Breathing reminds us
That we're Alive
But being Alive
Doesn't mean we're Living
Guys, I'm starting to work on my first book! This is my first little bit of work on it.
Maybe when we learn to embrace
The Fact that We Are Human
We're far from perfect

Maybe when we begin to accept
The fact that We Have Problems

Maybe then we'll begin to find
The Solutions
We keep them hidden
From a world that hides theirs

Maybe that's part of the Problem
Tristan Brown Aug 27
Where did that me go

All of the darkness
All of the pain
Kept it all inside
Each and every day

Never learned to love
Never learned to care
Never learned to be happy
Pretended to fit in
Every single day

Just a depressed soul

Where did that me go

I never want to know
I just pray he stays away forever
Never to return

But if that me is gone
Who am I Now
Tristan Brown Aug 15
Where did that boy was go
So humble and naive
He was so happy
And the world was his Playground

Where did that boy go
Left in Pieces
Didn't know how to put them back together
So he hid them under his skin

Where did that boy go
Knew that he could speak
But knew no one would listen

Where did that boy go
Lost within his emotions
Hate, love, happy, rage
But depressed is what really was

Where did that man go
Broken, depressed
And just wanted to tell the world his story

Where did that me go
Tristan Brown Aug 14
Such a Powerful word
It's also a very overused word
Which causes its power to be lost

I just hope someone can find it
Tristan Brown Aug 12
"One day you'll find someone like you."

"I hope not."
Recently recollected a conversation I had with my dearest friend. I never thought that she would be right, but I'm scared that she might be right after all.
Also, Finally Hit 50 POEMS!!! Thanks to everyone for all of the love and support!!! Looking forward to the next 50 and beyond.
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