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  4d Ameed
Jason Drury
If I gave you my soul,
would you read each page.
Scribble notes of interest
and know me.
Would you take the time,
to help tape the seams.
Would you mend,
the fragility of my soul.
It tears and rips,
easily, emotionally.
Ameed 5d
The Former
The Latter
aren't the ones that
they're both in the past
and the past is gone
and it's never returning
Don't cling to people from your past
Just leave them behind
Just As They Did
© Ameed
Ameed 6d
And yes,
I searched for acceptance
from the inside
outside’s rejection was only
a shadow of the one in there that


© Ameed
Ameed Jan 31
Some waves came by, hitting the tender shore
And a lot of sand freckles left the poor thing alone
The shore was weakened not holding anymore
It felt so fragile with no flesh only bones

The shore was a person left far behind
A person with no one to care for and trust
The shore was a person who was seen as blind
A person with no feelings, that’s typically a must.

The waves were the challenges everyone would face
They were bumpy and grumpy all the way till the end
But challenges are not there for us to only ace
They’re there to expose these sandy suspends

When you’re being hit, the honest only stay
Liars will leave you not even looking back
They will just hit the road, running away
Leaving you as dusted as a book on a rack

But space has been emptied for a new set of sand
A set that is truthful, loyal and bold
The shore is now happy with this beaming land
Instead of trusting sands, it is now trusting gold
© 2019 Ameed Shehayeb All Rights Reserved
Ameed Jan 18
Hold your shattered pieces together,
Don’t let them go.
Don’t leave your mistakes behind; never forget them for they were there for a reason.
You must rise after every fall, just like a phoenix.
Dust yourself from the sadness and misery you put yourself in,
The fiery flames in your eyes should never dim despite the endless salty floods that strike them.
The confident smile you form should never relax or vanish.
You are strong; you will persist.
You are noticed; you shall resist.
Leave the ashes of the past behind; learn the lesson and just move on …
© 2019 Ameed Shehayeb All Rights Reserved
Ameed Jan 18
How painful it is to be given freedom for a tiny glimpse?
Your ropes are unleashed, you can think without being scared;
You can talk, run, jump and maybe soar without caring about others.
But then you must go back to reality, to your world where thoughts are frozen awaiting execution,
And tongues are rolled in awaiting permission.
This is pain itself, pain that is more painful than remaining blind and not tasting this simmering sip of freedom.
It is that aching because it is sudden, because it is dragging us from our caves and throwing us in an utmost sunshine for only minutes.
However, freedom is worth a thousand pain like that, freedom is worth everything, everything.
© 2019 Ameed Shehayeb All Rights Reserved

— The End —