If I was a love poet
I'd say I love you the
same way a smartphone
loves wi-fi;

Able to work without
you, but only fully
functional when I'm
with you.
     >Insert Tragedy<
2. Lost
3. Found...   Depression
4. Froze
5.Watched the world
     >Insert miracle maker<
6. Found Happiness
7. Watched Life
     >Insert real problem<
8. Found Boldness
9. Solved Problem
10. Live
Special thanks to my miracle maker
Man quiets his voice
Silence's spotlight open
Nature grabs it quick
Sometimes we run.
Sometimes not fast enough
to escape our problems.

But sometimes we run so
fast we forget to slow
down and enjoy our gift.
You don't always have to go full speed. I promise you're runnung fast enough
Darkness has beauty.
Or light shining in the dark
has special beauty
Tristan Brown Sep 30
If you were my poem,
I wrote the most beautiful
imperfection ever
Perfection isn't special. But some imperfections are beautiful.
Tristan Brown Sep 30
Do winners really win?
Or do they live with the weight
of everyone else?
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