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Grace E 20h
I signed my name of the dotted line,
I took your surname,
Promising you “for better or for worse.”
I trusted you.
But you hurt me.
The saying is,
“If someone hits you on one cheek turn to them the other.”
But now, I find my self grappling with this near impossible notion,
Of not only turning the other cheek,
But kissing the fist that struck me.
Grace E Oct 7
For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal,
But mighty in God, for pulling down strongholds.
Carnal= Carne= Flesh
The weapons of our warfare are not in our flesh, but in God, to pull down the strongholds in our hearts and lives. Are you addicted to *******? God can help you pull that stronghold down. Are you addicted to your phone? To social media? To fake love? Jesus can help you pull down those things rotting in your heart and making your life sour. You only get one life. Choose to live this life for the next one, the eternal one, the one that doesn’t end.
Grace E Oct 6
You have a sacred place in my heart
That no one can take away.
Though we can’t be together,
Please know, a portion of every beat of my heart
Belongs to you.
Grace E Oct 5
he saw each glimpse of magic in her eyes
he traced every dream winding behind her eyelids with his pupils
unable to pull his eyes from hers
he found himself utterly lost in her mind
with no intentions of finding his way out any time soon
  Oct 2 Grace E
He's the Lion,
He's the Lamb,
Alpha, Omega,
the Great I AM

Ever before,
always after,
never defeated,
only master

Rejected by
His own creation,
He came down from His
throne to save them

For the world's sin
once crucified,
risen, seated at
the Father's side

Wielder of a
rod of iron,
enthroned forever
on Mount Zion

Righteousness and
peace He brings us,
hope and life within
is through Jesus
Grace E Oct 2
The term “love wins” is true,
Though gravely misused.
The worldly kind of love,
Which is often the attached definition to this term, never truly wins.
This love, which is ****** in nature,
Only leaves it’s participants more empty, and loveless than before.
****** love, when abused and mishandled, taken outside of its intended context, leaves you more empty, drained, used, and void of TRUE love than before you engaged in it.
You will never feel completely fulfilled with only ****** love, and how sad, to base your entire identity on how you like to have ***. How empty a life, to march under a flag of your selfish, ****** preference, rather than something truly meaningful.

Love wins, yes He does. love wins, because Jesus Christ, who was love in flesh, won, when He died on the cross and paid for the sin of the entire world. Including the ****** sin mentioned above. Love wins, when you ask Him into your heart, and believe in Him as your savior, the one who made the weighty payment for your soul, so you could spend forever in the presence of God, where the Bible says, there is “fullness of joy and pleasure forevermore.” Don’t chase fleeting pleasure, that lasts only for a moments at a ****** ******. Choose pleasure that nourishes your soul, gives life to you spirit, opens your eyes to perceive the kingdom of God. Choose that. Choose Jesus. Choose love.
Love wins.
Grace E Sep 28
They needed each other
Completed each other
He was the criminal
She was the saint
He had a tainted past
She was raised in a wholesome home
He was angry at the world
But she was his peace of mind
She had a heart to help broken people
And he was broken
She was delicate and soft-hearted
He protected her fiercely
And she served him lovingly
They where the fulfillment of each other greatest needs
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