil glow
In the kitchen the size of a cabin Robust figures scramble around to service you
Grabbing Handfuls of bread to make a feast for immortality.

Shadows in the steet lights they crash and slam into eachother
scrambling to see  to it that their own lives are protected...
From who?
Just you?
The one who said feast on this and become what you see in me?
No longer can you be trusted benevolent and respectless...
So bring forth your evil and rain down your sludge
in the alley I'm grabbing footprints that lead to hospitality
Im stabbing peasants drinking essence from the stained blood that i touch
Now it seems so exact
Now i see..While dancing in this carnivorous place where i can see the moon
I've brought upon myself a strain a darkness we call doom
The sludge that you rain down covered in limbs bloodied from mastication
Is what we see in you...
A meaningless intolerance a public scream from excess bliss a carnage from the blue abyss
An alley way
The cavernous
Brenten Hargrove Mar 2012
Its just like they said in the stories i've read
You cant tell a lie
Or your cheeks will turn
red and that must be why you are my rose
Thats why i hold you tight ignoring the bite
When all we do is misunderstood And i can
Tell you to keep believing thats when you know im acheiving
my Red rose your thorns are so nice today
Brenten Hargrove Mar 2012
Now with the monsters on the move
There was a sadness , dread and doom
For all the clouds began to loom
Now is the time of the black balloons
There was a forest and you can assume
that no one came or went through
to find the valley in the fog
with numerous distractions
Turbulent  refractions
On the surface of black balloons
Brenten Hargrove Mar 2012
i cried myself to sleep
in the bathroom
beneath the the tile
i stood for days
until i noticed that my own morality was my cage
i owe you
a piece of myself
no one go's
where the shadows engulf and the judges incarecerate my sins
in the shameful end i will give in your morals aren't worth living
Brenten Hargrove Mar 2012
let it go to give it back to them
when the words that you weep
start to become paper sheets give into loves leech and eat
let it come when your back is turned
around and when you lack the proper soul to reach out
and give it back
Take ahold of these things
only you can achieve
whatever world lies beyond these graves
Because you're insane
not using your brain
On the opposite side of this i'll say maybe
you should have it your way
take and leave the rest for the others to clean up
no one matters if they are in your way
destroy and maim all the people you tamed
just to keep yourself amused with the passing of age
let it go to give it back to them
when fate is just like a picture frame on shadows and whims
let it go to give it back to them
when love is wept on paper sheets and you give in to loves leech and eat
Brenten Hargrove Mar 2012
We can Keep on playing games
As long as i
keep my sanity intact
I just cant seem to break
those chains
i wont even seem to budge
if you wait
In your eyes i am seen to you just like the falling rain
just a blur before you will never see me again
I promise im not as hollow as i can seem
you were all alone
But when i saw you i walked into the room
And when i saw you with the moon on your cheek
I knew id never win
you just wait
Dont you try to cover up the nonsense
With this vision we cannot commit
little white lies that devour all the innocent
I wont cry when you figure out so just forget
Where does he go?
he never leaves a mark...
Ive only seen him when the earth stops!
Where does he go...
He never leaves a mark?
Ive only seen him when my heart...
When my heart starts to take away this pain
You spend all this time on earth
But none of that time is spent with me
I wish you could understand what this meant to me
You were all alone i couldnt find you
And now theres something wrong
I cant deny you this place we can call home
Somewhere we can be alone
But we wept
Brenten Hargrove Mar 2012
You sniffle so gently like a whisper or a kiss
But it hit me and it brings me here again
Its always been so easy to shrug
cold and co dependent
to enjoy the emptiness
cold and defenseless
ive seen this
To flourish in lifes absence
And i still dont understand
Ive been this for more than you or i can fathom
So gently like a whisper or a kiss
You sniffle
it brings me here again
But it hits me
Its always been this easy
to flourish in lifes absence
cold and co dependent
Cold and defenseless
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