shåi 2d

mind tied
like two lines
twisted and knots
straight like the cigarette
and cocaine lines
snorted up the nose
into the brain
of such detached minds
the pain they hide
comes up to the surface
bubbling like liquid acetate
they have accepted
their inevitable fate
it is all but too late
to save the hearts
of those who

thank you so much for the reception on my last poem :)
shåi Jan 10

click click

i was bound to your
like chains on
a dead corpse

you held the gun
to my forehead
as i adoringly
fell in love with you

so hypnotised
drawn by your
my invitation


shåi Jan 1

the sun
in its ineffable

casted a effortless shadow

crackle pop
goes the background
of the summertime scene

two lovers
both alike in mind
were now perfectly

they were spitting
(a living mime)
become whole

their love
was beauty

in which

beauty had been
their love

a tragic downfall
of souls so similar
could be hardly described

in words too little


too late


i am now shai, child of the light
shåi Dec 2017

i wove
my thoughts
of you
like vibrant yarn

turned every
slight feeling
something lovely

this tapestry,
complete in
its imperfections
displayed my love


as i sew
yarn gets tangled
in its own web

i wait and ponder
as i hope to feel your
beauty again
will i ever feel your beauty again?

i am back
shåi Oct 2017

her soft lips
were my pillows
to keep me safe
cushions of
the night

her eyes pull me in
ever so alluring
enchant me
lost forever in her
changing world

im the words she wishes
to write
i am the pain she feels at night
alone in the light

i am the melodies
she wishes to hear
the love she wishes to
the lust her heart
the infatuations
she seeks

i am the daydream
she live in
i am her alternate realities
she creates
i am the thing she wishes
to have
and the ones she never had


shåi Nov 2017

so much to say
dont know where to start
under the tangled sheets,
i will learn to breathe
and finally walk

time slows
leaves fall
the cool mist
my living skin

my veins
a rainforest
just itching to
come alive
at your warm touch

blood boils
like natural
hot springs
its own serene illusion

i freefall
frozen in time
like little porcelain angels
of the night
tumbling as season change

shåi Oct 2017

you drain all my energy
the light in my eyes
watch me bleed
as my cheeks fade

forgotten dreams
fills my despairing corpse
with unending pain

you drain all my energy
life flashes before me
moments pass
rose petals fall

tick tock
goes the clock
as the time says too late

your love has me
on my knees
my bitter dream
defuses the life from me

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