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J Nc Oct 2015
Bradley, gone too soon.
His absence, a gaping void
Poor ol Louie Dog

This haiku is dedicated to Bradley Nowell. Made it further than the 27 club by weeks. He was gone too soon. I wonder what happened to his rad dalmation, Louie Dog?
J Nc Sep 2015
This corner I'm in
I painted myself into it
But the difference between
And Them
Is that we have no problem leaving our footprints....

~J Nc
Sometimes, it makes more sense to bend the rules. You can always fix it back. Well, paint, anyway.
J Nc Sep 2015
"I Don't Care"
Black Flag

I don't care - gonna ******* anyways
don't care - your boyfriends here anyways
don't care - is that a ****** on anyways
don't care - well your gross anyways

I don't care
I don't care
(haha you're ****)

I don't care - well your messed up anyways
don't care - your a doggy anyways
don't care - you got a dull place anyways
don't care - well you look like pregnant anyways

I don't care
I don't care

don't care - well your messed up anyways
don't care - your boyfriends here anyways
don't care - all your parents are here too

I don't care

~Black Flag
82? 83?
This is from Black Flag, before Henry Rollins, during the Keith Morris (now of the Circle Jerks) years, which, to me, is Black Flag's best stuff.
J Nc Sep 2015
Silent, eagles hunt.
Chickens cluck, and strut their stuff.
Which are you, my friend?

I love haikus. They await me like an open challenge.
J Nc Sep 2015
"You're not one of them", he says
"I can tell, I got this GIFT, see?"
The relief clear on his animated face
Too twitchy, too... off
"They watch us, you know?
They got those satellites and ****
They'll read your ID through your pocket
Then they gotcha!"
I nod, only mildly alarmed
And throw down my smoke.
Step on it to make sure it's out
"Only you can prevent forest fires"
A childhood echo
He picks it up
Looks wildly around
"Your DNA is on that! Epithelials!
I seen it! I seen it on that CSI!"
I mumble something
His eyes narrow. He laughs too hard.
"Kidding man, I'm just kidding"
He skitters off, like an ant missing 4 legs
I look up, and nod to the ****** on the roof.

This was inspired by Stephen King's "Paranoid: A Chant", a short story/ poem in I think Skeleton Crew. One of my first two "grownup books", along with "Night Shift". My grandma and grandpa had given me a $10 Waldenbooks gift card, for my 10th birthday. I've now read almost everything he has written. Most of his works I've read multiple times. Blew my tender little mind, and I was free.

— The End —