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Grace E 3d
I was growing too fond of it all
The house, the car, the pictures on the wall
Sentiments are dangerous things
For they anchor you to this world, you see
I am not a fixed embellishment on this earth
It’s all passing away, even the things with great worth
This world is not my home, nor is it my prize
I look on towards heaven, that is where my treasure lies
Grace E 4d
If you claim to love me,
But that love does not inspire action,
If that love does not compel you to respond to it
With every cell in your body agreeing
And every beat of your heart
Matching the thud of your feet as you run after What it wants most
If it’s not that kind of love
Keep it
Grace E 6d
You’re a fire raging
Flames lapping in your soul
Let me dance, my love
Let me dance in the inferno
Grace E Jun 1
Your hands are full of violence
Your mind is filled with rage
Your glance is like a hungry lion
Pacing in its cage

Your heart is made of black ice
Dangerous when unseen
Unfortunately I slipped right into you
Now I’m trapped, it seems
Grace E May 27
Quiet girl
Fire girl
She works like a machine behind the scenes
She makes big moves quietly
She’s small
But she’s all muscle underneath
The master of many trades
Tight lipped about her accomplishments
She wants you to underestimate her
Because she loves the look on their faces
When they realize
She’s a lion
Who looks like a kitten
Grace E May 25
Here I am
This fading case of dust and flesh
Engaging with this planet I’m on
A perishing body
Animated by a soul
Lit from within by a me you can’t see
What a mystery life is
Grace E May 17
If woman was taken from mans rib
I surely must have been taken from yours
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