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Grace E 3d
The lace tapestry moved ghostly  
When a wafting breeze caught it
And delicately tussled it’s sensitive fabric
The dust lying thick on mirrors
And around desks and cupboards
Telling of its immense age.
The mirrors calcified and barely reflective
Caught sight of the specters
This haunted inhabitance
Inherited by gruesome recollections
And apparitions that moan like the wind
Those who still dance in these forsaken halls
The dead who speak in these corridors
Grace E 5d
The chairs weathered by time
The countless nights
Family sat on those cushions
Laughter still echoed in the rooms
Ricocheting off  picture frames
And pinging off near deaf eardrums
The old woman gathered a bundle
Of her old tattered table cloth
In her wilted hand
And stood there transparent
She felt the years in the walls
She felt the years in her bones
How she would miss this home
Grace E 7d
Am I
Hard to love
Or do I
Love to hard
Either way
I’m a passionate perfectionist
Who needs to get her
Priorities straight...
Grace E May 2
Sticky, sweet nectar
lying like fresh dew
dripping and drizzling into our soft soil, dense & nurtured
our love was good ground
where two fragile buds felt elated to bloom together
Grace E Apr 27
Is a handsome man
With blue skin
Wears a black suit
And a sympathetic grin
He’s deceitful
He’s charming
And evil
And he loves me so much
At least that what he says
Wants me to get in his hearse
And run away
Wants to break me out
Of this painful
But he’s lying to me
He’s lying to you
Lying is the only thing
He knows how to do
Politely decline his offer
As good as he makes it seem
He leaves you as soon as you decide
It’s time to make yourself “just go to sleep”
That’s where he wants you
Broken, lame
“It’s everyone else’s fault”
You’re playing his game
It’s you. It’s you. It’s you.
Only YOU can save you
He’s a villain and he’s in your head
Don’t entertain him
Because he’ll laugh when you’re dead
Grace E Apr 25
Her feet pound
The crunchy gravel kicked underfoot
Dust rises where she trods
Her heart trying to catch up to her pace
Sharp breathes cut her lungs
And her chest starts to burn
Step, step, step
Running her own race
Trying to impress an audience of one
It hurts so much
Yet feels so good
She will be better than she was yesterday
She will be stronger than she was yesterday
She will not just “get it done”...
She wants to be a champion
She will rise to the occasion
And be her own hero
Grace E Apr 24
Keep your mind,
Keep your wits about you.
Keep a sober, realistic view of things
In this world
Not everyone has your best interest in mind
Most people will save themselves
Before they will help you.
So be strong in the mind.
Be strong in your convictions
Because when everything else gets blown away
That is what will remain of you.
That is what will keep your spirit from being broken.
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