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em Jun 2015
Little girl with your tiny hands know that whatever you build for yourself will one day be destroyed so tread carefully on this glass universe.

This meticulous life, a house of cards that you're going to spend a childhood building and playing house in, so easily toppled by a breeze.  Know that one day life is going to be a hurricane. And the little world that's you poured your soul into is going to be gone.

That empty hole in your chest is going to burn like ****. That ***** that pumps the blood and keeps your cheeks rosy is going to catch aflame. And that raging fire is going to ignite the blood flowing through your fingertips. Your going to fall in love and that boy is going to pour gasoline all over your little mess of a life. And that's when you'll realize that a fiery heart does nothing but burn you to to the ground.

You'll be six feet deep in ashes and regrets. Lies shoved so deep down your throat that you won't be able to scream for your release from the chains that bind you to this ground that you used to call home.

Little girl  take those broken heart shards and all build yourself a wall. Lock your gates baby because the loneliness that will freeze your blood. May just help soothe the burns.
just some thoughts
I walk to school every day
And every day I go the very same way
Today I thought I’d try something new
The grass was so green and the sky so blue.

So I walked through the trees
so I could smell the sweet breeze
As I got farther in the wood
Things got stranger than they ever could.

A little white rabbit stopped to ask me the date
And cursed as it ran off saying I’m late I’m late
A pink cat that seemed to disappear
Told me that I was ever so near.
On the ground was a deck of cards
The queen surrounded by all her guards.

“Time” A mad hatter asked
But I was too focused on my task
In the distance I heard a beeping sound
But saw nothing when I turned around
I felt someone poking me in the head
And awoke to realize I was still in bed.
A child's poem

Read more at http://******-in-oncology
Iska Aug 17
Every day the cards were played
Everyday you lost
I won.
Every day you’d come back
With declarations of future success,
And when proved false you’d smile,
All lopsided and sheepish,
With a “next time perhaps”
And now your gone.
And next time won’t come.
I guess I won after all.
You always said
I was a queen of diamonds
But my dear,
You were the Ace of hearts.
To Everett
If there is a place after this life,
I expect to see that lopsided grin
From across the table
May we play cards again
who knows?
I may even let you win...
(Or not)
aih Aug 31
A chip, a chance
Same deck of cards
All in with a poker face
I saw through you
Now you lost me
You didn’t even have me at all
You got it all twisted from the start
Thinking I’d fall for your game
Pulling the same exact card on everyone
But I’m not just anyone—
I’m someone—
Who couldn’t and wouldn’t be played the Joker.
I’m a Queen waiting for my King.
Mount Somethingorother, 2018

Which I wish to remark,—
     And my language is plain,—
That for ways that are dark
     And for deeds inhumane,
The ***** and **** is peculiar,—
     Which the same I will sit and explain.

Lee Shelton his name,
     And he wrote in gold;
In regard to the same,
     He would write it in bold;
And his smile was pensive and childlike,
     As I frequent have heard of it told.

Upon Christmas Day night,
     In the year '95,
When the moon shining bright
     Made St. Nicholas to thrive,
Stagger Lee he did ****** dead William,
     A Lyon laid dead in a dive.

Which they had a small game,
     And so Lee took a hand:
It was Euchre.  The same
     Lee did not understand;
But he smiled as he sat by the table
     With the smile that was childlike and bland.

Yet the cards they were stocked
     In a way to be grieved;
And, enraged, William balked
     When he saw him deceived;
And not ever did Stagger deny it,
     And not ever had he been believed.

But the hands that were played
     By that ***** named Lee,
And the points that he made,
     Were quite frightful to see,—
Till at last he put down a right bower,
     Which the same William Lyons had he.

Then Lee looked up at Will
     Who remarked, "This can't be."
And he rose and stood still,
     And looming stood he;
Then he grabbed off the highly prized Stetson,
     Off the head of the hot-headed Lee.

In the scene that ensued
     (As such I understand)
Stagger Lee, in cold blood,
     Shot Will dead from his hand,—
Killed his rival, Will Lyons, with relish,
     And he smiled his smile childlike and bland.

In his sleeves, which were long,
     He had twenty-four jacks,—
Which is coming it strong,
     Yet Lee stated the facts;
And he had on his nails, which were taper,
     What is frequent in tapers,—that's wax.

Which is why I remark,
     And my language is plain,
That for ways that are dark
     And for deeds inhumane,
The ***** and **** is peculiar,—
     Which the same I am free to maintain.

See "Plain Language from Truthful James" by Bret Harte for comparison.
is used to win war
two black suits and two red suits
a poker deck of cards
ryn Jan 2015
\       |       /

\               •think my               /
pen's almost dry•it's get-
ting oh so hard•ideas seem to just
\   fly on by•i'm unable to deal any more   /
cards•bottom of the barrel•i seem to be
scraping•trapped in a long, dark tunnel•
coherence eluding...the words that need
inking•i need a simple little trick...•to
soothe this perpetual itch•need my
/        bulb come on really quick•hope-        \
fully as soon as I flick on
/               the...switch•               \
|   ooooooooooo   |
zebra Aug 23
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tired of spats
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tired of internet dating
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when the one you love tells you they aren't in the mood

well bunky
its a brave new world
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age play
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and the shocker  
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