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Ameed Jul 2020
There's always an end
It will always come
sooner or later

New beginnings will also arise
and they will make you forget
all that has happened before

Live by that thought
Thrive by that thought
Ameed Apr 2020
There in the woods where the sun lingers through the intertwined branches and endless leaves, I see you on the old timber trunk of the great tree. You’ve built yourself a home there out of rocks and wood. You’ve made yourself a place where greenery won’t invade.

There in the woods where the old roots dig into the moisty soils of autumn and lithophytes strive in the corners of yesterday, I see you running after that butterfly that belonged to the past and yet fitted, so much, in this mellow day of September.
Ameed Feb 2020
nothing matters anymore
different paths were taken
emotions will degrade themselves
e v e n t u a l l y
la fin = the end (from French)
Ameed Feb 2020
I had built my confidence out of fragility
It was like a sandcastle, so beautiful and bold

I almost believed in it; I was almost convinced
That this confidence will endure the strongest of tides

But then and with the first wave of reality
The sands moved under the castle that was swallowed by the shore.

And denial swallowed my presence along with the storms of insecurity and fear ...
Ameed Dec 2019
Those who are young are not to be equated
with those who are older.
And those who are bright are not to be equated
with anyone but themselves
for they are the builders of
our new world.
Ameed Dec 2019
what was written by
Fire and Blood
will never be erased by
Water or Ice
Ameed Dec 2019
I love oblivion
it's harsh sometimes
because it makes me forget
moments of joy, love, and ecstasy

But oblivion helps me heal
it makes me aware that
the past in all its forms

Oblivion makes me live
the 'now' and enjoy my present moment
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