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Grace E 3h
Only a truly weak man would try to prove his strength by hurting a woman.
Men that hurt women need some real men to show up and beat the sh*t out of him :)
  7d Grace E
Because sometimes,
paper is the only one
who listens.
Grace E Oct 7
I have weaknesses that root themselves deeply in me and feast on me day and night.

A tendency to never forgive or forget.

A lack of mercy for hypocritical people who play the superhero, but hurt people behind closed doors.

Perhaps I missed a step in my development.

Perhaps a ***** got loose in my head,

But I have always been able to sympathize with the villain of the story, more than the hero.
Grace E Sep 29
We can never be still.

We rise then we fall.

You are the sun I’m the moon creating a life time of tide with our gravitational pull

Though we push and pull this world would be lifeless without you ❤️
I think I did this right ???????
Grace E Sep 28
“Don’t cause a scene.”
Don’t give me a reason to
It’s that easy :)
Grace E Sep 28
“Why don’t you just leave him?”
Any addict will tell you
It’s not that easy.
Grace E Sep 27
We made a promise to each other
And sealed our covenant with a kiss
Looking back now,
I never thought we’d come to this
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