There is a burden
upon everyone's shoulder
that they have to bear
It doesn't matter if it's big or small, it's a fact!
Man, it's so nice to have a bottle of ice cold water on my forehead while laying down!
Lyn xxx
Imperfection is a blessing
Imperfection allows us to be better
Every single day

So be better
Tristan Brown Jun 20
It's Alright
I hate those words
Because when dealing with death
They are complete lies

But what should I say
Should I lie and tell him
It's alright
When I know that isn't true

Should I burden him with the truth
That it's not alright
And his hero is now a ghost
Never to return

I think and I try
To find somehing else to say
But my mind blanks
When I need it most

So I lie
And tell him It's alright
Because I don't know what else to say
This is the beginning of a a series of poems about death and the journey that we take in dealing with it with this being the beginning   and ending at acceptance and growing from it.
  Jun 19 Tristan Brown
Success can be a double edged sword.
You worked hard, are at the top
and yet, people hate you.
Why can't we enjoy
success without
the need of
Haters will hate. But the people of the past will work harder to destroy you.
I wish people would push others, not tear people down.
There's room for everyone, right? Or is it just me being naive?
Just wishful thinking?
I don't know.
Be back soon.
Lyn xxx
  Jun 11 Tristan Brown
No matter how bad your situation may seem,
bear in mind that there's someone in
a worse position that you are.
ALWAYS. Someone doesnt have a home or food or water.

Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
“You know what’s wrong with this world?
We sell away our innocent girls,
We fight and bicker,
Ignoring the lonely man reaching for another bottle of liquor,
We tell our kids not to smoke,
As we reach for another to laugh and joke,
We point to our happiest guy on file,
Not seeing that he’s hiding behind a crooked smile,
We go to parties and raves,
Forgetting about our veterans who are slipping into the grave,
We argue that the rich man should pay,
While we kick our beggars out of the way,
We believe that race
Has an incriminating face,
Not realizing that under our skin,
We are all kin,
We ignore our newborns grin,
While we go out and sin,
We trample on the desperate,
While we fight over who’s going to be the head of the cesspit,
We say “only a few dollars more”,
Thinking about a raise instead of the poor,
We say “there’s no I in Team”
While our eyes gleam,
Blinded by our greedy dreams,
And we bully those who stick out,
As if they didn’t already have doubts,
Instead of caring about others,
We only look out for our brothers,
But what’s saddest of all,
Is that in the end, everyone will fall,
Regardless of wealth, power, age, or race,
We are all going to be gone without a trace,
Except for a few daisies marking our grave."
Tristan Brown May 11
Once again
A chapter draws to a close
But unlike before
This chapter could be a story of its own

From new faces
Who became family
To learning
I can write

From the pain
Of losing friends
To learning
Some things can never be made right

But now the chapter's closing
The story is coming to its end
My newly found family
Has a new path to follow
But I guess even from afar
They'll be my inspiration to write

So as the chapter comes to a close
And the final pages are turned
The last memories are made

And with me
All of them
Will Remain
And all the while new beginnings are starting to be made.
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