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Emma Nicole Mar 2020
I have been throwing around tolerance
Like a flower girl tosses her petals.
You have taken advantage of it
And learned the wrong way to treat me.
I feel your boots stomping all over me,
Stomping so hard that I can no longer speak.
I am squished, I am flat, I am buried.
The only direction I can go from here is down.
Emma Nicole Nov 2019
we try to recognize the hands that lended it to us
and fear the day when we must return it
but we forget to cherish it, the sacred gift

how could we think, feel, and love without it?
it defines for us what it means to be human
what it means to be alive
Emma Nicole Jul 2019
Our intimacy ebbs and flows
The ebbs, the drought
It pulls us away from this
Dries us up, we both know

But there are moments when it flows
It pours, the monsoon
We’re caught in the rain
And we’ll stay as long as it goes
Emma Nicole May 2019
Last night the cicadas sang
For us and summertime
Your eyes showed me
The truth in my lies
Your tongue is poetry
It leaves poetry in me
Emma Nicole Apr 2019
You want it, I’ve got it, I need it.

You’re everything I asked for.
I’m not worried about them;
I only want you more.
They will try to look in and see,
But the windows are foggy,
It’s just you and me.
Emma Nicole Apr 2019
Pull the knife out, please
I don’t know if you can tell
But you’ve done enough to make me feel it

Stop twisting it into me, please
I know that you want it to hurt
I’ve been hurting for a long time now
Emma Nicole Feb 2019
When I’m with you,
You swallow the whole world,
Including me.

When I’m away from you,
I want nothing more
Than to be swallowed again.
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